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By Randall S. Treadway ©
29 September 1995

  Do you know me, as I know some of you?

Yes, my ancestors, I feel that you do.

You came to this country from places both far and near.

You married, made homes, and had children to rear.

  Your children had children, and theirs did too, until over the years their families grew.

You made it through droughts, the depression, and wars.

Even the black plague knocked on some of your doors.

Through all of these events your bloodlines survived.

My Grandparents had children, and then I arrived.

Housewives, Farmers, and Laborers were you.

You made a better place for me and my family too.

Your stories have not been lost, for they are still told, of the way you lived your lives until you grew old.

This is how donít you see?

That I have come to know you, and that you know me.


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