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Eduardo Izquierdo: Lead vocals
Lesqui: Acoustic guitar and vocals
Jonathan Vidal: Bass and vocals
David Celis: Lead Guitar

Acoustic band from Barcelona interested in vocal harmonies over catchy pop melodies. Sissy's stuff, to tell the truth... but if you like things like the Beatles, Dylan, Surfin' Lungs, Jackson Browne, R.E.M.,, then maybe you would like to learn something more about them and ther music. Aside of their own songs and more or less typical covers, they don't have any problem with doing punk bands covers like The Ramones or Depressing Claim.

   Tipos de Interés starts in early 1995, under the name of Artesanía Latina, like a duo with Eduardo (vocals) and Borja (guitar and backing vocals), in the purest amateur style, playing basically covers and doing a pair of gigs in parties.

When summer started they thought of looking for a bass player to complete the instrumental base, so Jonathan joins the band and play their first ever gig as a trio in July, at the Mediterráneo Pub, a great classic venue for this musical style. At that moment they were playing old Blues and R'n'Roll covers.

   With time and the arrival of several gigs, the idea of recording a first demo tape was being considered. It finally became "...y nos dieron las diez", including R.E.M., Paul Simon, CCR and The Ramones' covers and 2 own songs. After playing some gigs in Barcelona pubs like Ciutat Vella and Bahía Blanca, the band's style becomes clearer, with the inclussion of more harmony vocals and composing loads of songs.

In the end of 1995 3 more songs are recorded to complete what would be the first "serious" demo tape. These 3 songs were "Sandra", "Aguantaré un día más" and a Surfin' Lungs' cover, "Girl Trouble". This demos, including 7 songs from the previous one and the 3 new, got the name "Feos".

   The band's evolution towards becoming a vocal band has its maximum peak in their second demo. "Un orgasmo acústico" (""An acoustic orgasm"), this time with a funny Alarma cover, "Preparado para el R'n'R" and 5 new songs like "No es difícil", "Canción de amor para el número 8594" or "Reencuentro". This recording session is done again at Control Room Studios, being produced by Eduardo Cabral, leader of uruguay band "Crisol". Martí F. joins in "Cristina" playing some percussion and becomes habitual in the band's live appearances.

On March 1998 the band gets their debut on National Radio for all the country. Juan de Pablos, genius and director of "Flor de Pasión", a radio show specialized in pop, R'n'R, power-pop, punkrock etc., gives the band their first big chance airplaying "Marky está solo". Delicious? Marvellous?. Maybe we're not THAT great!, but after Depressing Claim's cover some more songs have been airplayed, like "Luna grande", a tune recorded during Christmas '97 and the Ramones coverl "The KKK took my baby away", the band's biggest hit to date, getting excellent reviews everywhere and quoting Juan de Pablos : "Has made Tipos de Interés become one of the revelations of 1998".

Juan de Pablos kept helping the band all over 1998 and up to date. 1998 was filled with gigs in Barcelona and also outside the city, in Tarragona and Masquefa

On May 1998 David Celis becomes a new member of the band, filling the songs with guitar riffs. David comes from a Jazz musical background. He's an excellent player and his "jazzy" style creates a funny peculiar sound.

By the end of the year Borja decides to quit the band and in came Lesqui, ex Malos Tiempos Para La Lírica. This is the band's line up until today.

Showing their gratitude to Juan de Pablos, the band recorded 2 covers on Christmas specially for his radio show. "L'amour avec toi" (Amar) by Michel Polnareff and "For Everyman" de Jackson Browne.

In the beginning of 1999 a 3 day Micro-Tour with german guitarist HARRY COLTELLO is organized. The whole thing was really succesful

The biggest success was to come later that month. Juan de Pablos asks the band to take part at his radio show's 20th Anniversary Festival which took place in Madrid. The band played along with first line spanish artists like Los Caramelos, Cool Jerks, Paco Clavel, Los Brujos/Malconsejo, Aneurol 50, Vincent Von Reverb, Julio Bustamante (with whome they collaborated in one song), Los Fresones Rebeldes, Meteosat, Jaime Cristóbal, Intronautas...

The band's plans for the near future are going to Castellón to record and be produced by Miguel Ángel Villanueva (Los Brujos), hoping to get their first record deal for an LP or a 7".

Info, demos, gigs etc.,:
Eduardo (93) 3175821 FAX (93) 2964027
C/Santo Cristo 63 A-3 08014