At Aquino, Nino flew a powered aircraft for the first time--a Breda Ba.25 trainer. His flight log reports that he continued to fly only Ba.25s until Aug. 28th, 1939. Nino then flew IMAM Ro.41s until Oct. 10th. On Oct. 26, 1939, he went to Castiglione del Lago (Perugia) for the advanced pilot course, flying FIAT CR.30s. Nino flew CR.30s until Nov. 13.
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A Breda Ba.25. This photo was taken at Aquino in April 1939. The aircraft seems to be finished in Cachi Avorio Chiaro (Light Ivory Kakhi) overall. The "Fasces" emblem was carried on both sides of Regia Aeronautica aircraft. Mussolini named his party after this ancient Roman symbol.

The same aircraft. On the back Nino wrote:
Aquino 3-3-939
Ricordi di una vita pericolosamente bella
Nino Capatti
This translates as "Memories of a dangerously beautiful life"--the same comment Nino wrote on the back of one of the "Ugo Bassi" glider photos.

A Breda Ba.25 at Aquino. Serial number is M.M. 50177.

A group of Breda Ba.25 trainers. M.M. 50620 is in the front row, while M.M. 50103 is in the second row. This photo was taken at Castiglione on Nov. 11, 1939.

The old Savoia-Marchetti S.81 "Pipistrello" ("Bat") trimotor bomber was nearing the end of its combat career, and by 1939 was extensively used as a trainer. Many served also in the trasport role. This trainer is finished in Cachi Avorio Chiaro overall. Nino is in the front, stretched out on the ground with his legs pointing to your right.

On the back of this photo, Nino wrote:
20-11-39 RA aereoporto Castiglione del Lago
Ricordo del decollo su CR 30 alla scuola di caccia di 2o periodo
CR 30 Nino Capatti
The English translation reads "Nov. 20, 1939, Regia Aeronautica airfield at Castiglione del Lago. A memory of the take-off of a CR.30 at the 2nd Period Fighter School".

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