Nino began his piloting career on Sept. 17, 1938. His adventure started at the "Regio Aereoporto" [Royal Airport] at Poggio Renatico (Ferrara), where he attended a flying school equipped with gliders. On March 1, 1939, Nino was transfered to the local pilot school at Aquino (Frosinone).
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A glider, probably at Poggio Renatico.

Poggio Renatico, Oct. 6, 1938. A glider is being prepared for launch. Note the words "Ugo Bassi" (the name of an Italian patriot) painted on the side of the glider. The cadets are wearing Fascist Youth overalls.

"Ugo Bassi" in flight. On the back of this photo, Nino wrote
Ricordi di una vita pericolosamente bella
This translates as "Memories of a dangerously beautiful life". The style of Nino's writing is boastful and archaic by present-day standards, but it was common in Italy then.

Another photo of the "Ugo Bassi" glider.

A nice glider (at Aquino?). The rudder carries the Italian tricolour (green, white and red) and the King's coat of arms, which was the standard for Italian aircraft before the war.

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