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This page last updated on Monday, 07. June 2004

Welcome, this is the place to find the last resting place of our ancestors. This list has been made with the help of a lot of people, who have cemetery indexes and are prepared to assist people by doing lookups. Please remember to give as much information as you can to make their efforts easier to help you.


Western Australia South Australia Tasmania Victoria Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Queensland Northern Territory Nothing listed for NT



Bairnsdale (Punt Flat) notes 1850s/1860s

Bairnsdale headstones 1865 to 1920

Ballarat Burials with Cornish locations in Old Cemetery     URL Link

Ballarat Consolidated Index to District Cemeteries     URL Link

Ballarat Crematorium Register     URL Link

Ballarat Old Cemetery Register     URL Link

Ballarat New Cemetery Register     URL Link

Benambra Cemetery

Benambra records 1877-1978, headstones 1888-1980

Bendigo Cemetery Transcriptions 1858-1992     URL Link

Black Mountain notes pre 1900

Briagolong records and headstones 1882-1976

Bruthen headstones 1883-1980

Buchan headstones 1887-1977

Bullumwaal headstones, records and notes to c.1950

Bumberrah (Johnsonville) headstones 1884-1977

Cann River headstones 1924-1984

Cassilis (Tongio) headstones 1884-1919, records 1899-1921

Coongulmerang (Lindenow South) headstones 1882-1976

Dargo headstones 1867-1976

Dellicknora headstones 1938-1983

Delvine records and headstones 1846-1918

Ensay records 1894-1980, headstones 1894-1982

Gipsy Point (Maramingo) records and headstones to 1981

Glenaladale headstones 1880-1889

Glenmaggie headstones 1885-1976, records 1881-1984

Glen Wills, records 1896-1918

Grant notes

Heyfield records 1908-1984, headstones 1872-1919

Kyneton Cemetery Headstones     URL Link

Lakes Entrance (Cunninghame) headstones 1879-1980

Maffra Burials 1869-1993     URL Link

Maffra headstones 1872-1984, records (dates not specified)

Mallacoota West headstones 1913-1984

Marlo headstones 1878-1984

Melbourne Old Cemetery 1866-1917    URL Link

Oakleigh General Cemetery Burial Records (1860-1960)   URL Link      Searchable database

Omeo Cemetery Records         URL Link

Omeo Cemetery

Omeo records 1857-1979, headstones 1864-1982

Orbost headstones 1881-1982

Paynesville headstones 1897-1978

Ramahyuk headstones 1877-1897

Rosedale headstones 1872-1985

Sale headstones 1855-1920

Sale Early Monumental memorials    URL Link

Stratford (Nuntin) headstones 1865-1984

Talbotville notes


Toongabbie records 1868-1969, headstones 1872-1983

Wangarabelle station headstones 1873-1954

Wonnangatta Station notes




Email me if you have a URL link or are prepared to help others by doing lookups