The Mighty Quinn - Entertainment Weekly, 16 October 1998

by Josh Wolk

Aidan Quinn doesn't mind being outnumbered by women in "Practical Magic"

"Practical Magic" (which opens today) is about a family of female witches whose male lovers are cursed to die. So the cast , which includes Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Dianne Wiest, and Stockard Channing, is by necessity mostly guy-free. But Aidan Quinn, who plays a detective investigating the family (one of the film's two male roles), didn't mind the lack of on-set testosterone. "My house (in real life) is full of women," Quinn tells EW Online. "I have two daughters, my wife, and a nanny living with me, so I'm quite used to it."

Quinn says the witches' curse luckily didn't extend to his work on "Magic," a problem-free shoot on Washington's San Juan Islands under gorgeous, sunny conditions. But he recalls a past project that could have used a sorceress' charms: "Michael Collins," the 1996 political drama filmed in Ireland. "(Director) Neil Jordan used to get mad at the weather, because he wanted dark, cloudy, normal Irish weather," Quinn says. "But they had a drought, and had like 80 sunny days in a row. So he had to erect these huge screens up above our heads to black out the sun, which was funny because that doesn't happen too often in Ireland." Call it impractical magic.