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A pretty little nai mare greets you as you enter the grounds of her Charity. "Sella li! I am Dylanda'li're'cora, I am Veransta'li're'cora's daughter! I am following in my father's footsteps and started a nai Charity of my own. This is the Teli'silvanonsta Charity, which means Little Unicorns in your tongue, quite fitting huh? We've gone through a few changes recently, and have aquired a few new members, which is wonderful! We are a open Charity, meaning anyone can adopt from us! The members that require permission are marked with a little star on their banner. Enjoy your stay!"

Teli'silvanonsta is a Open Charity.


1. Kanna'won "Tree's Tune" - #682 wild parents - Nai
2. Yia'hala "Moon Flower" - #687 wild parents - Nai
3. Dabab "Dabab" - #701 wild parents - Nai
4. Rysha'andan "Cherry Candy" - #advent2 wild parents - Chenai


1. Dylanda'li're'cora "Melody of the Heart" - #719; 456 x 369 Vye'ahtey - Nai - Permission Needed
2. Teli'patres "Little Princess" - #755; 512 x 369 Vye'ahtey - Ninai - Permission Needed
3. Ereth'cresla "First Snow" - #advent1 wild parents - Nai
4. Lihas'deesta "Season Bells" - #advent3 wild parents - Nai
5. Iava'lasha "Earth Mist" - #856 wild parents - Nai
6. Evira'cheilli "Eternal Twilight" - #780 wild parents - Nai
7. Aurlath'li'dil "Rare Shadow of Morning" - #861 wild parents - Nai

Join the Charity? Teli'silvanonsta is a nai-Charity only; meaning we accept nai, naida, ninai and so on; as long as you're small you're welcome to join us! And I hope you do.

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Painted Unicorns are from the Silver Unicorn.