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Argent: A Chevron Azure between three Trefoils slipped vertical.

Crest:  A Dexture hand couped below the wrist in Armor holding a Sword, on the Point a Turk's head couped at the neck all proper.

Origins:  The Anglo-Saxon Surname of Treadway originated from the Cornish name Thretheway or Thretheway stands for "Settlement of Little David". There are many derivatives of the name: Threthway, Tredway, Tredaway, Treadaway, and Tredoway. The Treadway's were originally Saxon's (an early Germanic tribe).

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    Welcome to the Treadway Web.  The intent of this Website is to try and pull all the Treadway/Treadaway/Tredway/Tredaway families together into their perspective lines.

    There were Four distinct Treadway/Treadaway/Tredway families in the 1600's and early 1700's living on the Eastern Coast of the United States in which most of us have descended. There was Henry Treadway of Gloucester Co., New Jersey,  Nathaniel Treadway of Watertown, and Sudbury, Massachusetts, Thomas Tredway of Baltimore and Harford Co's, Maryland, and Richard Treadway of Baltimore Co., Maryland.

     This Website has been a dream of mine for some time now. I wanted to make a place for all the Treadway/Tredway/Tredaway kin to unite, sharing our valuable Heritage with each other. Besides the Lineage sites of the above, there are sites for Bible Records, Burial Information, Census Records, Estate Records, Land Deed Records, Obituaries, Pension Records, an Honorary Hall for members of the lines, who fought in, or died in wars, a Bulletin Board for posted queries, a Reunion site, and a Debate Corner to voice your opinion, debate, or to theorize on a lineage. I hope you enjoy this site and use it to its fullest. Thank you everyone.

      I would love to thank The Genealogy Pod at Tripod, and Vicki Lynn the Pod Coordinator, for bestowing this wonderful award to The Treadway Web. I am so honored. Thank you so very much. I would also like to thank Tripod for providing us this space to place our information.

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This is a Genealogy site.

Sadly, we have lost our old guestbook as the company went out of business.
Below will be the beginning of a new one for all of us. Thank you all.




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     Please note; I am not a professional genealogist. All materials contained on these pages are furnished for the free use of those engaged in researching their Treadway/Treadaway/Tredway family origins. Information contained on these pages were from various sources, such as: The Latter Day Saints Family History Center, Various Treadway/Treadaway/Tredway/Tredaway books by Authors such as: William T. Treadway, Judith Mae Braem Treadway and others, State and County Books, Information submitted by Terry and Opal (Treadway) Thompson, Authors of "The Treadways of Barnwell Co.", Other Relations, Personal research, etc. You are welcome to copy information found at this site for your personal use and share information with other researchers or genealogical organizations if you wish. Any commercial use or distribution without the consent of the author of these pages is prohibited. Please remember each bit of information found here or elsewhere must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence by you, the researcher.


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