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Here you will find all the stories submitted by the members of the Ring of Writers. All of the works are original and appear here through an explicit permission of each author. We are going to try and keep the stories going, so consider that they do not have an ending. Simply go to the story you wish to read and pick an entry. The way these entries are written, you can either read several or a single one and get a nice complete short story. This pulp style of writing makes each of the novellas quite unique and refreshing. Form your own opinion and check them out! Also please send all critiques or inquiries about individual entries to the corresponding authors. Thanks and enjoy!

STORY 1 : (currently without a title)
  1. Entry 1: The Bookstore, by Byzanthium.
  2. Entry 2: Alice's Past: part1, by Dr. Gerry Norton Ash.
  3. Entry 3: Alice's Past: part2, by Nynaeve.
  4. Entry 4: Alice's Past: part3, by Dr. Gerry Norton Ash.
  5. Entry 5: Alice's Past: part4, by Kate Hauber.
  6. Entry 6: Alice's Past: part5, by Lee A. Wood.

STORY 2 : (currently without a title)
  1. Entry 1: Corporate Heroism, by Dil Khan.
  2. Entry 2: A Better Place, by Byzanthium.
  3. Entry 3: Corporate Heroism II by Lee A. Wood.

STORY 3 : (currently without a title)
  1. Entry 1: Dust, by Dil Khan.

STORY 4 : One Cold Night
  1. Entry 1: One Cold Night, by Kate Hauber.

Remember to send your critiques to each author respectively. If you have any questions or comments please write to the webmaster.

If this looks like something you would like to do, go check out the details at the Submit page. The more members we have the more time each of us has to work on our entries, so tell a friend!

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