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Par Salian

Human Mage

One-time leader of the Conclave and the white robes during the War of the Lance. Par-Salian recommended that Raistlin Majere take his Test of High Sorcery early, becoming the youngest magic user ever to take the Test. Par-Salian was asked by Paladine prior to the war to pick a magic user as a special weapon against the Evil Forces. Par-Salian picked Raistlin Majere. Par-Salian sent Crysania, Caramon Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot back in time in order to save the world in the years following the War of the Lance. Par-Salian was once in love with Ladonna.

Personal Opinion on Par Salian: Par Salian was undoubtedly one of the most powerful magic-users ever. He led the Conclave and the white robes for a long time, before Raistlin came along Par Salian was the most powerful magic user in a LONG time. Par Salian is one of the 2 most powerful white robed wizards ever, the other being Palin Majere.