About the author:

This site was started by Rikkie Garcia on 13 October 1998 - I'm a Swiss/Spanish female living in London, England, and I have been infatuated with Aidan since I first saw him in Blink.

I can't think of many other actors with such a charisma and such an incredible talent, and I found it hard to believe that there were near to no fan sites dedicated to this excellent actor - so I started the so far (to my knowledge) only second Aidan Quinn Web Site in the world, hopefully adding a European contingent to his world wide circle of admirers!

However, my ambition to make this a multilingual site and keep it up to date was not to be... I just haven't got the time for it and in November 2001 reached the decision that I wasn't going to continue updating it.  It will continue to stay on the Internet though and I hope you all enjoy the information that is on here, even if it's not longer all up to date.