Welcome to my Magill Lineage Page. I have been working on this line for some time now. A big thank you to Sue Phillips for help with the family lines. I was told by many to purchase the book ""Greener Pastures, from the Tidewater to Texas and Beyond", by Weldon Wayne Rogers, 1996, about the Magill family. So when I ever get the chance to get it, I will add in. I believe the information below is correct, but if you find any discrepancies please email me, as much information has been sent to me, and not all is proven. I hope you find the information helpful to you.

     Please remember each bit of information found here, or elsewhere, must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence by you, the researcher.

Descendants of William Magill

*****************1st Generation*****************

    William Magill was born ca 1670 in Oxenford, Scotland, the son of Robert Magill. William married twice. He married first to Mary Eakin. I have no further information on Mary, other than her name. William married second to Mrs. Margaret Gass, widow of John Gass (From Jim Jackson, thank you Jim). Margaret had a son from her previous marriage by the name of David Gass. John Gass passed away in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, as proven by his Will in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania in 1734. I received an email from Ruth Johnson. In this email she stated, "According to the Magill Family Records written by Robert Magill and published in 1907, William Magill, Sr. was first married to Mary Eakin and she is the mother of his children".  William also lived in Ireland before he sailed to Pennsylvania, and then migrated to Virginia. William died in 1749 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 202.--10th October, 1749. William Magill's will--Wife, Margaret, and her son, David Gass; sons, James and William, adjoining Charles Campbell; son, John; grandchild, James' son; daughter, Elizabeth. Executors, Robert Cravens, Hugh Campbell. Signed William Magill, Margaret. Page 280.--15th November, 1758. Accounts against estate of William Magill paid by Hugh Campbell and Robt. Cravens. Legacies paid, viz: To James, John, William, Margaret McGill, Hugh Campbell, John Jones, Robert Dickson, John Berry, Ro. Fouller (to each of these 9, 1, 6). Magill. Teste: Andrew Erwin, Charles Campbell. Proved, 29th November, 1749, when Margaret renounced the will.  Page 222--28th December, 1749. William Magill's appraisement, by John Seawright, John Erwin, Charles Campbell. Cash by Hugh Dover and Hugh Ross.

Click her to view the Will of William Magill.

William and Mary's children were:

1. Esther Magill, born: ca 1715 in Ireland. She married Hugh Campbell ca 1739/1740. Hugh was born ca 1705 in Coleraine, Ireland, the son of Robert and Margaret Campbell.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 271/272.--25 Sep 1746. Hugh Campbell to John Young. Naked Creek, part of 400 acres patented to Hugh, 25th September, 1746. Teste: John Francis, Alexander Blair, Wm. Preston, Esther, wife of Hugh.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 283.--11 Apr 1751. Hugh Campbell, yeoman, to William Alexander, farmer, 400 acres, on Naked Creek; corner Michael Dickey, Esther, wife of Hugh. Teste: Wm. Brown, Michael Dickey, John Hear (Ker?), John Alexander.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 283.--17 Aug 1757. Hugh Campbell and Esther ( ) to Jno. Hair, Sr., 10, 160 acres on Fowler's Branch of North River Shanando, between Naked Creek and North River, patented 16th August, 1757. Teste: Andrew Alexander, Michael Dickey, James Allen. Delivered: Jno. Hare, January. 1763..

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 283.--16 Nov 1757. Hugh Campbell, wheelwright, and Esther ( ) to James Patterson, sadler. Teste: Francis Brown, James Allen. Delivered: James Patterson, January, 1763.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 342.--19th March, 1771. Hugh Campbell's will--To wife, Esther; to 3 sons and 2 daughters, William, Hugh, Charles, Esther, Marthew; to son, Robert. Executors, John Magill, Wm. Campbell. Teste: Andrew Scott, Robert Fowler, John Davis. 18th January. 1775--Dedimus to Danl. and Abraham Smith to examine Robert Fowler. Executed 6th February, 1775. Proved, 17th January, 1775, by John Davis. Dedimus for Robert Fowler who is very sick. Administration granted to William Campbell, no bond. 22d March, 1775--Proved by Fowler's deposition and recorded. John Magill qualifies with Abraham Smith, Saml. Gibson. Page 345.--16th March, 1775. Hugh Campbell's estate appraised by John Gratton, James Magill, Edward Erwin, Edward Shanklin.

Click here to view the Will of Hugh Campbell

     Hugh died in 1771 in Augusta Co., Virginia. Esther and Hugh's children were:

     a.  Sarah Campbell, born ca 1740.

     b.  Hugh Campbell, born ca 1741

     c.  Robert Campbell, born 14 July 1745. 

     d.  William Campbell, born 16, Apr 1747.

     e.  Esther Campbell, born ca 1749.

     f.  Martha Campbell, born ca 1752.

     g.  Charles Campbell, born 1753. 

2.  William Magill, born ca 1715 in Ireland. He married twice. William married first to ______. Their children were:

     a. William Magill, born ca 1750.

     b. Samuel Magill, born ca 1751. He married Mrs. Martha (Reed) Shannon, the widow of James Shannon, on 04 Nov 1782 in Rockingham Co., Virginia.  Their children were:  Martha, Jean, Robert, Agnes, Mary, Matthew and Elizabeth Shannon Magill.

     c. Elizabeth Magill, born ca 1755. She married Thomas Walker on 06 Oct 1787 in Greene Co., Tennessee. Children: William, Jane, James, Joseph, Margaret, Sally, Susan, Edith, Rebeccah, and Thomas Walker

     d. Robert Magill, born ca 1757. He married Mary Craig on 16 Dec 1797.  Mary was the daughter of James and Jane/Jean Craig. Mary was named Mary Magill in both her father and mother's wills.

     e. James Magill, born ca 1758 in Augusta Co., Virginia.   He married twice. He married first to Betsy Evans. Their children were: Margaret and William Magill. He married Mary McMeans, born 20 Jul 1769. James died on 24 Aug 1840 in Madisonville, Monroe Co., Tennessee. Their children were: Thomas, Robert, James, Nathaniel, Samuel Wallace, Harvey, John Marshall, Isaac Newton, and Susannah Matilda Magill.

     William married second to Jane/Jean_____ (Could this be Jean Fowler?). Jane was born ca 1725. William died on 28 October 1806 in Greene Co., Tennessee. His Will can be found in the Appalachian Families 2:3-4:135 Greene Co., Tennessee. William and Jane's children were:

     f. John Magill, born ca 1759 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married _____ Lusk.

     g. Hugh Magill, born ca 1761 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Mary Henry.

     h. Charles Magill, born ca 1764. He married Elizabeth Lester on 24 Oct 1796 in Greene Co., Tennessee. Their children were: Joseph Lester Magill.

3. Jane Magill, born ca 1717 in Ireland. She married twice. She married first to William Dickson. She married second to a Mr. Magee/McKee.

4. Ann Magill, born ca 1719 in Ireland. She married Robert Fowler.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Hansbarger vs. Fowler--O. S. 186; N. S. 66--Bond by Robert and Wm. Fowler of Rockingham County to Anne Fowler, their mother, and Easter, their sister, dated 17th April, 1782. Letter dated Holstein River, Hawken County, 21st March, 1788, signed Edward and Mary Erwin, addressed to William Fowler, Rockingham County, Va. Cousin William mentions aunt Ann and cousin Esther. William Fowler was appointed executor of Robert Fowler of Noluchudkie settlement before 1787. Ann Fowler was only child of Robert. Deed 20th November, 1778, by Robert Fowler, Sr., and Anne of Rockingham County to his son, William Fowler, 147 acres on No. River, Shenando, part of 400 acres patented to Robert, 12th January, 1746. Recorded in Rockingham, 22d March, 1779. Answer by Agnes Brooks. Her late husband, Robert Fowler, in Knox County, Tenn., 1804; also by Ann Fleming, Moses Brooks. Saml. Fleming, same time and place. Robert Fowler, Jr., moved to Tennessee in April, 1784, where he married Agness Gamble and died testate in fall of 1784. His widow married Moses Brooks. His daughter, Anne, married Samuel Fleming. Patent by Dunwiddie to Robert Fowler, 1755, for 50 acres in Augusta on No. River, Shenando. Corner Hugh Campbell. Corner Charles Campbell. Corner Wm. Magill. Corner land Fowler now lives on. Patent by Gooch to Robert Fowler, 1746, 400 acres in Augusta on No. River, Shenando. Will of Robert Fowler dated 22d September, 1784. Wife, Agness; mother, Ann; his child; legatee, Easter Fowler. Recorded in Washington County, No. Ca., 1st May, 1787. Will of Robert Fowler dated 11th September, 1777, of Augusta County. eldest son, James; wife, Anne; sons, William; youngest son, Robert; daughters, Jean and Elizabeth and Esther.

     Ann and Roberts children were:

     a. James Fowler

     b. William Fowler

     c. Robert Fowler. He married Agness Gamble. He died in 1784 in Tennessee. Children: Ann Fowler.

     d. Jean Fowler

     e. Elizabeth Fowler

     f. Esther Fowler

5. John Magill, (See 2nd Generation), born ca 1720 in Tullycarn, Ireland.

6. Sarah Magill, born ca 1722 in Ireland. She married William Berry.

7.  James Magill, born ca 1724 in Tullycarn, Ireland.  He died in Rockingham Co., Virginia. He married a Miss Alexander. Their children were:

     a. Martha Jane Magill, born 1745 in Pennsylvania? She married Alexander Hamilton.

     b. William Magill, born 21 Apr 1748 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He died ca 1797.

     c. Esther Magill, born 1755 in Augusta Co., Virginia. She married Alexander Gilmer on 24 Sept 1782 in Rockingham Co., Virginia.

     d. John Magill, born ca 1757 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Mary James.

     e. Alexander Magill, born 21 May 1758 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Martha Moffitt.  Alexander died on 25 May 1830 in Paris, Bourbon Co., Kentucky.  Their children were:  William, John B., James B., Elizabeth, Martha, Esther, Robert, Moffitt M., and Jane Magill.

     f. Margaret Magill, born ca 1760 in Augusta Co., Virginia.   She married Robert Henry on 28 Mar 1783 in Rockingham Co., Virginia.

     g. James Magill, born ca 1760 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Jane Quincy Fulton on 28 May 1781 in Rockingham Co., Virginia.

     h. Robert Magill, born unknown. He married Mary Wakeland. Their children were: John Marshall Magill.

8.  Elizabeth Eleanor "Betty" Magill, born ca 1726 in Tullycarn, Ireland. She married twice. She married first to James Berry.

From Chalkley's ChroniclesPage 201-29th November, 1749. Elizabeth E. Berry's bond as administratrix of James Berry, with sureties Thomas and Charles Berry.

     Elizabeth and James's children were:

     a. John Berry, born unknown

     b. James Berry, born unknown

     c. William Berry, born unknown

     Betty married second to John Jones. Betty died in Augusta Co., Virginia.

August Co., Virginia Will Book 1, pg 201 (From Jim Jackson): Know all Men by these presence that we Elizabeth Berry, Thomas Berry, and Charles Berry are held and firmly bound unto John Lewis the first Justice in the Commission of the Peace for Augusta County for and in Behalf of the sole use and behoof of the Justices of the said County, and their successors in the sum of five hundred punds cur money to be paid to the said Jn Lewis his Executors, Administrators jointly are severally, firmly by these presence, Sealed with our Seals. Dated this 29th Day of November 1749.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 187, 29 August 1751:  James Berry, guardian of John Berry, orphan of James Berry, complains of John Jones, in whose custody the orphan is, that he abuses him.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 126-Eleanor Berry, now wife of John Jones. Petition-28 Nov 1751-James Berry, guardian of children of James Berry, deceased. John Jones married James Berry's widow.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 225, 30 November 1751:  James Berry, guardian of the orphans of James Berry, decd., complains that John Jones, who married the widow of James Berry, is wasting the estate.

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 88, 15 March 1758:  John Berry, orphan of James Berry, aged 15 years, chose McGill his guardian.

*****************2nd Generation*****************

     John Magill born ca 1720 in Tullycarn, Ireland, married Mary Patterson ca Feb 1748/49 in Augusta Co., Virginia. Mary was born ca 1724, the daughter of John and Ann Patterson (Thank you Sue Phillips).

From Chalkley's Chronicles: Page 405.-27th November, 1751. John McGill's bond as guardian (appointed) to James Pattersen, orphan of James Patterson, with surety Mathew Armstrong.

From Chalkley's Chornicles: Page 431.-19th August, 1761. John Megill (Magill, McGill) and Mary to Samuel Brigs, 24; 120 acres, part of 300 acres patented to said John, 12th May, 1759, on North River of Shanandoe; John McClure's land, opposite James Megill's. Teste: Will Brown, Frances Brown.

Will of John Magill - 22 May 1813, Lincoln Co., Kentucky:

     In the name of God above, I John Magill of the County of Lincoln and State of Kentucky, being weak of body but of a sound mind, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.
     To wit: I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God who gave it, and my body to be buried in a descent Christian manner, at the discretion of my Executor, and as touching my worldly affairs I give, devise and dispose of them in the following manner:
     In the first place I give and devise to my beloved sons William, James, John, and David, and to my daughters Elizabeth Frame and Anne Daugherty to each one dollar, also to the widow and heirs of my son Hugh Magill, deceased, for the support and education of said heirs.
     I give and bequeath the use of the land on which I now live with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, together with all and every species or property, real or personal, of which I am possessed or have any claim to until the youngest of said heirs is of age, and then to be sold and equally divided between the aforesaid widow and heirs of Hugh Magill deceased, for the sole use of their heirs and assigns forever.
     I likewise constitute and appoint John Magill, son to William Magill, and John Walkup sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament. I do hereby revoke and disannul every other Will or Testament before made or named. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this twenty second day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

Signed and Sealed in presence Samuel Findly, Hugh Logan, and William C. Findly

Signed John Magill

     John and Mary's children were:

1. William Magill, born 18 Nov 1750 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Jean _____ on 01 Nov 1772? William at one time owned 150 acres of land in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. Their family was listed in the 1810 Lincoln, Lincoln Co., Kentucky Census with 1 male 16-25, 1 male 45 +, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 26-44, and 1 female 45 +. William died on 01 Nov 1813, and is buried in the John Henderson Cemetery, Boyle Co., Kentucky. William and Jean's children were:

     a. John Magill, born: ca 1773. He married Nancy Henderson.

     b. Susannah Magill, born: 1774. She married William Daugherty, Jr. on 09 Jan 1797. William was the son of William and Esther Daugherty.

     c. William Magill, born: 1777. He married Mary "Polly" Baughman. Children: Baughman, Olivia, Henderson, Samuel P., Lorenzo, John F., and William Magill.

     d. Mary Magill, born 1779. She married John Daugherty on 02 Oct 1797 in Mercer Co., Kentucy. John was the son of James Daugherty and Rebecca Cunningham.

     e. Sarah Magill, born: 1783.

     f. Samuel Magill, born: 1785.

     g. James Magill, born: 1787. He married Elizabeth Bibb.

2.  James Magill, born 12 Apr 1753 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Sarah Frame on 03 Aug 1782 in Rockbridge Co., Virginia. Sarah was born in 1761 in Augusta Co., Virginia, the daughter of William Frame and Susannah Erwin. James died on 29 Sept 1823 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky (Thanks Karen Swain), and Sarah died on 08 Feb 1818. Their children were:

     a. Samuel Patterson Magill, born 16 Oct 1783. He married Nancy Shackleford on 29 Sept 1810 in Wayne Co., Kentucky. Nancy was born on 20 Dec 1792. Samuel died on 06 Apr 1865, and Nancy died on 23 Feb 1865. They both are buried in the Magill Cemetery, Burnet Co., Texas. Their children were: William Harrison, and James Patterson Magill.

     b. Polly Magill, born 19 Mar 1785. She married twice. She married first to David Gooch on 10 Feb 1817 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. She married second to Hiram Hocker on 19 Feb 1827.

     c. Betsy Magill, born 08 Jun 1786. She married Edward Huffman on 16 Jun 1814 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky.

     d. William Magill, born 28 Feb 1788. He married Unity Gooch on 16 Dec 1811. Unity was born ca 1792 the daughter of Liner Gooch and Rhoda Turner.

     e. John M. Magill, born 10 Oct 1789. He married Susanna Gooch Groom on 08 Jan 1827. Susannah was the widow of William Groom. (This information was from the Estate papers of William Groom). John was one of the administrators of William's Estate.

     f. Naomi Magill, born 02 Aug 1794. She married Dabney Gooch on 16 Jul 1822 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. Dabney was born on 22 Feb 1786 in Virginia, the son of Liner Gooch and Rhoda Turner. Dabney was previously married to Ruth Dunn. Dabney died in 1859, and Naomi died after the 1860 Census was taken. Children: Allen, Sarah, Milton, Stephen Gooch.

     g. James Magill, born 16 Feb 1798,Lincoln Co., KY. He married Martha Patsey Fuller. Martha was born on 04 Mar 1805 in Indiana, the daughter of Thomas Fuller and Susannah Torrence. James died on 30 Oct 1865, and Martha died on 10 Oct 1878. They both are buried in the Fuller Cemetery, Crawford Co., Illinois. Children: Allen G., William M., Elizabeth, Margaret J., and Susanna Magill.

3. Elizabeth Martha Magill, (See 3rd Generation), born 20 Mar 1755 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

4. Ann Magill, born ca 1757 in Augusta Co., Virginia. She married William Daugherty on 20 May 1794.

5. Hugh Magill, born ca 1759 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Margaret "Peggy" Daugherty on 30 Dec 1794 in Kentucky. Peggy was the daughter of James Daugherty and Rebecca Cunningham (Genealogies of Kentucky Families, pg. 260). I only have one child for them. He was:

     a.  Hugh Patterson Magill, born 08 Feb 1808.  He married Sarah Duncan Hocker on 14 Jan 1836 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. Sarah was born on 13 Jun 1812, the daughter of Phillip Hocker and Sara Duncan.

6.  John Magill, born on 10 Oct 1759 in Augusta Co., Virginia.  He married Nancy Jane Edmundson/Edmonson on 06 October 1785 in Augusta Co., Virginia. This information is from Lola Kimmel on the copy she sent me of John's letter: John was a Kentucky pioneer and historian, noted by Willard Rouse Jillson. John was also the author of an early Kentucky history; "The Pioneer to the Kentucky Emigrant", published in 1832. Nancy Jane died on 14 Nov 1832, and John died on 14 Nov 1842, both in Franklin Co., Kentucky. (Childrens names are from John's letter to his nephew Caleb, and dates are from LDS files). Their children were:

     a. Mathew Edmundson Magill, born 08 Apr 1787. He married twice. Mathew married first to Nancy Jane Martin on 15 Jan 1817. Children: Jane Edmundson, and John Russell Magill. Mathew married second to Mahala Richardson on 29 Jul 1829. Mahala was born on 13 Apr 1798, the daughter of Samuel Richardson and Rebecca Mooreland. Mathew died on 18 May 1861, and Mahala died on 12 Apr 1869, both in Clinton Co., Indiana. Children: Nancy, Rebecca Ann, Samuel H., Mathew Thomas, Sarah Margaret, William Alfred, and Mary Matilda Magill.

     b. Mary Ann Magill, born 21 Mar 1789. She married Robert Robinson.

     c.  Samuel Patterson Magill, born 02 Aug 1792 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky. He married Elizabeth A. Oliver.

     d.  John Allen Magill, born 11 May 1794 in Bourbon Co., Kentucy. He married Almira Hodges.

     e. Cyrus Magill, born 16 Feb 1800. He married Sarah Miller on 29 Jul 1830.

     f.  William Magill, born ca 1803. (not named in letter).

     g.  Jane Ann "Tennyann" Magill, born 05 Nov 1804. She married Samuel Davidson.

     h.  Margaret S. Magill, born ca 1808. She married Matthew Davidson on 06 Oct 1839.

    I received an email from Doris Johnson in August 2000, with this wonderful information she found posted by Jill Jones at Worldconnect. It is a letter written by John Magill, living in Franklin Co., Kentucky to his nephew Caleb Magill, written on 12 September 1838. Jill stated that this letter was from the book "Greener Pastures, from the Tidewater to Texas and Beyond", by Weldon Wayne Rogers, 1996. (Note: The letter below is in the possession of Kenneth Steele Kimmel, great grandson of Caleb Magill. Kenneth also purchased the Magill Bible from a man in Colorado, so the Bible is back in the hands of family members. Thank you for this wonderful information Mrs. Kenneth S. Kimmel-Lola).

Dear Nephew Caleb,
     I received your letter some twelve months ago but, not having it at hand, I do not exactly recall the date the letter informed me of the death of your father. I presume it was the only one you sent me. I ought to apologize for not writting sooner. I am frequently in distress of mind and from a blamable neglect of duty I often neglect to answer letters immediately when I receive them; and after a while forget them. I now let you know that throught the goodness of God we are all in tolerable state of health for which we ought to be thankful. I have not received any information from you and any of your brothers and sisters since I received your letter from Mr. John Elliott informed that you lived in this neighborhood. I have nothing to write that can be very interesting to you as you are not acquainted with any persons here nor I with any in your neighborhood. As for my family, I had the misfortune to lose my best friend five years ago last November on the 14th of the month.
     I have one son living in Clinton County, Indiana named Matthew E. Magill, one other in the same county named Cyrus Magill. One in Park County named Samuel P. Magill. One living with me named John Allen Magill, who is practicing physics on the Thompsonian plan and is very successful. One daughter Margaret S. Magill and one named Tennyann.
     My grandfather, William Magill, migrated from Ireland in the year 1727 with three sons named James, William, and John, who was my father, and five daughters, to wit: Jane who married William Dickson, he died and she married a McKee; Sarah married William Berry, Betty married James Berry, later John Jones; Esther who married Hugh Campbell; Ann who married Robert Fowler. My uncle James had three sons; William, Alexander and James. My uncle William had seven sons, to wit: Samuel, William, James, Robert, John, Hugh, and Charles, three last named by a second wife. My father had six sons, James, Samuel, John, David and Hugh.
     I have been particular so that you may know if you meet with any persons of the name of Magill you can tell whether they are your relation. I have seen several from Ireland that are no kin of mine. They spell their name McGill. They are generally native Irish and Roman Catholic. I recollect to have seen my grandfather's certificate from Ireland 1725. It was spelled Magill and all his descendants spell their name the same way. Any who do not are not of our kindred.
     Our forefathers were Scotch, lived in Scotland and were Protestants. The time of persecution in England and Scotland in the reign of King James of England, they with many others, emigrated to Ireland which gave them the Scoth-Irish which name they are frequently called to this day. I never knew of any of father's relations coming to America only one family which was John Magill. He settled in Winchester, Virginia about the year 1775. He was a lawyer and had two sons, Archibald Magill who was a major in the Army at the time of the Revolution. The other, Charles Magill, was a lawyer and either he or one of his sons, is at this time, president or cashier in the Valley Bank of Virginia.
     There has been more sickness and is at this time in our neighborhood than I ever knew at one time and I believe it is general throughout the state of Kentucky. As for religion in this county, there is a great many professors to different denominations. There is Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Campbellites, Two Seeds alias Carkorites and Shakers. I have heard lately of two Mormons preaching about 16 miles from here.
     Crops of wheat are good this summer. Corn crop is sorry through this state. I wish I could write every good opportunity. Give my respects to all your brothers and sisters and all inquiring friends. They day before yesterday I received a letter from my sister, Elizabeth Frame, liviing in Ohio State, Preble County. She is 83 years old last March. The only sister I have living. All my brothers are dead and yet I am spared the goodness of God. May we all be prepared through the goodness of God and the sanctifying influence of the holy spirit for an endless and happy eternity is the prayer of your affectionate uncle who lacks only one month and eight days of being 79 years old. Signed, John Magill

7.  David Magill, born on 04 Mar 1762 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married Sarah Frame on 20 Jan 1789. Sarah was born on 12 Apr 1767, and died 01 Jun 1832. David died on 10 Dec 1833. (This wonderful information came from Maurice Woolsoncroft and Lola Kimmel. Thank you both-Things with besides them are from the Family Bible, and parenthesis are what I have added to, as the Bible was old and pieces of the pages were missing). Maurice now owns the Bible and the dates below are filled in a little more.  Thanks Maurice. David and Sarah's children were:

     a.  John Magill, born 18 Oct 1789. He married twice. He married first to Pheby Head on 17 Aug 1815. John married second to Sally Groom on 03 Jan 1828. Their family was listed in the 1830 Clay Co., Missouri Census with 1 male under 5, 2 males 5-9, 2 males 10-14, 1 male 15-19, 1 male 30-39, 2 females under 5, 3 females 5-9, 1 female 10-14, and 1 female 20-29. John owned 130.6 acres of land in Clay Co., Missouri. John died on 29 Apr 1837.

     b.  Elizabeth "Betsey" Magill, born 11 Jun 1791 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. She married John Sutton Farrar on 21 Oct 1813 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri. John was born on 09 Aug 1790 in South Carolina, the son of Leonard Farrar and Margaret Hamilton. Betsey died on 09 Jun 1860 and is buried in Union Cemetery, Forest City, Holt Co., Missouri. John died on 14 Jun 1852 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri. Children I have so far: Sarah Ann Farrar.

     c.  Caleb Magill, born 04 Mar 1795. Caleb was a Pvt. in the Missouri Military during the War of 1812. He married Jedediah Brown on 04 Dec 1817. Jedediah was born on 09 Apr 1796. Caleb and his family were listed in the 1840 Clinton Co., Missouri Census with 2 males 10-14, 1 male 40-49, 1 female 5-9, 2 females 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 30-39, the 1850 Dist. 16, Clinton Co., Missouri Census, and the 1870 Irwin, Brown Co., Missouri Census records. Caleb also owned 80 acres of Land in the Clay Co., Missouri. Caleb died on 10 Jul 1878, and Jedediah died on 20 Oct 1871. Children: Sarah "Sally" Epperson, Polly Ann, Hannah Brown, David Farrar, Martha Jane, Sophronia Elizabeth, and Jedidiah Emily Magill.

     d.  Samuel Magill, born 17 July 1797. He married three times. He married first to Milly Campbell on 24 Dec 1822 in Clay Co., Missouri. Milly died on 24 Sept 1823. Samuel married second to Mrs. Eliza (Farrar) Huffman on 14 August 1824. Eliza died on 24 Dec 1827. Samuel married third to Margaret Owens on 04 Jan 1837 in Clay Co., Missouri. Samuel died on 21 Apr 1841.

     e.  Mary Polly Magill, born 13 Oct 1799. She married William Groom on 16 Dec 1819. William was born in 1796 in Kentucky. Polly died on 01 Jan 1846. William married second to Sally Pierce in 1847 and was listed in the 1850 Dist. 16, Clinton Co., Missouri Census records with his family and new wife. Mary and William's children were: David, Nancy, William, James, and Polly Groom

     f.  David Patterson Magill, born 16 Feb 1802, but his headstone reads 29 Jan 1802. He married twice.  He married first to Sally Gragg on 10 Mar 1825. Sally died on 14 Feb 1835. Children: Melissa, Caleb, Elizabeth, and Barbara Ann Magill. David married second to Elizabeth Roberts on 20 Sept 1835 in Morris Co., Kansas. Elizabeth was born on 13 Feb 1817 in Tennessee. David died on 22 Nov 1866, and Elizabeth died on 18 Mar 1883. Both he and Elizabeth are buried in the Capioma Twp. Cemetery, Capioma, Nemaha Co., Kansas. Their children were: Samuel, Aaron, Charles Wilson, Sally, David Roberts, John, Rachel Caroline, Solomon Franklin, James David, Martha Emaline, Mary Kansas, and Nancy Jane Magill.

     g.  Sally Peery Magill, born 23 Dec 1804. She married Walker W. Bivens on 25 Aug 1825 in Clay Co., Missouri. Walker was born on 04 Mar 1802 in Madison Co., Kentucky, the son of Truman White Bivens and Ann Moore. Sally died on 20 Dec 1893, and Walker died on 16 Sep 1885. They both are buried in the Winslow Cemetery, Winslow, DeKalb Co., Missouri. Children: Mary, Jane, Wiley C., Truman Walker, and Malinda W. Bivens.

8.  Samuel Magill, born ca 1762-64 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

*****************3rd Generation*****************

     Elizabeth Martha Magill married Jeremiah Frame on 08 September 1777 in Augusta Co., Virginia. Jeremiah was born on 16 July 1752 in Augusta Co., Virginia, the son of William Frame and Susanna Erwin. Elizabeth and Jeremiah migrated to Bourbon Co., Kentucky in 1784, and then to Jackson Twp., Preble Co., Ohio.  Elizabeth died on 09 June 1843, and Jeremiah died on 09 December 1828.  They both are buried in the Frame Cemetery, Jakcson Twp., Preble Co., Ohio.

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