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Fall/Winter, 2007


I've been kept off the treadmill for the last few days due to severe back pain. I missed a development circle that I wanted to participate in on Friday evening and then yesterday. One of the group who is also a good friend of mine offered to come over and do a healing for me. Energetic work -- for those of you not familiar with it I suggest looking into my website and those like it to get an idea. Anyway -- I declined but the teacher in me asked if they wanted to practice their distance healing. They said yes, we set a time and that afternoon, I received more of a healing than my friend or I expected.

He was right on the money with locating my pain and some health issues going on (he's really good so if any of you want to see him, just drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with him). One of the things he told me is that there was someone throwing daggers at me. This was metaphorically, but also very real. I can think of one woman in particular who this might apply to. Then I thought of a couple more in my life. Well DUH...... I all of a sudden realized that I wasn't even ducking! I wasn't putting up any wall or bubble or whatever you want to call it. (I prefer force field) I was letting the daggers hit me!

Well no more!! I immediately put a force field in place in my mind. I imagined it around me, around my husband, around my stepson, around our house and our property. For those of you who only believe what you see-----I will somewhat quote Dumbledore from the last Harry Potter movie, "Of course it's all in your head. But what makes you think that makes it not real?" My force field is permeable when it comes to love and all things positive. But whoever is throwing those daggers is in for a BIG surprise. The outer wall of that force field is mirrored. All that comes toward it is reflected back on the person who sent it. That goes for good and the not so good. I'm afraid there may be someone new out there who will be wondering what hit them soon.

As for the good that comes to me, that will be reflected back as well as reaching within the field. All those who send good thoughts, prayers, donations for the 3day, will be blessed as well. All those who wish harm to me and will be bringing on your own despair. I have co-created with God, Infinite Spirit, All That Is and that is the most powerful tool we all have.

This is the same story told ages ago about reaping what you sow. Do unto others. Etc, Etc. But until I put up the force field and acknowledged my co-creation, I was leaving myself open for injury. I'm not going to ignore my health or the input of my Doctors, but I'm not going to accept that shit from her or anyone else again.

Thank you to my friend for reminding me that I am responsible for my own life. And it is totally acceptable to expect everyone else to be responsible for theirs as well. We all could stand a lesson or two about accepting responsibility for our own actions.

For the one who shoots daggers at my home self ---- you made some off color choices in your life and the ones you have chosen in the last 5 years have led to a huge family rift. It is not up to me to say if that rift can be healed but if you keep pushing your "I'm the right religion, I have the right job, and I'm the perfect mother" you will lose the fight. I can and will pray for you.

For the one who shoots daggers at my family self ---- I'm sorry that you felt I took something away from you. I'm sorry that you continue to grieve so much that it has made you unhealthy. I'm sorry that you have not been able to see any Light in the subject and that this has caused you to block his contact from you. I fear that it will not be until you meet him again on the other side that you will be able to heal. I can and will pray for you.

For the one who shoots daggers at my spiritual self ---- Diplomacy is something I need to work on. I tend to tell it like it is and you were not ready to hear that. Your responsibility for your own life is something you could work on. Blaming others for all your problems is not helping you but hurting you. You could be helped by seeking some counseling. I truly hope that you do. And I know that I am not the one who can help you -- I can and will pray for you.

I encourage you all to co-create your own force fields. Make them your own. If you co-create with God then there is nothing to fear. My God is big enough, smart enough and strong enough to handle it. Is yours?

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