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Welcome to the


(Official CPU Alpha Complex Interdepartmental Relations and Project Coordination Department/Division of Workflow Throughput, Productivity Enhancement, Efficiency Implementation and Buzzword Allocation Bureau)

If it moves, organise it. If it doesn't, file it!

Service with a smile, Citizen!





--  --  Tick Clone number 

Security Clearance: 



Are you Happy? 

Yes  No 


Why not?: 


Are you aware that happiness is mandatory? 

Yes  No 


Do you serve the Computer to the utmost of your abilities, with no selfish motives tainting your loyalty? 

Yes  No 


If the answer above was no, please give reasons: 




Are you a registered mutant?

Yes  No

If yes, please give registration number: 


Are you a Commie Traitor?

Yes  No


Are you a Commie Sympathiser?

Yes  No


Check the box below that best describes your feelings about this statement:

"I think the taste of the new Bouncy Bubble Beverage is:"

A marked improvement! Long may it last!


I was unaware of any change.

Super scrupdillyitious!


Do you require any more copies of this form?

Yes  No


Where would you like them mailed to?