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Roberto Lionello's Leisure Home Page
Hello, my name is Roberto Lionello. In these pages I'll tell you something about my hobbies. If you want to know what I do for living I invite you to go to my Work Home Page.

In my spare time I enjoy building plastic model kits  of World War II  aircraft. Here you will find some aircraft related documents with many pictures.

Besides aviation titles, I enjoy reading good fantasy and adventure literature. My favorite  authors are  J.R.R. Tolkien and his friends  C.S Lewis and Charles Williams (the so called Inklings).  I like Arthurian novels  like the marvelous  Le Morte D'Arthur  by Sir Thomas Malory. I mentioned these authors but  the complete list of the books I like is too large to include here (or I'm too lazy to do it).

I often listen to the radio: this is the link to the World Service of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation, aka the Auntie).  The y are simply the best!

I mainly listen to classical music. Though I'm not an expert, I particularly enjoy the baroque and the great J. S. Bach is my favorite composer. But I like many others beside him. I am a member of a Gregorian chant group, Chorus Breviarii.

I like art (again I'm not an expert). Check these two beautiful sites: and The Web Gallery of Art . I have a soft spot for the Pre-Raphaelites .

I learned to read from Disney Comics (better than the movies, in my humble opinion) and still enjoy them.

I like football (soccer) and I proudly support Juventus FC (the Lady of Football).

I'm so lucky to live in America's Finest City, San Diego, CA. 

Roberto Lionello's Leisure Home Page