Aknowledgements and Bibliography


I am deeply grateful to the Capatti family of Mr. Renzo Capatti, Mrs. Bruna Capatti and Mrs. Berta Capatti, who provided me with plenty of information and allowed me to write these pages. I wish to thank Mr. Giovanni Guasoni, who kindly showed me the spot where Nino crashed so many years ago. Special thanks to my friend Gian Luca Bianchini, whom I dragged with me in my country rambling. Mr. John Carr, Mr. Michael Colangelo, Mr. Giovanni Massimello and Mr. Patrick Tobin proofread these pages and improved them with their comments and suggestions. Mr. Ferdinando D'Amico clarified the meaning of "Alcione" and the events surrounding Nino's death. He also provided three more photographs of Nino's. I am greatly indebted to Mr. Michael D. Trout of Albany, N.Y., who carefully edited this document and generously contributed in terms of information and numerous remarks.


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