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Gypsies In The Palace

We're gypsies in the palace, He's left us here alone
The Order of the Sleepless Knights will now assume the throne
We ain't got no money, we ain't got no right
But we're gypsies in the palace, we got it all tonight

There's damsels in distress out there and we got all this beer
We'll free them from their condos and bring 'em over here
We'll show them his gold records
We'll play his music loud
We'll party just like Bubba does
We'll do the old man proud

We're gypsies in the palace, there ain't no wrong or right
We're gypsies in the palace, and a' goin' wild tonight

I've met so many great people through my Jimmy Buffett Page that I've decided to do a page dedicated to all the friends I've made here.
At first I couldn't decide whether to call this page "All My Rowdy Friends" or "Gypsies In The Palace". Decided to go with "Gypsies In The Palace" to stay with the JB theme. It also didn't hurt that I happened to be listening to this song while I was typing this up. *G*

Now meet some of my rowdy friends,
who are Gypsies in the Palace,
And who have been inducted into:

Bill Jeffrey

Bill, (the not so "shydude") and I have been friends, since long before I even realized there was such a thing as the Internet. We first met in '81 and have been friends ever since. I just recently turned Bill onto the Internet and to Jimmy Buffett. He has now become an even bigger Web Head than me, if such a thing is possible! *G* Bill's not gotten around to making a JB page yet, but we're working on it. In the meantime he hangs out in the Wolf's Den

Tom Liddle

Tom Liddle, P.H.D. (Parrot Head Deluxe) was one of the first Parrot Head friends I made on the Web. He's the man who's resposible for my joining the Jimmy Buffett ListServ. Not only did he show me where the list was but he also gave me instructions on how to join. So if you've seen any of my postings, blame Tom.

Billy Peoples

Billy Peoples (Hey, I spelled it right this time *G*) The Old Parrot Head is probably one of the nicest guys I've met on the Web. He is one of the Co-founders/Administrators of the SOASOA Parrot Head Web Ring, and was gracious enough to invite me to join. He also went way out of his way to help me get the midi file of "We Are The People" that appears on my main JB page. Thanks Billy. Only thing I can't figure out, is why such a nice guy keeps getting picked on. They're picking on Billy again!

Chip and Raubyn and the Woodro

Chip and Raubyn of Off To Sea The Woodro fame are good friends and true Parrot Heads. This is in spite of Woodro's nasty habit of leaving "WARM SPOTS" where ever he goes. Chip and Raubyn are also Co-founders/Administrators of the SOASOA Parrot Head Web Ring.

John W. Jeffcoat

John, commonly referred to as J.J. is the proprietor of J.J.'s Jimmy Buffett Tribute Page who encouraged me to post the story of how I became a Parrot Head, and was gracious enough to allow me to post it on his page. He was also gracious enough, or foolish enough, depending on your point of view, to allow me to post my picture on his page. A very brave man indeed.

MIke Nichols

Mike Nichols, "The Wildcat" was another Parrot Head I met early on. In fact it was right about the time of the NCAA basketball playoffs this year (1997). You'll see why this becomes important in a moment. Mike is a good friend , a college basketball fanatic and a staunch supporter of the Wildcats. (Hence The Widcat's Cave). Too bad it's the WRONG Wildcats!!!! Just kidding Mike! *LOL*

Sherrie Gresham

On of my more recent acquaintances on the Web, Sherrie hangs out at her own Particular Harbor. She is also one of the newest members of the Parrot Head Web Ring. Besides some great Buffett links, her site has some outsatnding pictures. Check it out, you won't be sorry.

Southern Belle

Donna Wenberg, a true Southern Lady, if ever there was one, this talented lady is also a fantastic graphic artist. Check out her great art at Southern Belle. As if she doesn't have enough to keep her busy she is also the Ring Manager of the Parrot Head Web Ring helping to ride herd on all us hard core crazies. Don't know how she does it, and with such style and grace.

The Order of the Sleepless Knights
Will Now Assume the Throne

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