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1999:Alien spaceship crash-lands on Earth, effectively ending almost a decade of Global Civil War. Originally called "the vistor," the ship is dubbed Superdimensional Fortress 1- the SDF-1

Dr. Emil Land ,after an initial recon of the ship(in the company of Roy Fokker, Henry Gloval, T.R. Edwards, and others, begins to unravel the secrets of an exterrestrial science known as Robotech.

Macross Island becomes the focal point of Robotechnology:and reconstruction commences on the SDF-1.

In another part of the galaxy, Zor is killed by Invid soldiers during a Flower of Life seeding attempt. The Zentraedi Breetai is wounded during the same raid. Commander-in Chief Dolza orders Commander Reno to retuen Zor's body to the Robotech wasters on Tirol.

Interstellar war with the Invid, whose homeworld, optera, has been defoliated by the Zentaedi,continues to chip away athe the Masters' galactic empire.

2002:Destruction of Mars Base Sara. Lisa Hayes's fiance', Carla Riber, is killed. Lisa turns 17.

Development of the reconfigurable Veritech Fighter.

On Tirol, Cabell "creates" Rem by cloning tissue from Zor. The Masters, too, have their way with Zor's body, cloning tissue for their own purposes and extracting from the scientist's residual cellular memories a vision of Earth -destination of the fortress and Protoculture matrix he has stolen and spirited from thier grasps.

2003-08: Rise of the United Earth Defences Counil under the leadership of Senator Russo, Admiral Hayes, T. R. Edwards, and others.

Roy Fokker and Claudia Grant become fast friends.

Lisa Hayes is assigned to the SDF-1 project on Macross, under the command of Captain Henry Gloval.

Tommy Luan is elected mayor of Macross City.

2009: On the SDF-1's launch day, the Zentraedi(after a ten-year search for Zor's fortress and the missing Protoculture matrix) appear and attack Macross Island. The fortess makes an accidental hyperspaces jump to Pluto, carrying the island and its population of 75,000 along with it. 15-year old Lynn-Minmei and 19-year old Rick Hunter are caught up in the space fold.

Lisa Hayes turns 24.

2009-11: The SDF-1 battles its way back to Earth with Macross City rebuilt inside its massive holds.

The Battle at Saturn Rings.

Rick Hunter joins the RDF and earns the rank of lieutenant, with Ben Dixon and Max Sterling assigned to his VT Squadron.

Lynn-Minmei is voted "Miss Macross."

Breetai calls up the Botoru Battalion, led by the notorious Khyron the Backstabber.

The Battle at Mars Base Sara. Rick saves Lisa.

Rick, Lisa, Ben, and Max are captured by Breetai and interrogated by the Zentraedi commander in chief, Dolza. The four some escape in a battle pod.

The Earth forces learns of the term "Protoculture" for the first time.

Three "Micronized" Zentraedi spies- Rico, Konda,and Bron-are successfully inserted into the SDF-1.

The SDF-1 lands on Earth.

2012: Lynn-Minmei is reunited with her cousin, Lynn-Kyle.

Rick Hunter is seriously wounded during a Zentraedi attack on the fortess.

Roy Fokker is killed during a raid by Quadrono team. Max defeats Zentraedi ace Miriya Parino.

Ben Dixon is killed when the omniderectional barrier exploses.

The SDF-1 is order to leave by the leaders of the UEDC.

Little White Drangon is aired.

The Minmei Cult has its beginnings aboard the flagship of the Zentraedi fleet.

Lynn-Kyle founds a peace movment aboard the SDF-1.

Asylum is granted to the Micronized Zentraedi.

Max Sterling weds former Zentraedi Quadrono ace, Miriya Parino.

Exedore arrives aboard the SDF-1 for peace talks.

The Zentraedi armada appears in Earthspace and lays waste to much of the plant. At Alaska Base, The Grand Cannon is destroyed and Admiral Hayes is killed. The SDF-1, with an assist from Breetai fleet and Lynn-Minmei's voice, defeats Dolza's Armada of five million ships and returns to the ravaged Earth.

A period of reconstruction begins, with Humans and Zentraedis work side-by-side.

The Robotech Master lose confidence in their race of giant warrior clones and begin a mass pilgrimage through interstellar spave to Earth to recapture Zor's Protoculture matrix.

2013: Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant(son of Claudia Grant's brother, Vince) are born.

The Factory Satelite is captured from Commander Reno and folded to Earth space.

Dr. Lang and Professor Lazlo Zand begin work on a secret Project involving artificial intelligence. Zand takes a peculiar interest in Dana Sterling after undergoing a Protoculture mindboost.

2014: Khyron makes a surpise appearance and holds Minmei and Kyle hostage. Rick saves Minmei and Kyle after tricking Khyron that he was under attack.

The destruction of New Macross, the SDF-1 and 2, along with Khyron's forces. Gloval, Grant, leeds, Young, and Porter and among the casualties. The remains of the three ships are buried under tons of earthen debris dredged up from lake Gloval.

2015-2017: Malcontent Uprisings in the Southlands(South America). Jonathan Wolff comes to the attention of Commander Max Sterling.The R.E.F. is formed, for th express purpose of the journeying to Tirol to make peace with the Robotech Masters. Aboard the factory satellite, work begins on constrution of the SDF-3.

Rise fo Monument City and Anatole Leonard's Army of the Southern Cross.

Lynn-Minmei takes on a partner, Janice Em, at Emil Lang's urging.

The Invid complete their conquest of Garuda, Praxis, karbarra, and Spheris.

2020: Rick Hunter and Lisa hayes wed aboard the factory satellite. Dana and Bowie are given over to the care of Rolf and Laura Emerson.

The SDF-3 is launched. Minmei and Janice are caught up in the spacefold.

Rick tgurns 29; Lisa, 34; Dana and Bowie,7. Scott Benard, Lang's godson from the recently completed Mars Base, turns 7.

2025(Earth actual):The Invid Regent takes Tirol. Sickened by his blood lust, the Regis leaves Optera for Praxis to carry on her Genesis pit experment

The R.D.F. Arrives in Fantomaspace and engages the Invid; The fortress's spacefold generators are damaged. (The R.E.F. is unaware that the fold took them five Earth years and believes the date is 2020). T.R. Edwards and his Ghost Squadron capture the living computer the Regent left behind in Tiresia's royal hall. Tiresians Cabell and Rem in form the Council that the Robotech Master are on there way to Earth.

The Zentraedi contingent of the R.E.F. agree to be returned to full size so that they can mine Fantoma for monopole ore to fuel a new flet of warships.

The Sentinels composed of Praxians, Garudans, Karbarrans, Haydonites, to liberate planets recently conquered and occupied by the Invid horde. The Hunters, Grants, Sterlings, and others leave Fantomaspace aboard the Farrago.

On Earth, Sentor Wyatt "Patty" Moran and the apparat of the Army of the Southern Cross consolidate their power and take control of the Supreme Council.

Dana and Bowie grow up under the care of the Emersons.

T.R. Edwards hold secret talks with the Regent and begins a personal campaign to capture Lynn Minmei.

Wolff and Janice Em return to Tirol. the Invid Tesla murders a simulagent sent to Tirol by the Regent.

T.R. Edwards begins to hold sway over the REF's Council. Wolff is accused of murder and piracy. Control of Fantoma mining operations passes to Edwards.

Garuda is liberated. Rick, Lisa, Rem, and Karen Penn suffer the nearly fatal effects of the planet's atmosphere.

Baldan II is "shaped" by Teal.

The Zentradei leave Tirolspace with the monopole ore need for the fleet's warships.

2027:The Sentinels arrive on Haydon IV shortly after the Regis's departure and "surrender" themselves to the occupying Invid troops.(They had to surrender themselves so that they can get treatment for the sicken Sentinels.) Rem learns that he is actually a clone of Zor. Janice Em reveals herself to be an android. The Haydonite Sentinel Sarna is killded.

The enigmatic Haydon becomes a source of interest to Lang and the other.

A protoype ship under the command of Major Carpenter leaves Tirol for Earth.

Edwards loses his grip on the Council after troops sent out to hunt down the Zentraedi side with them instead. Wolff, Breetai, and the Grant return to Tirol and clear the Sentinels of all Charges.

Haydon IV and Spheris are liberated. Tesla leaves the Ark Angel for Optera to have it out with the Regent.

Aurora is born to the Sterling on Haydon IV.

Edwards and his Ghost Riders flee Tirol for Optera, Killing Lynn Kyle and taking Minmei and th awakened Invid living computer from Tiresia with them.

Jonathan Wolff leaves for Earth.

2028:Edwards arrives and helps the Regent chase off Tesla. Zentradei arrive on Optera and in a Intense battle, Breetai and Regent die lock in mortal combat. Edwards assume leadership of the Invid race.

Exedore arrives on Haydon IV with the Council's peace proposal for the Regent.

The Sentinels move on Perton. Tesla and and Burak sacrifice themselves to end the planet's curse.

2029:The Battle at Optera. Edwards, Arla-non, Teal, and Janice Em die.

Dr. Lang makes a series of shattering discovers about the space fold generators his teams have used in Carpenter and Wolff's ships.

Exedore makes a startling discovery involving Zor and the historical Haydon.

Ark Angel begins a slow return to Tirol.

Breetai's son, Drannin, is born the the Zentraedi Kazianna Hesh.

2030:Roy Hunter is born in Tiresia. The REF and Karbarrans begins work on the main fleet ships. Lang's Robotech teams perfect the integrated system of body armor and reconfigurable cycles known as Cyclones.

2031:Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant turn 18, graduate from the Academy, and are asigned to the 15 Alpha Tactical Armored Corps, which includes Sean Phillps, Angelo Dante, and Louie Nichols.

The Robotech Masters arrive in Earthspace and the Second Robotech War begins.

Major Carpenter's ship returns from Tirol and was distroyed when it rammed one of the Master ships.

Zor prime is introduced to the 15th ATAC.

2032:End of the Second Robotech War. Zor prime's attempt at destroying the Flower of Life fails and instead of distroying the flower he spared the flower accross the globe and the Regis Nubula.

The Invid "disappear" from Tirol's corner of the galaxy. It assumed that the Regis has begun her move aginst Earth.

The Mars Group leaves Tirol with 18 year old Scott Bernard and Marlene Rush aboard.

Lazlo Zand dies.

Wolff's ship returns to Earth, and goes to form an anti-Invid underground before the Regis arrives. Dana commandeer Wolff's ship after the drives are retrofitted with a device perfected by former 15th Squad whiz Louie Nichols.

The Robotech factory satellite returns to Earthspace.

Optera is fully seeded with the Flower fo Life and givin to the homeless Praxians, who rename it New Praxis. The Flowers become crop for a new protoculture matrix created by Rem, who has managed to tap some of his progentor's-Zor-memories.

Max, Miriya, and Aurora Sterling arrive on Tirol from Haydon IV.

2033:The Invid Regis arrives on Earth. Her newly hatched army of soldiers and mecha destroys the factory satellite and easily defects Earth's depleted defences. Hives and farms are set up world wide, and some Terran captvess are forced to wrk in labor camps , harvesting Flowers and processing nutrient for use in the Regis's terror weapons and battlecraft.

Arrival of Dana Sterling on Tiro..With her are Bowie Grant, Sean Phillps, Angelo Dante, Musica and Allegra, and many of the Masters Clones.

Shadow Fighters and neutron "S" missiles are developed by the REF for use in teh assault aginst Earth. Nearly instantaneous space fold becomes a reality for the main fleet ships.

2034:Arrival and defeat of the Mars Attack Group sent by the REF.

Scott Bernard and his rag tag band of freedom fighters-Rook, Rand, Lancer, Lunk, and Annie-begin a journey toward the Regis's centeral hive complex, known as Reflex Point.

Marlene, Sera, and Corg are birthed by the Regis.

2035:The Jupiter attack wing arrives in Earthspace. Photojournalist Sue Graham dies on Earth.

The REF Main fleet ships are folded from Tirol to Earth. the Regis and her children take leave of the planet in the form of a phoenix mindstuff, annihilating the returning ships in the process and ending the Third Robotech War.

On Haydon IV, Veidt and Exedore are present at the reawakening of the plant's artificial sentience, the Awareness.(Max and family are also on the planet.)

The SDF-3 fails to remanifest in Earthspace. Rick turn 40(or 45 by chronological reckoning); Lisa turns 45 (or 50).

Aboard the Ark Angel, which has been spared the fate of the rest of the main fleet ships, Scott Bernard and Vince and Jean Grant commence a search for the missing fortress.

To find out what happen to or fateful crew? You most read Robotech #18 "THE END OF TEH CIRCLE". Trust me it is worth it.

All acounts from this timeline is from "The End of The Circle" and was written by Jack Mckinney