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My Treadway Lineage
By Randall S. Treadway

     Welcome to my Treadway Lineage. I have worked long and hard for over twenty years to acquire the information I have below; Grandpa Treadway's info, Courthouses, Libraries, Cemeteries and other contributing family members. Some of this information was given to me, and not all has been verified. There are many people to thank for the information below, as this was not just a one man project - Thank you's to Craig Treadway, Hubert "Hubie Treadway, Jared Treadway, Doris Woodington, Garnett Sprinkle, Randall Davis, Daniel Treadway, Claudia Angel, and so many others, for without all of you this page would not be what it is today. If you find any discrepancies please email me. I was finally able to go to North Carolina and Maryland in August of 2000, and was thrilled to find much needed information and many corrections to the below families. This page is dedicated to my Grandfather; Hubert Harvey Treadway (1911 - 1977), and my Father; Benny George Treadway (1937 - 2011)

    Note to all: The word "Tentative" will appear below many times. The descendants line from Thomas to William to William to Aaron has not been proven. Many courthouses were burned to the ground during the Civil War where the information badly needed probably was. The only way to prove our line is through DNA testing. Hopefully in time it will be, but for now this is how I "Tentatively" see it.

    Please remember each bit of information found here, or elsewhere, must be researched and proven by weight of evidence, via you, the researcher.

Descendants of Thomas Tredway

     *Thomas was born ca 1700, it is known where he hailed from; only that he arrived in Baltimore County ca 1718 per a deposition made by him in 1774, provided by Jared Tredway (Thanks Jared), Thomas stated the following: "He was 74 years of age, and that he knew Antil Deaver since coming to this county in 1718 (Antil coming to the County or Thomas?), when he was a boarder of Antil's. He also stated that he worked for John Webster in 1719." Thomas became a farmer, and an Inn holder, owning a large plantation and tracts of land on the upper Chesapeake Bay, near Joppa. His staple crop was tobacco. According to Dr. Alexander Hamilton, whom a book was written on, he states that Thomas was a large pursy man. Thomas was married four times and had 9 children.

      Baltimore Co. Families Book, pg. 650, by Robert W. Barnes - 10 Jun 1757: William and Elizabeth Smith conveyed Thomas Treadway, innholder, 160? a. Turkey Hills and Strawberry Hills. On 04 May 1759, Thomas and wife Elizabeth (McComas) conveyed to John Goodwin 40 a. White Oak Bottom and 70 a. Strawberry Hills. Also from the same book, pg: 650: On 25 April 1769, Thomas and wife Mary (Gittings) conveyed 50 a. Turkey Hills and Strawberry Hills to Joseph Stiles

      Baltimore Co., Maryland Deeds JLG-0-31, Dated 1798 (Deed was not recorded properly on 25 April 1769) - From Jared Treadway:  Thomas purchased a tract of land called "Come by Chance" from James Osborn for £600 near Joseph Giles house containing 50 acres called Strawberry Hills. Strawberry Hills.

    Thomas married first to Ann _____, ca 1724 in Maryland. Ann witnessed the Will of John Deaver on 03 Jan 1731 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. She also appeared on 18 Mar 1731 before Thomas Sheredine, Dep. Commissioner and swore an oath that she was a witness to the said Will. Could it be possible that Ann was a Deaver? Ann probably died not too long after the birth of he last child John as I could not find any other records of her, and then we see Thomas marrying again in December of that same year. Please note that some family members went by Tredway and others Treadway. I will attempt to use the correct spelling.

1. Daniel Tredway, born: 22 Nov 1724, died: 25 May 1810, married Sarah Norris of Harford Co., Maryland on 02 Aug 1744 in the Spesutiae Church, Upper Node Forrest, Baltimore Co., Maryland, now the Bethel Church, in Harford Co., Maryland. Sarah was born on 15 Jan 1727, the daughter of Edward Norris and Hannah Scott. Edward Norris mentions his daughter Sarah Treadway in his Will dated 05 December 1761, Baltimore Co., Maryland. Sarah Treadway was also the Executor to her fathers Will (Wife of Daniel Treadway). Daniel and Sarah had 10 children. They all were born on their homestead in the Upper Node Forrest. Daniel and Sarah are both buried on their homestead. Their children were: Thomas, Daniel, Susan, Nancy, Edward, Hannah, Crispen, John Norris, Mary, Sarah Treadway.

2. Mary Tredway, born 08 Nov 1726 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, married Clothworthy Cunningham (Thanks Jared). Clothworthy was born ca 1720. She was listed in Richard and Jane Tredway's son Thomas Tredway's Will dated 21 Jul 1749 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Mary witnessed the Will of Mary Deaver on 29 Jul, 1749 along with her father Thomas and step mother Elizabeth. Mary was also mentioned in her brother John's Will dated 1767. Mary was also left a "stript potting gound (gown)" in Mary Lee Tredway's (her step mother) Will dated 1779. Clothworthy died on 29 Aug 1780 in Harford Co., Maryland. Mary was listed as the administratrix to her husbands estate. Mary, however, was not listed in her fathers Will, possibly due to the matters caused by her husband Clothworthy's estate. Mary and Clothworthy's children were listed in Mary's fathers will. Children: George Cory, James, Thomas, Crispen, and Daniel Cunningham.

3. Thomas Tredway, born: 20 May 1730, died young (Not mentioned in brother John's Will).

4. John Tredway, born: 25 Jan 1734, died: 24 Dec 1767, married twice, first to Elizabeth Osborne on 03 Mar 1761 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Elizabeth was the former wife of Benjamin Osborne. Children: Milcah. John married second to Sarah Griffith on 12 Jan 1764, the daughter of Samuel Griffith and Mary Raven. Sarah died on 20 Jan 1766. John died on 24 Dec 1767 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Children: Elizabeth Treadway.

Click Here to View the Will of John Tredway

     Thomas married second to Mary Ball/Bull on 27 Dec 1734/35 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Mary was born 13 Jan 1707/08, and died sometime after 1741. I have no further information on Mary. Their children were:

5. Crispen Tredway, born: 19 June 1736, died young (Not mentioned in brother John's Will).

6. * William Tredway, (See 2nd Generation), born: 23 Oct 1738.

7. Martin Tredway, born: 07 Oct 1741, died young (Not mentioned in brother John's Will).

     Thomas married for the third time to Elizabeth McComas ca 1743 in Maryland. Elizabeth was born 04 Nov 1718 in Baltimore Co., Maryland to William McComas and Hannah Scott. William McComas mentions his daughter Elizabeth Tredway in his Will, dated 01 Sep 1747, Baltimore Co., Maryland, leaving her a slave named Phylis. Thomas and Elizabeth witnessed the Will of Mary Deaver on 29 Jul, 1749, along with his daughter Mary Cunningham. Elizabeth died sometime after 1759.  Their children were:

8. Aaron Tredway, born 02 Nov 1744 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, migrated to Virginia, then to North Carolina, and finally settling in Kentucky. He married Eleanor Bounds, the daughter of Jesse A and Nancy Ann Bounds. Aaron purchased land on the Big Ivy River in 1794. It has been said that Aaron had all girls, however, the 1790 Burke Co., North Carolina census lists four males in his household; 2 over 16 years of age (1 being Aaron himself), and 2 males under 16 years of age. Aaron died in 1805 in Christian Co., Kentucky. Their children were : Son (Christopher?), John, Nancy, Ellen, Lena, Jennie, Melinda, and Robert Tredway.

9. Moses Tredway, born: 22 Feb 1746, died: 27 Nov 1805 in Prince George Co., Virginia (Death date from Virginia Vital Records, pg. 156), married Sarah Hopkins, the daughter of Joseph Hopkins and Mary Baldwin. Moses kept a tavern in Manchester, Virginia and later relocated Powhatten Co, and then to Prince Edward Co., Virginia. All of their children were born in Virginia. Their children were: William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Thomas, Moses, John, Sarah, and Mary Tredway.

     Thomas married for the fourth time to widow Mary (Lee) Lynch Gittings on 26 Jan 1761 in Long Green Valley, Baltimore Co., Maryland. Mary was the daughter of James Lee and Margaret Wilson, widow of John Wilson. Mary was married first to James Lynch. She married second to Thomas Gittings. She died 11 Dec 1782, and is buried in the Gittings family plot in the Long Green Valley Cemetery, Baltimore Co., Maryland. Thomas Treadway and Mary had no issue together, but Mary had children by her first and second husbands.

Click Here to View the Will of Mary Gittings Tredway

     Thomas outlived all four of his wives. He died at the age of 86 years in 1786, at the home of his son Daniel Tredway. He is buried on that homestead in Madonna, Harford Co., Maryland. From Jared Treadway: Daniel was the heir at law of his father Thomas. He sold the 10 acre tract of land called Strawberry Hills and Turkey Hills for 5 shillings to Herman Stump. The land is described as that being near land condemned for a mill by the name of the Old Mill, and which stands on James Run on the north side of the post road bordering land owned by John Bull called Bull's Lot, together with all houses, outhouses, stables, coach houses, improvements and advantages.

     There was also a Thomas Tredway living in Baltimore Co., Maryland, who left a will dated 21 July 1749-02 Aug 1749, in which he named his cousin Thomas Brown, friend Thomas Tredway, and Mary Cunningham as his administrators. This Thomas Tredway was the son of Richard Treadway and Miss Jane (Parker)...

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**********2nd Generation**********

     * William Tredway, born 23 Oct 1738 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, migrated Virginia with his brothers Aaron, and Moses. Moses stayed in Virginia, Aaron went to North Carolina, and then to Kentucky. William located in Washington Co., Virginia. William received a 200 acre Land Grant that adjoined Colonel Henderson's boundary line on 30 Aug 1781. William built a mill on this land. He fought in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. William later migrated to Buncombe Co., North Carolina, and then to Sullivan Co., Tennessee, owning lands in these states. He received a 300 acre North Carolina Land Grant on 09 Nov 1784. On 09 Aug 1787, he received an additional North Carolina Land Grand for 150 acres located in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. On 20 Feb 1796, he transferred 150 acres on the north side of the Holston River to Francis Bird of Hawkins Co., North Carolina. He sold the other 150 acres of land to Charles Ison on 14 Mar 1796. His wife's name is unknown. William died on 14 Mar 1796? and is thought to have been buried in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. William's children were:

1. Daniel Tredway, born: Baltimore Co., Maryland, married Mary Young on on 08 Aug 1782 in Maryland. Daniel died in Maryland? Daniel and Mary had 3 sons, who went with her to Kentucky. I do not have the names of all three. I only have one. He was: Robert Treadway.

2. Robert Treadway, born 1762 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, married Nancy Lynch on 05 November 1784 in Scott Co., Virginia. Nancy was born 1763 in Albemarle Co., Virginia to John Lynch and Hannah Short. Robert was a soldier in the U. S. Army under Captain John Carns and he served in the Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers. He fought in many battles which included: The battle of High Hills of the Santee in October of 1780, the battle of Cross Roads in South Carolina, the battle of Monks’ Corners, and the battle at Goose Creek. Robert made an Amendatory Statement in regards to his Revolutionary Pension in Sullivan Co., Tennessee on 26 March 1833. Robert died on 16 Nov 1834 in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. Nancy made a Declaration for benefits for her husband Robert's pension in the Carter Co., Tennessee court on 13 December 1839. Nancy died on 18 Feb 1845 in Carter Co., Tennessee. Their children were: John, William, Robert, Elizabeth, Sarah "Sally", Letitia, Patsey, Nancy, Jane, Susan Treadway.

3. * William Treadway, Jr. (Esq.), (Tentative), born: 1766, Baltimore Co., Maryland. There have been many conclusions in regard to William's children. Looking outside the box, this is one conclusion. We need DNA trails to prove one way or another. William married . (Tentative: Winifred "Winnie" Holcombe daughter of John and May Holcombe),. William's children were (again, tentative):

     a. Male, born: 1774-1790

     b. Female, born: 1774-1790

     c. Priscilla W. Treadway, born: (1795-1800) 02 Jan 1799, NC (Tentative). She married John Wesley Woody on 07 Mar 1818, Franklin, Macon Co., NC. John was born on 16 Jul 1781 in Wilkes Co., NC, the son of Jonathan Woody and Mary Lovingood. Priscilla died 13 Mar 1888 in Lumpkin Co., GA, and John died on 19 Mar 1866. They both are buried in the Woody Cemetery, Union Co., GA. Children: John W., Winifred Aveline, Josiah, Hezekiah, Peter Littleton, William Dawson, Sarah "Sally", Isaac W., and James Lafayette Woody.

     d. Female, born: (1800-1810) NC

     e. Susannah Treadway, born: (1800-1810) NC (Tentative - locations seem to parallel her brother Robert Peters), (Thank you Alice). Susannah had a child with John Ramsey. He was: Robert Peter Treadway. Susannah married William Hinkle. William was born in 1803 in Virginia. They divorced in 1782. Children: Anthony, Henry, James Madison, Permelia, and Peter Hinkle. Susannah married secondly to Jonathan S. Howard on 26 Sep 1796 in NC.

     f. Robert Peter Treadway, born: (1800-1810) 1806, NC (Tentative), (Thank you Alice). He married Elizabeth Ray. Elizabeth was born in 1806, the daughter of James Ray and Hannah Gillespie (Thanks James Clark). Children: William B., Delilah, Minerva Jane, James M., Robert Peter, Amy, and John H. Tredway

     g. Lucretia Treadway, born: (1800-1810) 1808, NC (Tentative), She married Henry Bailey. Henry was born in 1809 in Roane Co., TN, the son of Carr Bailey and William French. Lucretia died on 12 Apr 1876 in Knox Co., KY. Children: Son, Daughter, Sarah, Ellis and John Bailey.

4. * Thomas Treadway, (Tentative - See 3rd Generation), born: 1771-1780, possibly Washington Co.,Virginia

5. Nancy Tredway, born: 05 Oct 1773, Washington Co., Virginia (Tentative), married William Finley on 15 Aug 1789 in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. William was born in Maryland, and died on 17 Feb 1815 in Robertson Co., Tennessee. Their children were: William Jr., Thomas, Mary, Susanna, Elizabeth, Richard Finley.

6. Isham Treadway, born: 1775. He lived in Robertson Co., Tennessee. He married Hannah _____. Isham purchased 177 acres of land at a public auction on 26 July 1805 in Robertson Co., Tennessee. Isham left a Will in which was written on 28 Sept 1817 in Robertson Co., Tennessee. Isham died ca 1818. Their children were: Benjamin, Aaron, William, Polly, John, Elizabeth, and Isham Treadway.

7. * Allan/Aaron Treadway, (Tentative), born: Unknown. Listed in the 1796 Sullivan Co., Tennessee Tax List

Click Here to View the Will of Isham Tredway

**********3rd Generation**********

     * Thomas Treadway, born (1771-1780 Per 1830 Census), possibly in Washington Co., Virginia. He married Judith ____ (Tentative). Judith was born in 1780 (Per 1850 Census) in Tennessee. Thomas was listed in the 1794 and 1812 Sullivan Co., Tennessee Tax Lists. Thomas, as many others lived on the changing boarders of Sullivan Co., Tennessee and Scott Co., Virginia. Thomas and his family were listed in the 1830 Sullivan Co., Tennessee Census with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 20-29, 1 male 30-39, 1 male 50-59, 1 female 20-29, 1 female 50-59. I cannot find their family after this. Judith was listed in the 1850 Buncombe Co., North Carolina Census records living with her son John and his family. This is all the information that I have: Their children were (Tentative):

1. Edmund Treadway, born (1791-1800), TN (Tentative). He married Rachel Mainard on 18 Jul 1822 in Rhea Co., Tennessee. Rachel was born ca 1803 in North Carolina, the daughter of Jesse Mainard. Edmund was last listed in the 1840 Roane Co., TN Census. Rachel was listed with her children in the 1850 Roane Co. TN Census. Their children were: Thomas, Lucy Ann, Margaret Jane, Jesse J., John R., Edmund F. M., Levi J., and Joseph A. Treadway,

2. Catherine Treadway, born (1791-1800), TN (Tentative). She married ____ Sawyer, and was listed in the 1850 Buncombe Co., NC Census living with her brother John and his family.

3. Amanda Melvina Treadway, born (1791-1800) 1801, TN (Tentative). She married twice. She married first to A. McEntire/McIntire. Children: Josiah McEntire/McIntire, and secondly to Allen Jones on 03 Sep 1863 in Buncombe Co., NC. Allen was married previously to Catherine Worley.

4. * Aaron Treadway, (See 4th Generation), born: 27 July 1810, Sullivan Co., Tennessee.

5. John Robert Treadway, born 05 May 1815, Tennessee. He married Nancy Elizabeth "Betty" Teague. Betty was born in 1815 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina, the daughter of Henry Edward Teague and Anna Elizabeth Paine. John died in Oct 1889 in Madison Co., North Carolna. John and Nancy's children were: Matthew Madison, Nathaniel Ervin, Sarah A., Catherine "Kate", Eliza L., Lucinda, Edward R., John Robert, and Rebecca Treadway.

6. Rebecca Treadway, b: 30 October 1818. She married Rev. John Parham. John was born on 01 December 1818 in North Carolina, the son of Littleton Parham and Elizabeth "Betsy" Martin. Rebecca died in 1902. John died on 20 May 1887. They both are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Buncombe Co., North Carolina. Their children were: Narcissus Caroline, Posey, Judahem, Elizabeth, Joseph Franklin, Nancy N., and Henry E. Parham.

**********4rth Generation**********

     * Aaron Treadway born July 1809 in Sullivan Co., Tennessee, married Priscilla Davis on 04 Mar 1832 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina. Priscilla was born ca 1818 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina, the daughter of David and Rachel Davis. Both Aaron and Priscilla are listed in a legal document relating to David Davis, listed on my Davis Lineage Site. It is said that Priscilla was part Cherokee Indian. I was told a story by Randall Davis that Aaron and Priscilla met for the first time in Marshall, Buncombe/Madison Co., North Carolina.

      A Family History of William Garfield Treadway 1895-1962, by Judith Mae Braem Treadway December of 1993, Page 12:  "Aaron and Priscilla traveled into Kentucky. There, when Aaron "was only 24, he met up with Davy Crockett, then 40, wrestled him -- and won the match. As a trophy he received an iron fireplace oven". The story continues that "while Aaron and his wife still were in Kentucky, Sen. Abe Lincoln -- not too important at that time--passed through and stopped with them, and Priscilla cooked two turkey thighs for him in that same pot." It is also family tradition that Aaron went out and explored the west with "his cousin" David "Davy" Crockett.

     Aaron was a farmer and said to have been the first school teacher of Walnut, Buncombe/Madison Co., North Carolina. The old school house where Aaron used to teach school was on the hill above the Treadway Family Cemetery at Sandy Bottom. I was also told a story from Adolphus Treadway, son of George W. Treadway, that Aaron sold one of the first tickets at the train depot in Marshall. And Paul J. Treadway also told me that Aaron held the first court in Walnut ca 1850. Aaron died on 14 February 1907, and Priscilla died on 11 March 1907. They both are buried in the Harrison Family Cemetery aka Treadway Cemetery, at Sandy Bottom, Madison Co., North Carolina, on the property of Adolphus Treadway. The cemetery is a few miles off of Doe Branch Road. Aaron and Priscilla's children were born in Buncombe now Madison Co., North Carolina. They were:

1. Rebecca L. Treadway, born: 05 Jan 1835, died: 09 Jan 1925, married Rev. Woodward William Ramsey on 21 July 1851 in Madison Co., North Carolina (Madison Co., NC Marriage Records). Their family was listed in the 1860 and 1870 Madison Co., North Carolina Census, and the 1880 Stantonsburg, Yancey Co., North Carolina Census Records. Rebecca was listed in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 Marshall, Madison Co., North Carolina Census Records. Rebecca died on 09 Jan 1925 (Death Liber 12, page 11),and is buried in the Station Cemetery. Woodward was born on 01 Jan 1831 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina, the son of Jobe Ramsey and Mary Woodward. Woodard died on 17 July 1885. They both are buried in the Station Cemetery, Madison Co., North Carolina. Their children were:

     a. Eliza Jane Ramsey, born: 08 Jun 1853, Madison Co., North Carolina. She married twice. She married fist to Thomas J. Rice. Thomas was born on 05 Feb 1845 in North Carolina the son of Joseph and Matilda Rice. Thomas died on 06 Feb 1915. Eliza married second to Mitchell Chandley. Eliza died on 08 Feb 1945. They both are buried in the Station Cemetery, Madison Co., North Carolina. Children: Hezikiah Rice.

     b. Jasper N. Ramsey, born: 30 August 1854, Madison Co., North Carolina. He married Lucinda J. "Luesy/Lucy" Allen. Luesy was born in 1862 in North Carolina, the daughter of James Allen and Rachel Riddle. Jasper died on 29 June 1893 and is buried in the Station Cemetery, Madison Co., North Carolina. Children: Elus/Alice E., Reagan Newton, Anna A., Adeline "Addie", and Wade Hampton Ramsey.

     c. Rachel Emeline Ramsey, born: 01 June 1856, Madison Co., North Carolina. She married Emery G. Chandler. Emery was born on 04 Mar 1850 in Buncombe Co., North Carolina, the son of Solomon Chandler and Jennie Landers. Rachel died on 13 February 1939, and Emery died on 05 Mar 1944. They both are buried in the Jewell Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Walnut, Madison Co., North Carolina. Children: Robert, Woodard Alexander, Ida Bell, James Clyde, Sam, Daniel, Loyd, Andrew, Paul, Burt W., and Luther Chandler.

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