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We are the "Race_Girls", three "little women" (18/17/15) from Germany. You won't believe us, but we are dreaming all night of

Jacky Boy , Davey , Race , Les and Spot !!

Last weekend, we watched that movie almost four times a day! And we finally got the very uncommon and extraordinary idea of creating a NEWSIES QUIZ. We tormented our little brains and the video smoked in the recorder. And ... we've got it !!!!!

The best, the biggest, the most pretentious, the most difficult Newsies Quiz in the universe!

If you think you are a really real Newsies Fan ... TRY THIS !!!

                                     Good luck  !!!

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We thank everyone who already did a Newsies Quiz and gave us an inspiration!!

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1. What does Race ask every kid, before handing him the "Newsies Banner"?

2. How old is Jack?

3. Who's crossing himself by the nons?

4. On what side does Crutchy use his crutch?

5. Who is the man the statue is representing?

6. When Jack is selling his newspapers on which page is the headline he is yelling?

7. How sleeps on the bunk above Racetrack?

8. Which Newsie wears his hat in court?

9. Who takes Jack's rope during "seize the day"?

10. For what does Les get a quater?

11. What color is Medda's hair?

12. Who plays the harmonica?

13. What eye is Kid Blink's patch on?

14. What does Spot wear around his neck?

15. What's Crutchy taking from Snyder to give it to Jack?

16. When Jack meets Sarah on the roof what is he drinking?

17. Does Kloppman have glasses?

18. What color are David's eyes?

19. Who takes the plate of food from Denton in Tibby's?

20. What has the wagon loaded Jack rides on in "Santa Fe"?

21. Who's Denton giving his card?

22. What color is Medda's feather?

23. How many boys leave the prison van?

24. When Spot appears to help Jack & Co. the first time,what is he shouting?

25. What's the first thing Dave learns from Jack about selling newspapers?

26. What is Les holding in his hand while yelling "strike"?

27. When Kloppman wakes up the Newsies what is he carrying in his hand?

28. What color do the curtains have on Pulitzer's balcony door?

29. When Jack takes off with the horse what is its owner doing?

30. Who is listening on the front door when Jack and Les are trying to tell Pulitzer their claims?

31. Who is carrying the rope when they try to free Jack?

32. What's Race' idea at the court?

33. In which year is the story playing?

34. Who breaks the handshake between Jack and David in "seize the day"?

35. Is this movie based on a true event?

36. When Denton meets David for the first time with whom does he compare him?

37. What color are the saches around the boxingwaists?

38. What's Jack Kelly's real name in the movie?

39. In "King of New York" what is Denton holding in his hand most of the time?

40. What color is Denton's bowtie in court?

41. What's the # of the prison van?

42. What round is the boxing match on?

43. Which arm of Mayer's is in a sling?

44. What is the clown's name?

45. Who jumps up the gate in "the world will know"?

46. What's Jack doing right after leaving Medda's show?

47. What Newsie is wearing a bowtie at the rally?

48. Who does Sarah hit?

49. What color are Spot's suspenders?

50. What are the headlines of the "World" and the "Journal" on the first day?

51. Who gets the plates for the cake?

52. Does Pulitzer wear a wedding ring?

53. In which pocket does Seitz keep his watch?

54. Call one of the Newsies by name who is whooping like an indian during the newspaper raide?

55. How many water glasses are standing on Judge Monahan's desk?

56. What color is Teddy Roosevelt's lapel flower?

57. In which pocket does Mayer keep his glasses?

58. What is the headline above the Newsies picture?

59. How many rings is Sarah wearing?

60. When Jack knocks on Denton's door, which hand does he use?

61. Which famous quote is inscribed on the statue?

62. What is Jack doing right before he carries Les home?

63. What is Dave holding in his left hand, when Jack comes out of Pulitzer's house?

64. How many barrels have the nuns loaded on the back of their wagon?

65. What's on Oskar's hat?

66. How many Newsies use their napkin as a bib in "King of New York"?

67. Is David's shirt while he is talking to Jack (as a scrap),buttoned up or not?

68. What is Jack doing right before David stops talking to Spot about the strike?

69. With whom is Race gambling in front of the statue?

70. Where does Snyder put his napkin?

71. Which one of the Delancey brothers loses his hat while fighting with Jack and Dave?

72. Who accompanies David, trying to get Jack out of jail?

73. Between which two Newsies is Jack cowering down in the "baricade" in the reprise of "seize the day"?

74. What is Racetrack holding in his hand, when he ask: "Jack, you done thinkin' yet?" ?

75. Which two Newsies are linking arms with Medda?

76. What is Race wishing for?

77. Who's Dave asking to look after Les?

78. What has Kid Blink rapped around his hand in the reprise of "carrying the banner"?

79. Who gets the first stock of "Newsies Banner" through the basement window?

80. When Les gives Jack a big hug at the end of the movie, what is he holding in his hand?

81. What's written under the headline "Newsies Banner"?

82. What is David's mother doing right before Dave & Co. arrive?

83. In which szene is Race smoking a cigarette instead a cigar?

84. What is Denton's boss called?

85. What kind of pattern do the sheets at the "Newsies lodging house" have?

86. Call one of the two Newsies by name, who is jumping off the statue with Jack in "the world will know"?

87. Who slips under a table in "King of New York"?

88. What was the job of the man the statue is representing?

89. What is Dave only wearing on his first two days as a newsboy?

90. How many people are already on the roof when Jack & Co. flee from Snyder?

91. When Jack stands in front of the poster in "Santa Fe", is the cowboy taking off his hat?

92. Who's the "lously little shrimp"?

93. Who looses his hat when all the Newsies leave the "lodging house"?

94. What is Jack checking before he helps David to get up?

95. Who's kicking a man in his "family jewels"?

96. Where is Jack's shaving-cream in?

97. Who gives Jack a cigarette, when he tries to think?

98. Did the Newsies won the strike in real life?

99. Who's sucking on his thumb?

100. Who claps whom on his cheeks when die Delanceys appear for the first time?

101. What is Jack holding in his hand when he says hello to Mayer?

102. Does the bottle have a cork which Spot shoots?

103. What is Jack doing, while Dave says: "All right, everyone remain calm." ?

104. Who is the first Kloppman wakes up?

105. What is Jack using his rope for?

106. How many candles are in the lantern Jack carries down into the basement before "Once and for all"?

107. What is Jack boxing with up on the roof?

108. In front of which shop are the Delancey brothers kicked off a wagon by Jack?

109. In "carrying the banner", what is Jack carrying in his right pocket?

110. Where is Race looking for his cigar?

111. Right after "King of New York", which two Newsies are sharing one glas of coke during the toast?

112. Who takes which hand of Jack, when he gets arrested at the rally?

113. Who warns Crutchy after the newspaper raid?

114. What is David's mom doing when Jack goes home?

115. In which order are Jack & Co. running through the passage?

116. How many rods is the silhouette representing on the wall behind Jack?

117. What color is the shooter Spot takes from Boots?

118. What is Denton getting right before the toast?

119. Who is Crutchy helping to get up?

120. Who is "Western Jim"?

121. What kind of animal is standing in Pulitzer's bookshelf?

122. When Denton takes the picture of Snyder, what is in Snyder's hand?

123. What two things is Jack doing right before Denton takes their picture?

124. Who calles Jack a "doity rotten scabba"?

125. Who yells "Jack! Jack!, the Crib!"?

126. Who does Crutchy tell Snyder to make friends with?

127. What is Jack carrying in his hand, when he runs away from Snyder and Seitz?

128. Where does a carpet apear while Jack & Co. run away from Snyder?

129. Whom does David first tell that Snyder is at the rally too?

130. What do the Newsies call their paper?

131. Who yells : "Baby born with three heads!"?

132. Who can't stand blood?

133. He wants a saturday night with the mayor's daughter?

134. Is it raining when Les is first put to sleep by his mother?

135. What selling spot does Race suggest to Crutchy?

136. Who's face do you see first during the opening speech of Racetrack?

137. Finish this line : "What is dis Jacky Boy ..."!

138. What kind of press is used to print the "Newsies Banner"?

139. What number is on the cop's hat, that Snyder sends after Jack?

140. What does Weasel call Jack when he buys his papers?

141. He "potects the weak"!

142. Who swings on the fan?

143. Who can't count with his shoes on?

144. Who owns the place where Medda works at?

145. What job does Denton get reassigned to?

146. What are the "catchy words" that Jack tells Sarah makes a good headline?

147. How much does the sauerkraut cost?

148. How many times does Jack ring the bell?

149. What is the name of the restaurant the Newsies are at with Denton?

150. Around which Newsie is a group dancing in "seize the day"?

151. Against what great newspaperbosses are the Newsies fighting?

152. How old is Les?

153. What is Les supposed to say how old he is?

154. What color are the judge's eyes?

155. What people almost all know how to read?


We're sorry, if we've made too many mistakes, but we're only three "little women" from Germany!! Why don't you try to write a Quiz in german?! We hope you understood them though!