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You are the rover # that has enter the Ranger's HQ

The Ranger Rover's Mission Control

Last updated July 4th, 1999. Happy Fourth of July! We are so sorry! we didn't update this due school and lazyness, well tomorrow the real update begins! :) Me better go! Bye see ya tomorrow! oh and Sweetie is out of town and out of computer range so Twinky is here! ;) Tomorrow is my turn (AGAIN) in the next update is Gypsy's turn!!! -Twinky-

Hello and welcome my fellow rover to the Ranger Rover's HQ! I'm Cricket. I will be your guide around the main, so you want to know, what is a Ranger? Well we are a team of female dogs only chosen to fight crime, but in our first mission we were chosen to save the Rovers from the evil claws of Parvo! Our team has seven dogs known as, Penny, a female dalmatian, she is our leader (lucky dog), Sweetie (Sawyer), a female akita, she is the second in comand. Then there's Gypsy, a female beagle and dauchsund mix, she is the canine who trains the new cadets, Twinky, a female labrador retriever, she is a weapond expert, Suky, a female yorkshire terrier, she is our adviser, Mary, the other dachshund, who helps Gipsy in the trainning and finally me (Cricket), I'm a female black terrier mix. I'm the other weapond expert, Twinky and I work together. Soon things will change! There will be a picture drawn of all of us soon. I can't wait! Well hope you enjoy your stay! *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*

The Ranger Rover's Theme Song
Let's sing our theme song! Arrrooo!
The Ranger Rover's Art Gallery
Gipsy loves art! no wonder she is in charge of this place!
The Ranger Rover's Library
Penny is a big help, keeping all in order in our Library.
The Ranger Rover's Links and Webrings
Mary and Twinky give you the directions out of here :( don't go!!!!!!!!!!