The QUINNtessential Man - The only other Aidan Quinn site that I know of, and a very comprehensive one at that.   Very detailed pages for almost all his films and an impressive picture gallery amongst other things.  It also is very up to date will all his latest news and projects. 

Aidan's Address - Many people have asked me for a contact address for Aidan, but I only had the one at Creative Artists (9830 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90212).  Unfortunately, I have been informed that post sent there has been returned with the remark "Undeliverable", so if any of you know Aidan's agents' new address please let me know.  Other than that I'm afraid I have no contact address for him whatsoever (not that I would divulge an e-mail or a private address for him even if I knew it, as everybody deserves their privacy.) If you want, you can also try - please note this isn't endorsed by Aidan or his agents, to my knowledge, and I haven't tried it myself.

IMDB - The internet movie database.  A wonderful source for all you want to know about pretty much every film there's ever been!   Please note, however, that as anyone can update the site, some information might not be accurate.

Blackstar - UK based company selling videos and DVDs.  They also offer an excellent video search facility for titles that are not so easy to obtain.

Play .com - Absolutely brilliant DVD site for anyone based in Europe - postage to European countries is free and the prices are the best I've been able to find yet.  They also offer both Region 1 and Region 2 formats.   It's pretty much the only site I use to buy my DVDs these days - they're service is also impeccable, if in stock, I usually receive my order within 2 working days of placing it.

DVD Box Office - For DVDs Region one, free postage worldwide.  You will find DVDs like Songcatcher or This Is My Father here.

DVD Update - Brilliant site - you can compare prices for any DVD-available film Region 1 or 2 or both for any on-line shops.  It even takes into consideration any postage costs and where you're based so you can compare properly. Great stuff!

James Callis - The First Unofficial Website- OK OK... so this is nothing to do with Aidan per se (though you never know, they might appear in the same film one day), but this is my website for James Callis, a British actor / director / writer who, amongst other things, was in the much-acclaimed BBC Sixties drama "Sex, Chips & Rock'n'Roll" alongside musical star Joe McFadden and has also appeared alongside Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant in "Bridget Jones's Diary".