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Welcome to the

Night World

NW rp ended back in 2003/04 after having a decent 3-4 year run.

Huh...:So... for some reason, boredom really, I decided to clean up this site. Hope it helps anyone who might be looking for basic information. I'm always surprised I still remember the password.

-- Michelle *the rper formerly known as Jez Redfern* {09-20-2015}

Check out LJS's very own website for any questions regarding her work @ LJane Smith.

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Updated the Characters pages.

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Where to Go

Note to those who are playing, or would like to play in the roleplay
Times are based on the time zone I live in. United States + Minnesota = Central Time Zone. RP's are at 6pm Sundays. For those Aussies out there, it's 9am Mondays. (Or so I hear) Hey, you can't please everyone. Here is a Time Zone Map. To try and figure out what time you'd need for the rp, check it out: TIME ZONE MAP.


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Have to do it just in case anyone assumes I'm attempting to take credit for another's work. The Night World {as in the books and concept of} belong to L.J. Smith. Much of the stuff within these pages are somehow derived from her creations.

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Nothing within these pages can be used without permission from yours truly (for those of you without a clue on that, that would be me). All Graphics on this site contain copyrights, being origional artwork unless otherwise stated.

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