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Piccolo Bass
Modified Aria Pro2 Cardinal Series (1983)
Strings replaced with guitar strings (G,D.A,E)

The Dondi Ledesma Piccolo Bass

Left picture : Piccolo bass modified from a "Cardinal Series" 4 - string bass. The nut was replaced to accommodate thinner strings. Light guage rock n' roll strings are used instead of the normal bass strings. This piccolo bass was used on all the DNDI albums and the DNDI recordings since 1985. Only a phase switch was added but all the electronics are stock. (note: spliced D & A strings. The ordinary guitar strings could not reach the tuning pegs. Extra lengths of strings are needed to complete the setup with no problem.) Neck scale is 33 3/4 with 22 frets. This bass was modified around 1983.

Piccolo bass : A stringed bass configuration where the normal pitch registry of the instrument is raised usually an octave higher to produce a high pitched sound for melodic lines or chordal textures to append the bass player's skill or artistic freedom. The piccolo bass is sometimes tuned in other ways besides the one octave rise (e,a,d,g on the 4 string) depending on the artist's personal taste or playing style. Electronic and synthesizer technology also give the player options of altering the instrument's sound for more musical and artistic liberty - (for example)¦ making the piccolo bass sound like a lead guitar, flute, horn or keyboard etc.)   Other referrences : Stanley Clarke, Ron Carter, Chris Squire, Greg Lake.   More info on web search engines typing the words   "piccolo bass".

All DNDI Dondi Ledesma albums (tapes and CDs) were recorded using the piccolo bass instead of 6-string electric lead guitars. New listeners would think they are hearing a lead guitar at first but it actually is a piccolo bass played like a guitar. Some people may doubt it but if one listens meticulously, the piccolo bass pitch range is limited compared to the ordinary 6-string guitar. The Dondi Ledesma music is mainly done with and for the 4-string piccolo bass, bass and fretless bass.