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Due to other commitments, I won't be able to update this gallery in the future.  Here are the articles I found when I still had time, and though some of them are old, they are nonetheless interesting and informative, and there even is a transcript of the online chat that took place at the Sundance Festival in January 1999. 

For more recent articles and a larger collection try The QUINNtessential Man.

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ShowBizIrleand 11/2001

Exlusive interview by ShowBizIreland during the shoot of Evelyn in Dublin.  Aidan talks about being back in Ireland, his daughters and whether he and his family might consider moving there.

Chat with Aidan and Paul - Sundance 01/1999

Transcript of David Poland's on-line chat with Aidan and Paul Quinn at the Sundance festival on Friday, 22 January 1999 in relation to the release of This Is My Father

Empire Magazine (UK) 01/99

Aidan talks about the shooting of Practical Magic, his co-stars, the paranormal and... err... rats & Pamela Lee Anderson.

Toronto Sun, 29/10/98

Following the premiere of Practical Magic, this article talks about Aidan & his career so far.

Entertainment Weekly, 16/10/98

This short article tells us how Aidan feels about being surrounded by women....

Toronto Sun, 19/09/98

Entitled "Mighty Quinn Brothers", this article focuses on the Quinn brothers' joint venture "This Is My Father".

LA Times, 29/09/97

Aidan talks about The Assignment, his attitude to his career and why he'd never move to Hollywood...

Calgary Sun, 09/06/97

A short article about the beginning of the shoot of This Is My Father.

Calgary Sun, 21/10/96

"Aidan Quinn's into... romance" - here he talks about his wife & marriage, why he puts so much emotion into his screen kisses, and a little bit about his Irish roots.

Calgary Sun, 16/09/96

Let Elizabeth have her say! In this short article she tells us how she tries to cope with his love scenes.. and how she walked out of the cinema during a certain scene in Blink!

Empire Magazine (UK) 11/95

A profile from the Empire magazine which came out around the time Haunted was released in the UK

Premiere Magazine (UK) 04/95

An interview  where he talks about Legends of the Fall amongst other things (thanks to Liz for typing & supplying the article!)