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Yorke For England?

Yorke and Cole upfront for England? While two weeks ago even the inclusion of Englishman Andy Cole looked doubtful, now there is a possibiity that England will be able to replicate the United strikeforce at international level.

Dwight is currently applying for a British passport, having lived in the UK for the past decade. "It would be nice to be British because I've lived here for 10 years and I feel like England is my home now, and it would also make it easier for me going through customs with the team," explained Yorke, talking to the Daily Express.

"I always have to take a different route and I'm forever being held up - you've seen me at airports."

While FIFA laws state that once you have played for one country, you may not represent another, the FA are understood to be looking for ways round the problem. Yorke's 37 Trinidad and Tobago caps may stand in his way, but imagine the Dream Team operating upfront for the national side!

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