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     Do you have a query about your Ancestors as many of us do?   This is a site for you to post your query, or to help someone out with theirs. Please email me with your query and I will enter it for you. Thank You.

Posted by Marlyn Lively on 20 Feb 2013

Query:  Hello. My grandmother was Millie "TREADWAY" LIVELY and her parents were Charley and Susan "BIGGS" TREADWAY, and Charley's father was George Washington TREADWAY. My family comes from the Pax, Lively, Long Branch and Horse Creek WVA area. My grandmother Millie did not talk much about her family - TREADWAY or BIGGS. Would love to hear from anyone connected to George and Charley. Thanks.

Posted by Joyce (Millard) Lakatos on 19 Feb 2009

Query:  My Mother is the daughter of Edna TREADWAY & Lucius DuBOIS, Ravenscroft, TN. Great-grandfather was John William "Bud" TREADWAY (1876-1939) and my Great-great-grandfather was Peter Mansfield "Manse" TREADWAY (1850-1938). Would like any Info back further than "Manse".

Posted by Virginia Treadway Gross on 18 Sep 2004

Query:  Attempted to respond to Patti TREADWAY at the email address posted 7-25-99. That address no longer valid.  She was trying to locate one Harry TREADAWAY.  I visited with him in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., in 2001 or 2002.  At that time he was still working on his book, from his home.  Is Patti still out there??? Email address would not go thru.....vtg

Posted by Haley Collins Smith on 10 Aug 2004

Query:  I am looking for Cynthia (Synthia?) TREADWAY, born around 1886. She married a Charlie(Charles?) HITCHCOCK and had one daughter, Oma Lucille HITCHCOCK on Oct. 1, 1906. She died shortly after Oma's birth, possibly around 1910, 1911 or 1912. I do not know where any of these people were born or married....but i do know that Oma Lucille's social security number was issued in North Carolina and that Oma Lucille may have lived in Lindale, Floyd Co., GA at one time. I have not found these people listed in any of the data bases on this site so hopefully someone has some other information. Thanks.

Posted by Patrick Treadway on 09 Aug 2004

Query:  My name is Patrick TREADWAY. I am looking for Debra DAME. She was looking for descendants from Benjamin TREADWAY and seeing how I am one of them I would love to help her out. If someone has her email address that would be great.

Posted by James Gilbert on 20 Jul 2004

Query: Would like info on the family of Dayton and Orpha TREADWAY, Washington Co., Ohio

Posted by Wayne Nelson on 19 Jul 2004

Query: Edmund TREADWAY was my g-gf.  I can't seem to trace him back any further.  I need help.  Thanks. Wayne.

Posted by April Dawn on 17 Jun 2004

Query: I am looking for ancestors of William Nicholas "Nick" TREADWAY born March 10, 1927; died October 2001. Nick lived in Artie area of WV, and his father was William Howard TREADWAY. Any information would be helpful and appreciated.

Posted by Rebecca Brown on 19 Jan 2004

Query: My great grandfather, Thomas NOLAN, married Carmolite TREADAWAY, and they lived either in Plaquemine Parish or New Orleans. I believe that this was the second marriage for Carmolite, also listed as 'Cammie", as she was known to have a daughter named Rose. I am trying to find the maiden name for Carmolite, if this was her second marriage. Thanks, Rebecca

Posted by Sandy Speer on 17 Jan 2004

Query: I am searching for Jim TREADAWAY, born in Georgia. His parents may have been born in Georgia or Tennessee. Jim married Lizzie Jane JENKINS, from Tennessee. They were in Polk Co GA in 1920, moved to Trion, Georgia in 1930's. I am searching for his parents, any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Shirley

Posted by Colleen on 01 Jan 2004

Query: Does anyone know where I can get a copy of "Children of Jesse, TREADWAY'S of WV"?

Posted by Isaac Mitchell on 12 Dec 2003

Query: My great grandmother was Nancy E. F. TREADWAY. Her death certificate said her father was Jim TREADWAY and her mother's last was JUSTICE without a first name. I am looking for her family. She was born 2/16/1866 and married William Henry MITCHELL who was living in Macon Co Alabama in 1880. They married in Columbus Ga. 1/1/1882. She died 6/1/1945 and he died 10/24/1938 both in Dale County Al.

Posted by Tom Ferguson on 20 Nov 2003

Query: I am looking for any information on Thomas B TREADAWAY and his wife Sarah MORRIS. Need their parents names and any other info available.

Posted by Brenda Noyes Wright on 16 Nov 2003

Query: Randy, Do you have any info on a Ophelia TREADAWAY who was married to Elbert HOWARD and I know at least one of her children was a Jackie Naomi HUDSON. There was a Ophelia TREADAWAY (do not know if this is the same one I am looking for) listed in the 1870 Census as being 16 and also listed was a Calvin, 25, George, 11, Francis, 10,(F) and Jefferson, 8. No parents were listed. They may have died early. Am trying to find out who her parents were. I believe she was from the Loyd B. TREADAWAY family as my grand mother was close to her daughter, Jackie. My grandmother was the daughter of Georgia Ann TREADAWAY. Any help greatly appreciated!!

Posted by Meralyn Breer on 14 Sept 2003

Query: Does anyone have the parentage of Edmund J TREADWAY b 1798, married Rachel MAINARD b. 1803, children were: Thomas, Lucy, Margaret, Jesse, John H., Edmond Francis, Levi Jackson, & Joseph Albert. Both Rachel & Edmund are believed to have been born in Ireland. Rachel's Parents were Gilbert & Sarah MAYNARD.

Posted by John Patrick Treadaway on 09 Aug 2003

Query: My great grandfather was Louis Lee TREADAWAY from SC. My grandfather was J. P. TREADAWAY and had a brother Clarence TREADWAY. I am looking for more info.

Posted by Nancy Harp on 03 Aug 2003

Query: I am trying to find out information on Della Clementime TREADWAY b @1880 maybe in Arkansas. Help Anyone??????

Posted by James Daryl Treadway on 01 Aug 2003

Query: Searching for any descendants of Aaron & Pricilla TREADWAY. Grandfather of mine is George Washington TREADWAY, Doe Branch, NC (Walnut, NC).

Posted by Lydia Hess on 10 Jun 2003

Query: I would like information on Augustus Frank TREADWAY born in 1883; who was married to Ida Mae WARASS, born 1884.

Posted by Charles Forshey on 10 Apr 2003

Query: Opal KUNZ has a query listed on this sight and I am trying to locate her. Her gggrand father and my gggrandfather are brothers. If anyone has a good e-mail address for her I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank You.

Posted by Duangdow Cumemanie on 24 Mar 2003

Query: I am looking for Ray TREADWAY who served in Vietnam War. He was stationed in Thailand during 1961-1962.

Posted by Tracy Padgett on 27 Feb 2003

Query: I would love to know if anyone has any pictures of James P WALLACE or Miniza Ann TREADWAY or their families. I am the GGG granddaughter of Moses TREADWAY. Any pictures or information would be greatly appreciated....Id be happy to pay for any hard copies or copies that could be sent to me by postal mail. Feel free to email me about any info you may have.......My family line goes from Moses and Mary TREADWAY to James P WALLACE and Miniza Ann TREADWAY to Monroe Eli WALLACE and Grace Elixia CHILDERS to Don Monroe WALLACE and Gloria Elizabeth HARRIS.....

Posted by Devin Thompson on 25 July 1999

Query: I am looking for info on Thomas Jefferson TREADWAY, born February 1, 1822 in Lee County, Kentucky. His father was Moses TREADWAY (d.o.b. and place of birth unknown). I'd like to know who Moses TREADWAY is, Thomas Jefferson TREADWAY'S father. Thomas Jefferson's children were (believe it or not...) Priscilla TREADWAY, Christopher Columbus TREADWAY, William M TREADWAY (my ancestor), Millard Filmore TREADWAY, George Washington TREADWAY, and Mary Nelson TREADWAY. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by William Alan Treadway on 25 July 1999

Query: Felix Hannon TREADWAY (b Feb 25, 1891 in Studdards Cross Roads, Fayette County, Alabama) is my father. I know very little concerning his family, but I am interested in any information and genealogy in connection with his family. He died on March 1, 1969 in Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks for any help you might give me in this matter.

Posted by Opal Kunz on 25 July 1999

Query: I am the great granddaughter of Elizabeth TREADWAY and Pearson FARLEY. Elizabeth was born about April 28, 1828 in Washington Co., Ohio to Jeremiah TREADWAY and Harriet HOPP. I would like to share my information with anyone interested. And would welcome any information on my TREADWAY line. Thanks.

Posted by Debra Dame on 25 July 1999

Query: Seeking family of Joseph Benjamin TREADAWAY, b. 10 Apr 1885 in AR, d. 10 Nov 1940 in Lincoln Parish, LA. "Ben" TREADWAY married Lucy GRAY in 1906 in Lincoln Parish, LA. Parents of: Ethel, Eva, Ida, Stephen, Effie, Louis, & Woodrow. Any one from this line out there?

Posted by Chris Treadway on 25 July 1999

Query: My father was Mack TREADWAY (1915-1997) who came to California with his father, James Polk TREADWAY, from Perry, Okla. around 1927. James' family came to Oklahoma in the 1898 land rush, but I know of nothing before that. James married Gertrude DAVIS, whose sister Edna married James' brother. I would love any earlier info.

Posted by Linda Earnheart on 25 July 1999

Query: Was there an Anna TREADWAY who married John STONE, Middlesex Co., MA, ca. 1650? If so, was she a sister of Nathaniel? I'm trying to establish who was the mother of Tabitha STONE - I've found Anna TREADWAY, Anna ROGERS, and Anne HOWE.

Posted by Vickie Treadway Barnhill on 25 July 1999

Query: Looking for information regarding TREADWAYS in Cumberland Gap area. My father is George Gary TREADWAY, son of William Garfield and Lessie TREADWAY of Middlesboro, KY. My father is 68 (I believe). He is the third to the youngest of 11 children. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Brian Treadway on 25 July 1999

Query: I have a record of a Thomas TREDWAY leaving London for Barbados about 1670 as a transported convict. Could this be a "alternative story" of how someone by that name made it to Maryland around 1700? (Having just watched "Moll Flanders" on Masterpiece Theatre, I am intrigued with the fortunes of transported convicts, some of whom did quite well after serving their terms.)

Posted by Ray Black on 25 July 1999

Query: I'm looking for any information on Marion L. TREADWAY. B.4-1854 in VA. M. Louisia (Linsey) A. McNEW, B. 11-1857 in KY. Children: Nancy, B. 6-1872 in VA, Liddy E., B. 11-1881 in VA, Mena E., B. 6-1884 in VA, John F., B. 1-1887 in VA, William Jackson, B. 8-24-1889 in VA, Henry C., B. 1-1891 in VA, Minnie (Miney) E., B. 5-1894 in VA. All data from 1900 and 1910 Rockcastle Co., KY, US Census. Wm. Jackson TREADWAY married Eliza DALTON in KY and moved to IN. I cannot find Marion L. TREADWAY in VA. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by William Alan Treadway on 25 July 1999

Query: Seeking information concerning my grandfather, Andrew Jackson TREADWAY. He was born in Illinois. He married Orpha STUDDARD, who was born at Studdards Crossroads, Fayette County, Alabama. They lived at Studdards Crossroads, Fayette County, Alabama where my father, Felix Hannon TREADWAY, was born on February 25, 1891. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Posted by Bill Bartlett on 25 July 1999

Query: Looking for documentation which could confirm father of Lloyd B. TREADWAY, born 1825 in NC. This site indicates that William (born 1807) is his father; other references indicates that Daniel TREADWAY, Jr. (born 1786)is his father. (Daniel, Jr. is the son of Daniel Tredaway and Mary (JONES) TREADWAY of Anson County, NC.) Any information - however insignificant it may seem to you - would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Patti Treadaway on 25 July 1999

Query: From about 1989 through 1992 I corresponded with Harry H. Treadaway, who was researching his TREADAWAY ancestry and planning to publish a book on the subject. He meant to publish it in 1993, but I never heard from him after 1992. He lived in Richmond, VA, and then moved to Ponté Vedra Beach, FL. Does anyone know what became of him, and if he ever published his book? I was very interested in it, as I contributed to it and am actually descended from the same line as Harry. Thanks.

Posted by Mick Strange on 04 Apr 1999

Query: Jacob Paul TREADWAY (b 1839 in Sullivan County, IN) is my great-great grandfather. I found him listed in the genealogy of Thomas TREADWAY. I would really be interested in any information and genealogy whatsoever of the family. Jacob Paul married Suzanne THORNE. Jacob died July 9, 1897. I have been looking quite some time for this ancestry. I am most grateful for this Web Page. Hope I can hear from all of you long lost "cousins." Thanks

Posted by Grace Robson Carson on 01 Apr 1999

Query: Mary Ann TREADWAY/TREDWAY was born in Wood Co. WV, July 2, 1861 daughter of Calvin TREADWAY and Martha Ann ______, she had other siblings: Jane b 2-11-1853, Sylvester V. b 11-17- 1854, and Henrietta b 12-2-1857, those are the ones I have found there might be more. Mary Ann is my great grandmother she married Thomas Marshall MOREHEAD, Mary Ann died 8-1-1930 and she and Thomas are buried in Richie County WV in the Chesterville Cemetery, they had children Martha Derinda Bina b 11-2-1889 Wood Co WV my grandmother Bina m Jacob Asa BAUMAN s/o George Washington BAUMAN and Margaret Ellen WHITE on 7-30-1902 in Wood Co. WV, other siblings are Eura (m Edwards 1st Charles Henry 2nd) Hattie (m _____ BUSKIRK). I have no info on William or Bud. If anyone has any info on these TREADWAY/TREDWAY'S, I would greatly appreciate it.

Follow up: Posted by Randy Treadway on 11 Apr 1999

I was looking through some of my old files and found this: Calvin TREADWAY married Martha MARSHALL on 26 Dec 1841 in Wood Co., VA, also there were these TREADWAY'S: Henry TREADWAY married Eliza Ann FOLEY on 02 Aug 1836, and James TREADWAY married Lucy HINDMAN on 25 July 1841, both in Wood Co., VA. Hope it helps.

Posted by Amy B. Flowers on 29 Mar 1999

Query: Moses Treadway BOURDEAUX, b 9 Oct 1791 New Hanover Co, NC, d 6 Sept 1861 New Hanover Co, NC was the only child born to the union of Daniel BOURDEAUX, b c 1745, d 1815 and _________ TREADWAY. Mother's father may also have been named Moses' as evidenced by deed dated Tuesday, 26 November 1793 from Moses TREADWAY to Daniel BOURDEAUX (proved by William SHARPLESS) in Volume III, pg 98 of New Hanover County, NC Court Minutes. ANY help will be most appreciated!

Follow up: Posted by Randy Treadway on 01 Apr 1999

Received new information on your lineage. The father of your unknown TREADWAY who married Daniel BOURDEAUX was Moses TREADWAY son of Richard R. TREADWAY and Elizabeth COLES. Sadly I do not have the wife of Moses or the name of this child who married your Daniel.

Posted by Robert Treadway on 26 Mar 1999

Query: I would like to find out who Nathaniel TREADWAY'S ancestors were?

Posted by Cathy Blowers on 22 Mar 1999

Query: I'm searching for info on Niomie Bell TREADWAY. She was born 10/28/1854 in Evansville, Indiana and died 8/17/1929 probably in Arkansas. She married Silas Walkins BOWEN on 12/13/1882 in Faulkner Co., Arkansas. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.

Posted by Dennis Paul Treadway on 20 Mar 1999

Query: I'm looking for information Hugh Woods TREADWAY. He was born 10-17-1878. He had 2 Wives, 1-Cora Ellen, 2-Annie.

Posted by Bettye Pipkin on 16 Mar 1999

Query: Looking for information about George Washington TREADWAY, lived in Hugo, Oklahoma in the early 1900's, married Lillian BOAZ?

Posted by Phyllis on 16 Mar 1999

Query: My grandmother was Annie Mae TREADWAY, b. Feb. 15, 1892 Fayette Co. WV., d. Sept. 25, 1934 Fayette Co. she was married to Sparrel Hale STEWART on Nov. 18, 1907 Fayette Co. Annie is the daughter of Jonathan TREADWAY and Mary C. SETTLE. Would like to have more information on Jonathan and Mary TREADWAY.

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