Right in the kisser! - Calgary Sun,
16 September 1996

by Louis B Hobson

Aidan Quinn is married to actress Elizabeth Bracco who admits she still has problems watching her husband's steamy screen encounters.

"I tell Aidan I can understand why he can't kiss like Clark Gable and Cary Grant did. He's a believer in very deep kisses and that just drives me crazy," says Bracco.

"I loathe his love scenes. I had to leave the cinema when he was making out with Madeleine Stowe in Blink."

Bracco and the couple's daughter usually visit Quinn on location as she did during Michael Collins in Ireland.

"The only time I didn't visit him has become my biggest regret. When Aidan was film Legends Of The Fall in Alberta we were changing houses so I stayed home. Aidan kept telling me how beautiful Alberta was and when I saw the film, I practically wept."


Taken from the Canoe.ca website