Quinn Power - Calgary Sun, 9 June 1997

by Louis B Hobson

The mighty Quinn brothers descended on Montreal this past week.
Aidan Quinn and his brothers Paul and Declan chose Montreal to begin filming their $13-million US movie This is My Father.
"It's the story of a man's search for his father's history. I'm playing the father in flashbacks," explains Aidan, the star of such films as Michael Collins and Legends of the Fall.
"The film is a semi-autobiographical journey for my brothers and me."
After a week's shooting in Montreal, the production moves to Ireland where the Quinn brothers were born and raised.
Paul Quinn co-wrote the screenplay with Aidan and will direct. Declan, who worked on Leaving Las Vegas, will act as the film's cinematographer.
The film also stars James Caan, Stephen Rea and John Cusack.

Taken from the Canoe.ca website