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There are two types of mailing lists. Please note that for both of them you will be able to unsubscribe at any time! And of course you can join both!

1) The Updates List

Following my decision not to update this site anymore as from November 2001 (due to other commitments), the purpose of this list will be to inform UK-based Aidan fans of any releases of his film on TV or cinema.  So if you want to be advised when one of his films is about to be released in the cinema or shown on TV in the UK, I would strongly recommend you join this group.  I would also recommend you join the Discussion List (below) as other members might hear of one of his films being shown before I do and post a message. 

How to subscribe: Simply send a blank email to   You will then be asked to confirm your request for membership by replying to the message you get from Yahoo Groups!  A blank reply is enough, et voila, you're a member!

(If you want to unsubscribe at any time, just send your email to:


2) The Discussion List

If you would like to join a mailing list with other Aidan Quinn fans to which you yourself can send (as well as receive) news (e.g. latest projects, film releases etc), rumours, comments, ideas... this is the list you want to join. This list is a joint venture between The QUINNtessential Man and The Ultimate Fan Site.

How it works:

To subscribe simply send an email to (you will need to subsribe before you can post any messages)
To post a message send an email to
To unsubscribe email
To email the list owner send your message to

PS: If you want to additionally profit from access to member profiles and use the list online to manage your profile (e.g. do you want to get each message separately or would you rather get a "digest" each day with all messages on one e-mail) etc you will have to sign up with Yahoo.  You will be given the option to join Yahoo! when you visit the group at   (if you're already a Yahoo member you will see an option to link your Yahoo ID to the email address you're using for the mailing list)