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CAUTION!!! This site may contain material that is not suitable for small children! It conains mild animated violence, mild language, and skimpy clothing. viewer descretion is advised!(Note: This is NOT a pornographic/hentai site. It is a general anime site. So please, `NO` pornographic entries in the guestbook!!! Porno entries containing links or pictures will be IMEDIATLY deleted. Continued entries of Adult porno materials will result in removal of guestbook and/or the entire site. Thank you.)

Hello, I am Android prototype No. NK-1124 or my friends call me Nuku-Nuku! My job here is to greet people that come to this site, and to tell them about the site. Well, there is not much going on in here right now, but, just relax and look around. this site will keep getting better as time progresses. anyway, enough talking. enjoy your stay!






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