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By Randall S. Treadway

     Welcome to my Thomas Genealogy Page.  This is my wife Vickie's line.  I believe the information below is correct, but If you find any discrepancies, please email me.   Much of the information on the upper line was from Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy.  Enjoy your stay.

     Please remember each bit of information found here, or elsewhere, must be researched and proven by weight of evidence, via you, the researcher.

Descendants of Isaac Thomas

*****************1st Generation*****************  

     Isaac Thomas was born ca 1740 possibly in Bush River Monthly Meeting, Bush River, Newberry Co., South Carolina.  He married Mary Davies/Davy.  There was an Isaac was listed in the Piney Grover MM, Marlboro Co., South Carolina along with: Francis, John, John Jr., Lewis, Mollie, and Stephen Thomas.  Mary was born ca 1740 in South Carolina.  Isaac was a Quaker who belonged to many Monthly Meetings in several states.  Below is Isaac's Will:

Laurens County, South Carolina, 04 January 1802, proved 04 June 1802

     I Isaac Thomas of Laurens District, State of South Carolina being of perfect mind and memory and sound reason have thought to make ordaine and constitute this my last will and Testament in manner and forme as following that is to say;
     Item: First of all it is my will and I hereby order that my Funeral expense and all my just debts be timely and punctually paid out of my personal Estate before any other division or other distribution be made thereof.
     Secondly: It is my will that after my decease my widow should have the free privilege and command of all my household furniture and land excepted a piece marked for my youngest son William not exceeding thirty acres, and a lot of turning tools I give to Willilam, and my smith tools I give to my son Evean, and my cart I give my son John and Evean, all the rest of my Estate is left to my widow during her lifetime and my household furniture to doe as she pleases at her death and all my stock consisting of horses cowes and hoghs should be exqualy divided between my three sons Evean and Nehemiah and William and my two youngest daughters Mandy, Sarah, and Pheaby Thomas to absolve and behoof of them thare heirs and assigns then having to thare oldest brothers and sisters namely Edward, Isaac, Abel, Mary Wisner, and Elizabeth Cox one shilling heare of I have hereunto set my hand and seale this the forth day of Eleventh month one thousand eight hundred and two.

      Signed, sealed and pronounced to be my last will and testament in presence of Nimrod Banks?. 

     Signed that I give the remainder of my land at the decease of my wife to my son Evean Thomas.

Jacob (his X mark) Wisner 
Marey (her X mark) Wisner

Isaac Thomas (Seale)

    1807, May 04, Mary and children; Evan, Nehemiah, Sarah and Phebe, received on certificate from Bush River MM, S.C. (dated 1807 January 31).  It is said that both Isaac and Mary are buried in the South Fork Friends Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Ohio, but since Isaac's Will was in Laurens Co., South Carolina, I believe he died there.  Their children were:

1.  Edward Thomas, born 17 February 1761, South Carolina (Hinshaw, Miami MM, Warren Co., OH, pg. 131).  He married Mary Wright on 12 June 1783 in the Bush River Monthly Meeting House, Bush River, Newberry Co., South Carolina.  Mary was born on 13 February 1764 in Berkely Co., Virginia, the daughter of Joseph Wright and Charity Wells.  

     Edward died on 18 October 1849, and Mary died on 13 December 1833, both are buried at the Arba Friends Cemetery, Randolph Co., Indiana.  Their children were:  Isaac (m. Lydia Hufman), Elijah (m. Naomi Cadwalader), Charity (m. Nicholas Tucket), Prudence (m. John Mills), Edward, Elisha, Vashti (m. Thomas Cadwalader), Abigail, Rachel (m. Hiram Baily), Mary, and Elihu Thomas.

2Isaac Thomas, born 01 February 1763, South Carolina.  He married Sarah Perkins. 

     Isaac and Sarah's children were:  John (m. Hannah Farmer & Miriam _____), William (m. Mary Farmer), Isaac (m. Tamer Mendenhall), Elizabeth (m. John Farmer), Edward (m. Elizabeth Tucker), Susannah (m. Phillip Farmer) Thomas.

3.  John Thomas, born 14 June 1765 in South Carolina.  He married Anna Pemberton on 01 June 1786.  Anna was born on 18 February 1764, the daughter of Isaiah Pemberton and Elizabeth Hall.  

     John died on 10 March 1847, and Ann died on 22 July 1840.  Their children were:  Elizabeth (m. Nimrod Banks), Isaiah (m. Elizabeth Cox), Ann (Caleb Mendenhall), John (m. Grace Mendenhall), George (m. Hannah Elleman & Christian _____), William (m. Mary Cox), and Sarah (m. Abe Hollingsworth) Thomas.

4.  Abel Thomas, born 01 November 1768, South Carolina.  He married Ruth Pemberton on 29 April 1797.  Ruth was born on 03 September 1775.

     Abel and Ruth's children were:  William, Isaiah, Mary, Phebe, Sarah Ann, Ruth, Susannah, Abel, and Elizabeth Thomas.

Mary Thomas, born 09 March 1771, South Carolina.  She married Jacob Wisner.  Jacob was born on 22 November 1778 in South Carolina. Jacob and Mary were witnesses to Mary's fathers Will dated in 1802.  Mary died on 03 March 1838 in the West Branch, Miami Co., Ohio. Their children were: Elizabeth, Mary, Isaac, Sarah, Thomas, Ruth, and John Wisner.

Elizabeth Thomas (See 2nd Generation), born 23 September 1773, Bush River MM, Newberry Co., South Carolina

Evan Thomas, born 18 May 1775, South Carolina.  He married Sarah Cox on 21 December 1808 in West Branch Monthly Meeting House, Miami Co., Ohio.  Sarah was born on 29 November 1793, the daughter of David Cox and Jane Davies/Davey.  Their children were:  Mary, Sarah, Evan, Elizabeth, John D., Joanna Owen, Nancy, and Jesse Thomas.

Nehemiah Thomas, born 17 March 1777, South Carolina.  He married Elizabeth Pemberton on 20 August 1819.  Nehemiah died on 24 March 1843, and Elizabeth died in 1845.  They both are buried in the South Fork Friends Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Ohio.  Their children were:  Isaac, Esther, Mary, Daniel, and Anna Thomas.

William Thomas, born 13 September 1779, South Carolina.  He married Sarah Pemberton on 01 April 1805. Sarah was born on 02 September 1772, the daughter of Isaiah Pemberton and Elizabeth Hall. Children:  Isaac (m. Elizabeth Harmison), John, Eli (m. Miriam Gilbert), Isaiah, Emma, and Cynthia Thomas.

10  Prudence Thomas, born 29 October 1781, South Carolina.

11  Sarah Thomas, born 29 October 1781, South Carolina.  She married Thomas Thornton on 01 September 1813. Thomas was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Thornton.

12  Phebe Thomas, born ca 1783, South Carolina.

*****************2nd Generation*****************  

       Elizabeth Thomas born 23 September 1773 in Bush River Monthly Meeting, Newberry Co., South Carolina.  She married William Cox.

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