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Quinn on board 'Terrors' on Fox

(Wed., March 8, 2000)

By Nellie Andreeva

Aidan Quinn will be the first star to topline "Night Terrors," an anthology from Warner Bros. Television for Fox.

The project, "in the tradition of 'The Twilight Zone,' " according to creators and executive producers Dan Angel and Billy Brown ("Animorphs," "The X-Files," "Goosebumps"), will feature a different cast each episode. The goal is to have a star of Quinn's caliber as the lead in each show.

In the pilot, Quinn will play a transportation official investigating a plane crash who begins to question his sanity as he learns about the victims who were on board. Eventually, he realizes that he himself is a passenger on the doomed flight and must tell the pilot before it's too late.

"We are focusing on psychologically disturbing, suspense-driven, rich character stories," Angel said. He and Brown agree that the interest in their project has increased since the boxoffice success of the movie "The Sixth Sense." The episodes, which will resemble short films, will be composed of two 30-minute segments.

Quinn's film credits include "Music of the Heart," "In Dreams" and "Practical Magic." He recently played Paul McCartney in VH1 movie "The Two of Us." He is repped by CAA.

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