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You come across Veranasta'li're'cora, the hyper, happy little chenai stallion that you had met earlier during your travels through the Painted Unicorns in this Realm. He bounces up to you and nibblings your hand. "Sella li! Welcome to the Charity li Vye'ahtey! I'm not the lead stallion, but we really don't have ranks so it really doesn't make a difference," he giggles. "Klisna is the lead stallion, and my darling Dylanda'li'lisen is lead mare. Please feel free to look around the Charity and visit the members and most important, the Charity offspring! Yes we have foals!" He bounces around a little more, small wings flapping excitedly. "Enjoy your stay!"

Vye'ahtey is a Open Charity. Some members may require permission, but it'll be listed next to their name. Please email us if you foster a foal! <3

Charity Mares Charity Stallions Charity Pairs Charity Offspring

Email Azurefalcon or Lexington this form.

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Link to the Charity with thise banner!

vye'ahtey was founded by azurefalcon.
grapics are copyright bluemist.
pained unicorns come from the silver unicorn.
a big thanks for lexington for helping with updates!