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4th Maine Infantry Regiment, Company B

Welcome to the Company B, 4th Maine Regiment home page.

It is hoped that through this home page you will be able to gain a greater knowledge, and respect, for the heroics of the men and women of the 4th Maine Regiment in its fight to help preserve the Union in the American Civl War.

As much as we can, it is also hoped that this home page can be the one point where all 4th Maine Regiment related information can be gathered or used as link connections. Any, and all, further information will be greatly appreciated. Anybody wishing to have their link included in this home page will be able to do so. Just let us know, or send, what you wish to have included.

The members of Company B, 4th Maine Regiment (Europe) wish to thank the following people for their help, support, input and friendship.

Bruce Towers - who got us going in the research area. His links can be found here. His help and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Larry Smith - Capt and Mrs. Robinson met him and his wife in July, 1997. He graciously opened up his home and provided Company B with much needed research material and enabled Company B to add to its authenticity.

Pete Dalton - A proven author of 4th Maine history. Capt and Mrs. Robinson also met him in July, 1997. He also has added greatly to the authenticity of Company B.

Talbot Hackett - Another long time friend of the 4th Maine, and new friend to Company B, 4th Maine Regiment (Europe).

Don Troiani - As busy as this gentleman must be, he has always provided answers to our question.

Courier Gazette (Rockland), Rockland Public Library and, especially, the Maine State Archives and the Shore Village Light House Museum (Rockland). All allowed Capt Robinson long hours using their facilities for research of the 4th Maine Regiment history.

Thank you very much for your visit and support.

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Last Update: 23 January 2000

Well, it is the beginning of a new year and a new reenactment season for the 4th Maine. After all of the problems of last year we are planning a very healthy schedule for 2000, beginning in March. This year the 4th Maine in Europe will have the honor of hosting several large events. We hope that we do you all proud.

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