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If you are interested in joining the Ring of Writers or simply forgot the rules of submitting content, you will find the information here. There are some general rules that all members must follow, but we feel they are flexible enough to allow a broad field of self expression.
These are not final. If you have any new ideas to share, please feel free to do so. I hope to get a few more members before we start anything. I also want everyone to be in general agreement with the rules. All members will be put into a random order. The first person will start a story of their own, then the next person in line will add on to that. Try not to stray away from the subject. We would not want a story that jumps all over the place. When it is your turn to start a story, you can write whatever you want. Adult oriented material may be offensive to some, but I urge you to keep an open mind and recognize that profanity and explicit scenes are a part of literature and can be healthy, but try not to lean solely on material such as this. If the story is a drama (not scientific), stay away from resurrection, aliens, and other sci fi aspects. Once a member introduces a character, that character can not be killed immediately, unless with permission from the member that introduced the character. Try to keep submissions at a minimum of one page and a maximum of 5 pages. I choose Sunday as a starting/stopping point. The first submission will be posted on the page on a Sunday, then the next member in line will have until the next Sunday to complete their submission. The submission should be emailed to me, to be placed on the webpage, and to the next person in line so they can start immediately. If a member choses to skip their turn, they should email the submission emailed to them to the next member in line. Once you receive the last submission and start on your, please email the others saying that you are at work on your submission. No response could mean the member is not available and could bring everyting to a standstill. After you finish you submission, please do not delete it immediately. If the next member in line does not respond within two days of their receiving the last submission, then skip them and move on to the next member in line. If a certain submission bring up controversy, it will be a majority vote whether the submission will be deleted or not. The last member in line should be the one to end the story, not neccessarily on their first round. The story could go on for many rounds before a conclusion is reached. Let's make it a majority vote as well as to decide when a story should end. When finished with your part and ready to submit it, please put "-(your name)" at the bottom to let people know who wrote what. In addition to the name at the end of each submission will be a link to a critique page for each submission. Anyone can email me what they want to say about and I will put it on the critique page. Each and everytime the page is updated, I will send every member an email informing of the update and of any changes. Do not use slander against any living person or company. That will raise controversy and will be deleted. Please email me you name, where you live, you email address and you homepagr URL if you have one. I will put this information on the members list on the page. Again if you have any questions, comments, changes in the rules, or if you are interested in joining, feel free to email us.

Who may join?
Anyone, no matter your writing level or experience. All we ask is that you follow the rules. We are limited to only English at this time.
What are the topics?
Almost anything. Our subjects are only limited by our imaginations and rules of common sense. We cater to a mature audience but do not wish to offend anyone. So keep that in mind. Also you must respect the other author's work, which means you may not completely kill a plot line, characters or "facts".
How does one join?
To join, send your name, correct email address, where you live (optional), and an URL of your homepage (also optional) to the webmaster at byz@email.com.
What are the legalities?
By submitting any work to the Ring of Writers you are agreeing to the following : that the work is original, that the work is written by you, that you grant a non-exclusive permission to R_O_W to display your work online for the general public, you retain all rights you are entitled to.
The Ring of Writers is a non-profit organization that is volunteer run. No promises pertaining to exposure, publishing, or possible profits are being made.
What are the rules for each entry?
As stated above we are a volunteer run association so any help is greatly appreciated. For your entry to be accepted you must:
  • Have your name and email written out at the end of the entry.
  • The entry send in the body of the email, how you want it to appear online.
  • The email have "R_O_W entry" as the subject.
  • You must specify weather you are adding to a story or starting a new one.

How do I know if it is my turn?
You can look for the dot by your name in the Members' Corner page. Plus you will receive an email one week+ to the date your entry is due.
Anything else?
Please keep in touch, check the page and let us know ASAP if you will not be able to submit that week. Also please keep your entries under 3 pages in length and spellchecker. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to drop me a note.

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