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ROBOTECH TV EPISODE GUIDE ------------------------------

1. Boobytrap: The SDF-1 comes to Earth.
2. Countdown : Rick Hunter encounters the giant Zentraedi.
3. Space Fold : The SDF-1 is stranded near Pluto.
4. The Long Wait: Rick and Minmei are trapped, alone together.
5. Transformation: The SDF-1 adopts an Attack Mode.
6. Blitzkreig: Lisa Hayes conceives the Daedalus Attack.
7. Bye-Bye Mars: Khyron attacks the SDF-1 on Mars.
8. Sweet Sixteen: Rick is promoted and Minmei has a birthday.
9. Miss Macross: The Zentraedi monitor a TV beauty contest.
10. Blind Game: Rick and his team are captured by the Zentraedi.
11. First Contact: The Zentraedi are terrorized by human affection.
12. The Big Escape: Miriya plants micronized Zentraedi spies.
13. Blue Wind: The SDF-1 finally makes it back to Earth.
14. Gloval's Report: Captain Gloval summarizes the story so far.
15. Homecoming: Minmei visits her parents and returns with Kyle.
16. Battle Cry: Rick's has a near-fatal accident in combat.
17. Phantasm: Rick has a bizarre dream.
18. Farewell, Big Brother: Max battles Miriya and Roy is fatally wounded.
19. Bursting Point: The Omnidirectional Barrier kills Ben Dixon.
20. Paradise Lost: The "Small White Dragon" cast party.
21. A New Dawn: Rick and Lisa become allies in adversity.
22. Battle Hymn: Khyron leads his troops into the SDF-1.
23. Reckless: Some Zentraedi desert and are given asylum.
24. Showdown: Lisa leaves the SDF-1; Max meets Miriya.
25. Wedding Bells: Max & Miriya are married, and fly together, too.
26. The Messenger: Exedore warns the SDF-1 of impending disaster.
27. Force of Arms: Rick and Lisa are reunited; the SDF-1 triumphs.
28. Reconstruction Blues: The SDF-1 crew now build their lives on Earth.
29. Robotech Masters: The Robotech Masters set off for Earth.
30. Viva Miriya: A Zentraedi factory satellite is captured.
31. Khyron's Revenge: Malcontent Zentraedi on Earth oppose the humans.
32. Broken Heart: Rick rescues Minmei from Khyron.
33. A Rainy Night: Lisa and Claudia Grant talk about Roy and Rick.
34. Private Time: Minmei comes between Lisa and Rick.
35. Season's Greetings: Khyron prepares for a final attack on the SDF-1.
36. To the Stars: The SDF-1 is destroyed; Rick and Lisa make up.

37. Dana's Story: The Robotech Masters engage the humans in combat.
38. False Start: Dana Sterling is put in charge of her squadron.
39. Southern Cross: Dana repels the Bioroids and is promoted.
40. Volunteers: In Earth orbit, Dana panics under fire.
41. Half Moon: Bowie Grant is captured by the Robotech Masters.
42. Danger Zone: Dana's squadron takes down an enemy Fortress.
43. Prelude to Battle: Bowie is arrested by the Global Military Police.
44. The Trap: Inside the Master's ship, Bowie meets Musica.
45. Metal Fire: Dana argues that the enemy aren't androids.
46. Stardust: A GMP agent assists Dana in fighting the Masters.
47. Outsiders: A single ship from the REF returns to Earth.
48. Deja Vu: Dana meets the captured Bioroid pilot, Zor.
49. A New Recruit: Zor unwittingly becomes a spy for the Masters.
50. Triumvirate: Invid Flowers of Life are found inside the SDF-1.
51. Clone Chamber: Marie Crystal's team rescue the Earth Fleet.
52. Love Song: General Emerson is assigned to a combat mission.
53. The Hunters: The military perverts Louie Nichols' invention.
54. Mind Game: Dana's squad is sent to help Emerson's fleet.
55. Dana in Wonderland: The humans encounter the Masters' society.
56. Crisis Point: In the Masters' ship, Zor and Musica find Dana.
57. Daydreamer: Zor, Musica and Dana's squad return to Earth.
58. Final Nightmare: Zor suffers a flashback inside the SDF-1 ruins.
59. The Invid Connection: The Masters issue an ultimatum to Earth.
60. Catastrophe: Zor destroys the Masters, but attracts the Invid.

61. The Invid Invasion: Scott Bernard crash lands on the planet Earth.
62. The Lost City: Annie joins Scott and Rand against the Invid.
63. Lonely Soldier Boy: Rook, Lancer and Lunk join the team.
64. Survival: The Invid sense the Protoculture in the mecha.
65. Curtain Call: Scott's team pull off a Protoculture raid.
66. Hard Times: Rook has a violent bout with her past.
67. Paper hero: Lunk tries to fulfill a friend's dying wish.
68. Eulogy: Scott meets his hero, Colonel Jonathan Wolff.
69. The Genesis Pit: Invid evolution experiments are discovered.
70. Enter Marlene: An amnesiac woman joins Scott and company.
71. The Secret Route: Lancer falls foul of his old flame, Carla.
72. The Fortress: A decisive victory for Scott and the others.
73. Sandstorm: Rand has a dream influenced by the Invid.
74. Annie's Wedding: Annie woos a young would-be tribal warrior.
75. Separate Ways: The teams' personal conflicts become arguments.
76. Metamorphosis: The Regiss creates two new humanoid agents.
77. The Midnight Sun: The Invid Sera is disturbed upon seeing Lancer.
78. Ghost Town: Word of a new REF offensive reaches Scott.
79. Frostbite: Marlene puts a dent in Scott's emotional armor.
80. Birthday Blues: "Mint" LaBelle has the best birthday ever!
81. Hired Gun: Rook meets a man with a cruel vendetta.
82. The Big Apple: An attack on an Invid hive in New York City.
83. Reflex Point: Scott discovers that Marlene is an Invid.
84. Dark Finale: The team joins the REF in a final assault.
85. Symphony of Light: The Regiss changes form and leaves the Earth.