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     Thomas Tredway, the progenitor of this line was born ca 1700 (1). His place of birth is a mystery, as well as his parental lines. I have not been able to find birth, arrival or apprentice records for him in England, Maryland, or anywhere else for that matter. The books "Baltimore County Families" by Robert W. Barnes, and "The History of the Tredway Family" by William T. Tredway made the assumption that this Thomas was the son of Richard Treadway and Jane Parker. At first glance it would be easy to see how the assumption was made if it were not for one crucial piece of data; the Will of John Tredway (son of Thomas and Mary Ball Tredway). John's will dated 1765 lists his brothers; Daniel, William, Aaron and Moses, his sister Mary Cunningham, and his father Thomas Tredway. The other Thomas of Richard died in 1749 without issue. He does mention his beloved friend Thomas Tredway, administrator, as well as leaving his estate to Mary Cunningham if his nephew Thomas Brown should pass; showing there was some kind of connection between the two families. Thomas our subject, lived in Bush River, Baltimore Co., Maryland from around 1718 to 1770 (1); later becoming Harford Co., Maryland in 1744. At one time he was a boarder of Antil Deaver and later he lived and worked with John Webster in 1719 at "Best Endeavor" (1). Since Thomas "lived" with Antil Deaver, was he bound to him at some point prior to being a boarder? The other Thomas was bound to Antil in 1720, showing Antil was a Master, common in Colonial days. The common ages for children to be bound were six to nineteen and nineteen was the age Thomas went to work for John Webster. Or, was Thomas just a relative of Antil's, or perhaps his wife's?

     Thomas married four times; his first wife was Ann _____ (possibly Deaver) (1724 -1734), 2nd wife was Mary Bull/Ball (1734 -1741/42), 3rd wife was Elizabeth McComas (1743 -1759/60), and his fourth wife was Mary Lee Lynch Gittings (1761 -1782). Thomas had nine children, was an Inn Holder, and a farmer owning a large plantation and several tracts of land on the upper Chesapeake Bay, near Joppa. His staple crop was tobacco.

     Thomas Tredway Deposition -1774 (snippet) : Thomas states the following: "He was 74 years of age, and that he knew Antil Deaver since coming to this county in 1718, when he was a boarder of Antil's. He also stated that he worked for John Webster in 1719.". it is not clear if the statement meant that Thomas arrived in Baltimore County in 1718, or that Antil Deaver arrived at that time.(1)

     Gentleman's Progress-The Intinerarium of Alexander Hamilton, 1744 University of Pittsburg Press, 1948:    "I put up at one Tradaway’s about 10 miles from Joppa"..."Thomas was a large pursy man"...On his journey home: "I dined att my old friend Tradaway's, whom I found very much indisposed with fevers. He told me it had been a very unhealthy time and a hot summer."(2)

    Thomas married first to Ann _____, (Baltimore County Families, pg. 651) ca 1724 in Maryland. Ann witnessed the Will of John Deaver on 03 Jan 1731 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. She also appeared on 18 Mar 1731 before Thomas Sheredine, Dep. Commissioner and swore an oath that she was a witness to the said Will (3). Ann probably died not too long after the birth of her last child John as I could not find any other records of her, and then we see Thomas marrying again in December of that same year. Seely Foley believes that Ann was Ann Deaver, daughter of Richard Deaver and Mary Ruff. This is how Thomas acquired Deaver land for his Inn in 1752. Also, although the names were common for that era, Richard and Mary did have children among others with the names of Daniel, Thomas, Mary, and John. Granted this is circumstantial, but at least it is feasible (Thank you Seely).

John Deaver Will (3)   Mary Deaver Will (4)

Children of Thomas and Ann Tredway

1. Daniel Tredway, b: 22 Nov 1724, Baltimore Co., MD (5)
2. Mary Tredway, b: 08 Nov 1726, Baltimore Co., MD (6)
3. Thomas Tredway, b: 20 May 1730, Baltimore Co., MD (7), died before 1767 (not mentioned in brother John's Will).
4. John Tredway, b: 25 Jan 1734, Baltimore Co., MD (8)

     Thomas Tredway married second to Mary Bull/Ball on 27 Dec 1734 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (9). Mary was born 13 Jan 1707/08. Mary seems to have died sometime after her son Martin was born in 1741 and before 1743. As noted above in the snippet of Dr, Alexander Hamiltion; "the fever" was present at the time of his visit in 1744. Could Thomas, Jr., Mary, Cripsin and Martin have succumbed to it?

Children of Thomas and Mary Tredway

5. Crispin Tredway, b: 19 June 1736, Baltimore Co., MD (10), died before 1767 (not mentioned in brother John's Will).
6. William Tredway/Treadway, b: 23 Oct 1738, Baltimore Co., MD (11)
7. Martin Treadway, b: 07 Oct 1741, Baltimore Co., MD (12), died before 1767 (not mentioned in brother John's Will).

     Thomas Tredway married for the third time to Elizabeth McComas ca 1743 in Maryland. Elizabeth was born 04 Nov 1718 in Baltimore Co., Maryland to William McComas and Hannah Scott. William McComas mentions his daughter Elizabeth Tredway in his Will, dated 01 Sep 1747, Baltimore Co., Maryland, leaving her a slave named Phylis (13). Thomas and Elizabeth witnessed the Will of Mary Deaver on 29 Jul, 1749, along with his daughter Mary Cunningham (4). Elizabeth died sometime after 1759, per Deed above, and 1761 when Thomas again married.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Tredway

8. Aaron Treadway, b: 02 Sept 1744, Baltimore Co., MD (14)
9. Moses Tredway, b: 22 Feb 1745/46, Baltimore Co., MD (15)

     Baltimore Co. Families, pg. 650, Robert W. Barnes:: On 10 June 1757, William and Elizabeth Smith conveyed to Thomas Treadway, inn holder, 160 acres of Turkey Hills and Strawberry Hills. Also, on 04 May 1759, Thomas and wife Elizabeth conveyed to John Goodwin 40 a. White Oak Bottom and 70 a. Strawberry Hills.." (16)

William McComas Will (13)

     Thomas married for the fourth time to widow Mary (Lee) Lynch Gittings on 26 Jan 1761 in Long Green Valley, Baltimore Co., Maryland (17). Mary was born ca 1708, Baltimore Co., Maryland, the daughter of James Lee and Margaret (Kidde) Wilson (Quakers), widow of John Wilson . Mary was married first to James Lynch. She married second to Thomas Gittings. She died 11 Dec 1782, and is buried in the Gittings family plot in the Long Green Valley Cemetery, Baltimore Co., Maryland (18). Thomas Treadway and Mary did not have children together, but Mary had children by her first and second husbands.

Mary Lee Tredway Will (19)

     In Thomas' golden years he retired from Inn keeping and settle in Long Green Valley, Baltimore Co., Maryland.  Note: Thomas was left a mourning ring in the Will of Edward Wakeman of Baltimore Co., Maryland in 1753 (probably what was known as a mourning ring), as well as a ring from John Atkinson in the same year. According to Claudia Angel and Carol Hyslop, another Edward Wakeman mentioned his son in law John Tredway in his Will dated 1722 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Could this mean that Thomas's father was John? This is the closest that we have come to seeing any mention of a John Tredway, let alone two Tredway's mentioned in two Wills like this. Please note that some family members went by Tredway and others Treadway. I will try a spell them correctly when I find the info.

    Thomas outlived all four of his wives. He died at the age of 86 years in 1786, at the home of his son Daniel Tredway. He is buried on that homestead in Madonna, Harford Co., Maryland. From Jared Treadway: Daniel was the heir at law of his father Thomas. He sold the 10 acre tract of land called Strawberry Hills and Turkey Hills for 5 shillings to Herman Stump. The land is described as that being near land condemned for a mill by the name of the Old Mill, and which stands on James Run on the north side of the post road bordering land owned by John Bull called Bull's Lot, together with all houses, outhouses, stables, coach houses, improvements and advantages.

    If you would like to view more information on Thomas which I was not able to fit on this page,such as: Thomas' Deposition in 1774, Land Transactions, Mention of Thomas and his Tavern/Inn, by Dr. Alexander Hamilton, and the Inventory of his Estate, you can click on the link below.

More Thomas Tredway Info

Thomas Tredway Will (20)

    Also, note that there was a Margaret Treadway of Baltimore Co., Maryland, who "may" be related to Thomas or to Richard Treadway. She married Robert Tevis. Robert owned 80 acres of Treadway's Quarter, and 135 acres Addition to Treadway's Quarter which he, Margaret, Anthony and Mary Musgrove sold to Abel Browne in 1758.

Family of Daniel Tredway (of Thomas)

     Daniel Tredway born 22 Nov 1724 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (5), married Sarah Norris on 02 Aug 1744 in the Spesutiae Church, Upper Node Forrest, Harford Co., Maryland (21). Sarah was born 15 Dec 1727 in Harford Co., Maryland to Edward Norris and Hannah Scott (22). Daniel was mentioned in his brother John's Will dated 1767. Daniel was a farmer, not unlike his father Thomas. His main crop was tobacco. Daniel was the town Crier of Belair a Trustee of the Poor (23), he belonged to the Gunpowder Meeting, Society of Friends, and was a well respected member of the community. He made his home in the Upper Node Forrest, 1/4 mile from the Spesutiae Church, now the Bethel Church, in Harford Co., Maryland. Daniel owned 138 acres of land called Tredway's Hope, and he owned land called Hounslow Heath. Edward Norris mentions his daughter Sarah Treadway in his Will dated 05 Dec 1761, and also names her as his Executor. Daniel died 25 May 1810 (24). Both Daniel and Sarah are buried on their homestead. Their children were:

1. Thomas Tredway, b: 1745 (25), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD
2. Daniel Tredway, b: 1748 (26), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD
3. Edward Tredway, b: 1749 (27), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD
4. Nancy Treadway, b: 1750 (28), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD, married George Norris
5. Hannah Tredway, b: 07 Mar 1750/51 (29), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD 
6. Susan Tredway, b: 1753 (30), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD, married William Hughes, and George Ranston or Royston. (Note: It is not clear if Susan's first husband was a William Hughes or a George Hughes the Tredway Family History book lists both, but not a William George Hughes. The book also lists her second husband as George Ranston and a George Royston).
7. Elizabeth Tredway , b: 1756 (31), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD. She married Thomas Miles on 01 Nov 1816 in Harford Co., MD at the age of 49. Thomas was born in 1747 the son of Thomas Miles and Marguerite Burke. Thomas had been previously married to Mary Coeing and had children. Elizabeth died on 28 Jan 1838 and Thomas died on 06 Oct 1817, both in Mercer Co., PA. With Elizabeth's age at marriage, I do not see them having issue together.
8. Sarah "Sallie" Tredway, b: 1758 (32), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD.
9. Ann Tredway, b: 1759 (33), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD, married _____ Hughes.
10. Crispen Tredway, b: 25 Nov 1767 (34), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD.
11. John Norris Tredway, b: 09 Sept 1769 (35), Upper Node Forest, Harford Co., MD.

     U.S. Quaker Meeting Records - Gunpowder Monthly Meeting, Baltimore Co., Maryland, 23 Apr 1755: Danel Treadaway haveing been some considerable time and under care of friends is by this meeting taken into membership of our Christian Society.(36)

     Baltimore County Families, by Robert W. Barnes, pg. 651: Treadway, Daniel unconnected for some time, was received in membership by Gunpowder Society of Friends on 23 d, 4, 1755.(37)

     U.S. Quaker Meeting Records - Gunpowder Monthly Meeting, Baltimore Co., Maryland, 1810, pg. 26: Daniel Tredway departed this life 5th mo 25th 1810 in the 86th year of his age.(24)

Daniel Tredway Will (38)   Daniel Tredway Inventory (39)

Family of Mary Tredway (of Thomas)

     Mary Tredway born 08 Nov 1726 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (40). I have seen where many people list Mary's middle name is listed as "Truitt"; I have not seen any proof of this middle name in any records. She married Clothworthy Cunningham (Thanks Jared).  Clothworthy was born ca 1720. Mary was listed in Richard and Jane Treadway's son Thomas Tredway's Will dated 21 Jul 1749 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (41). Mary witnessed the Will of Mary Deaver on 29 Jul, 1749 along with her father Thomas and step mother Elizabeth (4). Mary was also mentioned in her brother John's Will dated 1767 (42). Mary was also left a "stript potting gound (gown)" in Mary Lee Tredway's (her step mother) Will dated 1779 (19). Clothworthy died on 29 Aug 1780 in Harford Co., Maryland. Mary was listed as the administratrix to her husbands estate. Mary, however, was not listed in her fathers Will, possibly due to the matters caused by her husband Clothworthy's estate. Mary and Clothworthy's children were listed in Mary's fathers will. Mary and Clothworthy's children were:

1. George Cory Cunningham, b: 1749, Harford Co., MD, married first to Barthia _____, and second to Sarah Carroll on 04 Aug 1779, Harford Co., MD.
2. James Cunningham, b: 1754, Harford Co., MD, married Panthiah Standiford on 01 Aug 1773, Harford Co., MD.
3. Thomas Cunningham, b: 1755, Harford Co., Maryland, MD
4. Crispen Cunningham, b: 1756, Harford Co., MD, married first to Rachel _____, and second to Elizabeth Horner on 31 Dec 1789, Harford Co., MD.
5. Daniel Cunningham, b: 04 Feb 1763, Harford Co., MD, married Ann Amos on 23 Jan 1797, Harford Co., MD.

Mary Cunningham Bond (43)   Clothworthy Cunningham Estate Records (44)

Family of John Tredway (of Thomas)

     John Tredway born 25 Jan 1734 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (4), married twice. He married first to Mrs. Elizabeth Osborne, the widow of Benjamin Osborne on 03 Mar 1761 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (45). They had one child. She was:

1. Milcah Tredway (46, b: 18 Feb 1762, MD, probably died in infancy.

     John married second to Sarah Griffith on 12 Jan 1764 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (47). Sarah was born on 11 September 1734, the daughter of Samuel Griffith and Mary Raven (Thank you Mary Heydenreich for Mary's maiden name). Sarah died 20 Jan 1766 (48), and John died 24 Dec 1767, both in Baltimore Co., Maryland. John left a will dated in 1767 in which he names his siblings; Daniel, William, Aaron, and Moses Treadway and his sister Mary Cunningham, and leaving as as his Executors his father Thomas Tredway, and brother in law Benjamin Hanson (41). Benjamin was married to Sarah's sister Elizabeth Griffith. John and Sarah had one daughter. She was:

2. Elizabeth Tredway, b: 17 May 1765, Baltimore Co., MD

     Elizabeth Tredway in the Harford Lower Hundred Tax Records of 1776, as living with Benjamin Hanson 53, Mary 21, Abbrilah (Avarilla) 13, Luke 9, Sarah Hanson 5, and Elizabeth Tredway 11 (49). Elizabeth was also mentioned in her Grandmother Mary Griffith's Will dated 06 March 1776 and proved on 07 September 1776.

John Tredway Will (41)

Family of William Tredway (of Thomas)

     William Tredway born 23 Oct 1738 (50) in Baltimore Co., Maryland. He was mentioned in his brother John's Will dated 1767 (41). William migrated to Virginia with his brothers Aaron, and Moses where he was listed in several Pittsylvania Co., Virginia deed records. One was taken on 17 November 1769 for 162 aces, one on 01 December 1770 for 1663 acres, one on 28 March 1771 for 160 acres, and the other on 18 October 1773 for 130 acres of land (51). On 18 February 1772 he transferred 162 acres of land to Harmon Cook. William was also listed in several Washington Co., Virginia court records. On 20 June 1780, he had a civil law suit against him. On 30 August 1781. He received a 200 acre land grant that adjoined Colonel Henderson's boundary line. On 23 Aug 1782, he was granted leave to build a mill on his land. William aided the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, and was mentioned in court records on 19 September 1782. Again, on 16 December 1783, William and the Executors of William Edmondson were listed in court papers.

     William received a 300 acre North Carolina Land Grant on 09 Nov 1784. On 09 Aug 1787, he received an additional North Carolina Land Grant for 150 acres located in Sullivan Co. Tennessee, on the South side of the North Fork of the Holston River. On 20 Feb 1796 William transferred 150 acres on the North side of the Holston River to Francis Bird of Hawkins Co., North Carolina. Then on 14 March 1796 he transferred another 150 Acres of land that was on the North side of the North Fork of the Holston River to Charles Ison of Hawkins Co., Tennessee. On 05 Dec 1789 he entered 200 Acres of land in Buncombe Co., North Carolina on the waters of the Ivy and a branch that ran into Bald Mountain (51). William migrated to Robertson Co., Tennessee, where he was mentioned in Court papers during the Jan Term of 1808. On 17 Aug 1809 he purchased one "Lorrel Filley" from the Estate sale of William Byrd (51). William was still alive on 18 Dec 1811 as he was listed in the Estate sale records of Nicholas Conrad in Robertson Co., Tennessee. His wife's name is unknown. William died sometime after 1811 (Thank you to Jared Treadway and Claudia Angel for the information on William). William's children were:

1. Robert Treadway, b: 1762, Baltimore Co., MD
2. William Treadway, Jr., b: 1766, Baltimore Co., MD
3. Thomas Treadway
(Tentative), b: 1771, Pittsylvania Co., VA? (per Deed records)
4. Nancy Treadway, b: 05 Oct 1773, Pittsylvania Co., VA? (per Deed records)
5. Isham Treadway, b: ca 1775, probably Sullivan Co., TN (per Deed records)
6. Allan Treadway
(Tentative), b: Unknown, probably Sullivan Co., TN (per Deed records). Listed in the 1796 and 1797 Sullivan Co., TN Tax Lists

     Buncombe Co., North Carolina July Court Session 1798:   Charles McDowell in open court made Oath that he actually paid the purchase money for two entries of land the warrants in the name of Robert Anderson and William Tredway.

    If you would like to view more information on Thomas which I was not able to fit on this page,such as: Williams Deeds and Indentures, you can click on the link below.

More information on William (51)

Family of Aaron Treadway (of Thomas)

     Aaron Tredway, born 02 Nov 1744 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (14), migrated to Virginia, then to North Carolina, and settled in Kentucky. He was mentioned in his brother John's Will dated 1767 (41). Aaron married Eleanor "Nelly" Bounds, the daughter of Jesse A. and Nancy Ann "Ann" (Bird?) Bounds. Nelly was probably born in Virginia or North Carolina (the boarders were in continuous flux back then) and her father moved between those places. Aaron was listed in a Pittsylvania Co., Virginia deed record, on 04 December 1769 Aaron was shown owning 221 acres of land located on the Pigg River, Virginia (52). It has been said that Aaron had all girls, however, the 1790 Burke Co., North Carolina census lists four males in his household; 2 over 16 years of age (1 being Aaron himself), and 2 males under 16 years of age, and 5 females (one being "Nelly") (53). Aaron purchased land on the Big Ivy River in Buncombe Co., North Carolina on 19 Jul 1794, and entered on 04 Nov 1798 (54). Nelly was left $150.00 in her father's Will (dated in 1804, Knox Co., Tennessee). There were a couple of unmatched Tredway males that "may possibly" have been Aaron and Eleanor's children; again, "possible". They are listed below as "Tentative". Aaron was listed next in the 1810 Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Kentucky Census with 1 male 45 +, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 16-25. Aaron may have died sometime after that Census and before the 1820 Census, possibly in either Christian Co., Kentucky or Gallatin Co., Illinois as he was listed in the 1810 Territorial and Gallatin Co., Illinois records, claiming infirmities. So he and Nelly may have migrated and died there. Aaron's Will was made in 1814. Aaron and Nelly's children were (Note it is not certain of the order of the daughters, just an estimate):

1. John Tredway (Tentative), born ____ - 1774 (Per 1790 Census).
2. Robert Tredway
(Tentative), born 1774-1790. He married Mary "Polly" Hardin. Mary was born on 25 Dec 1789 in Ashe Co., NC. Robert died before the 1820 Ashe Co., NC Census as Polly was listed with her children. She married secondly to David Brooks. Polly died 27 Jul 1874, Ashe Co., NC.
3. Nancy Tredway, , born ____ - 1790 (Per 1790 Census). She married James Morris on 25 Dec 1806, Christian Co., KY.
4. Christopher "Christy" Tredway
(Tentative), born 1781-1790 in Virginia or North Carolina. He married_____ Polly. Polly was born 1791-1800 in Virginia or North Carolina. Lived in Ashe Co., North Carolina.
5. Eleanor Tredway, born 1785-1794 (Per 1810 Census) 03 Mar 1791. She married Hardy W. Smith on 30 Apr 1811. Eleanor died on 14 Dec 1865, Trigg Co., KY.
6. Lena Tredway , born 1785-1794 (Per 1790 Census).
7. Jennie Tredway, born 1795-1800 (Per 1810 Census).
8. Melinda Tredway, born 1800-1810 (Per 1810 Census).

Aaron Treadway Deed - 1769 (52)    Aaron Treadway Deed & Sale - 1798 (53)   Jesse Bounds Will (54)
Aaron Treadway Will (55)

Family of Moses Tredway (of Thomas)

     Moses Tredway born 22 Feb 1746/47 in Baltimore Co., Maryland (15). He was mentioned in his brother John's Will dated 1767 (41). Moses migrated to Virginia with his brothers William and Aaron. He lived in Manchester, Virginia and kept an Inn/Tavern there. He then went to Prince Edward County, Virginia. Moses was listed as a Jailor in the Prince Edward jail in a record on 8 January 1792.  He married Sarah "Sally" Hopkins of Virginia. Sally was born ca 1750, the daughter of Joseph Hopkins and Mary Baldwin. Moses died 27 Nov 1805 and Sarah died 13 Dec 1814, both in Prince Edward Co., Virginia. Their children were:

1. William Tredway, b: 15 Dec 1767, VA, d: 30 July 1769, VA
2. Thomas Tredway, b: 07 Dec 1769, VA, d: Sept 1771
3. Elizabeth Tredway, b: 16 Nov 1772, VA, d: 05 Apr 1774, VA
4. Thomas Tredway, b: 04 Jan 1777, VA, married and had a son.
5. Moses Tredway, b: 19 Sept 1778, VA
6. John Treadway, b: 17 June 1781, VA
7. Sarah "Sally" Tredway, b: 11 Apr 1785, VA
8. Mary Tredway, b: 25 Oct 1793, VA, died young

     Virginia Gazette Index, Dickson and Nicolson: Pg. 3, Col. 1, Article 8, 28 Aug 1779 :  TAKEN up in the town of Manchester, Chesterfield county a dark bay mare, about 4 feet, 6 or 7 inches high, a hanging mane and twitch tail, her left hand foot white as high as the fetlock, has had a fillum, and a small nick in her left ear, a small white streak on her neck, occasioned by a rope, no brand perceivable, posted and appraised to 451 - MOSES TREDWAY. (56)

     Creel, Bevin: Selected Virginia Revolutionary War Records - Monday 24 Sep 1781, pg. 916:  In 1779 Moses Treadway obtained a license to keep an ordinary at his house. He had problems with customers' debts, which all tavern owners had in those days. Capt Francis Smith ran up a big bar and meal tab between 1781 and 1786 for "grog, tody, wine, sangree and dinners. Tredway's heir finally sued Smith for the 13-plus pounds in 1791. (57)

     Founders Online: Thomas Jefferson's Memorandum Books - 1781 :  Pd. expenses at Treadway's - £51. Moses Treadway kept an ordinary in Manchester (Papers, iv, 275). (58)

     Sketch: Identifying Francis Smith: 1781:  Received 14000 pounds for a horse delivered for field officers of Chesterfield, for Col. Whites cavalry - Moses Tredway.(59)

     George Washington's Diaries 1748-1799, IV, 149-198 - Moses Treadway's Inn/Tavern:  On General Washington's return from the South he came, on Saturday, June 4, 1791, to the line between North Carolina and Virginia, dined at Wisoms sixteen miles from the ferry and lodged "at Halifax Old Town," from Halifax he proceeded to Banister river, and crossed the Staunton River 12 miles from Halifax, and there met Col. Isaac Coles, formerly a member of Congress from Virginia. He dined at Col. Cole's house; from Halifax Old Court House, crossing Staunton River, the General proceeded to Charlotte County, Virginia, Court House, and from thence to Prince Edward County Court House; from which point he proceeded by way of Treadway's to Cumberland Court House, and from thence across the North Anna, and the Pamunky, through Louisa County and on to Fredericksburg. (Thank you Jared Treadway) (60)

Moses Tredway Inventory (61)



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