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Roger L. Thiemann, Private Pilot - Single Engine Land; Sailplane

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Carl Traugott Thiemann and Family (Circa 1910). Hugo Carl George Thiemann (my grandfather) is in the upper right. Carl Traugott Thiemann (my great-grandfather) and Ernestine Wilhelmine (Ristau) Thiemann (my great-grandmother) are in the front row. SS Hermann: This steamship carried my Thiemann family to the US in 1867. It arrived in New York harbor on July 13th, 1867. The family was processed through the Garden Castle facility - the precussor to Ellis Island.

* Thiemann Family Photo (Circa 1914-1916) (My grandfather - Hugo Carl George Thiemann - located in the upper right)
* Thiemann Families Listed in the United States Phone Directories (Unlisted phone numbers not included)
* Thiemann Family Ancestoral Towns of Origin and Immigrant Ship Information (THIEMANN Ancestor's Towns of Origin and Immigrant Ship Information)
* Family Tree Maker Family History Web Page (Thiemann family history created using "Family Tree Maker")
* Open Letter for More Thiemann Family Information (Request for more THIEMANN-related information - in German & English)
* Thiemann Family pilots! (circa 1924) (Interesting Information regarding Early 20th century Thiemann Pilots)
* Thiemann Family GEDCOM! (Sponsored by ROOTSWEB. Note: This is SEARCHABLE!!)
* Roger L. Thiemann Family GEDCOM (GEDCOM is downloadable)
* Roger L. Thiemann Family AHNENTAFEL (Includes Sources)
* Roger L. Thiemann Family INDEX (Search A-Z)
* Roger L. Thiemann Family PEDIGREE (Scroll Forward/Backward)
* Roger Thiemann Ancestor Pedigree (In Chart Form)
* State of Illinois - Thiemann Family Member Marriage Information (State of Illinois Marriage Records for THIEMANN-related families)
* Thiemann Name Origin (Origin of Thiemann surname)
* Request For Help in Finding Ancestors/Descendants (Please help find lost relatives!! Contact me with information!)
* THIEMANN Family Sister Web Site in German! (Suchend THIEMANN Familie Genealogy Betriebsmittel auf deutsch?)
* SS Hermann Passenger Roster (THIEMANN's took this ship to America in 1867: Links back to this page!)

* Christoph (Christopher) Stegen Family Web Page (Christoph[er] STEGEN born in Sottorf, Germany and came to Illinois, USA in about 1862)
* UPDATE!! Added information for Jurgen Heinrich Stegen descendants: Data in *.PDF format (Current as of October 29, 2002)

* Ernestine Ristau Family Web Page (Daughter of UNKNOWN)
* Ristau SSDI (Ristau Social Security Death Index)

* Earl Nash Family Web Page (Son of Loren Hutchinson NASH and Forence SMITH . NOTE: Connection to Mayflower!)

* William Bradford Descendants (Straight lineage to my family! NOTE: Connection to Mayflower!)
* William Bradford Descendants - More Detail (More specific details about birth/death dates and locations)

* Jon Tammel/Nash Family Data (Custom report for Jon Tammel in *.rtf format)

* Meta Westphal Family Web Page (Daughter of Christopher WESTPHAL and Minnie KRALING)

* Boeding Family Web Page (Extensive information on BOEDING Family History)
* Boeding Families (Extensive Listing of BOEDING Families Across the US)

Castle Clinton, NY: Site where Thiemann Family First Came to US in 1867
* Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: Germany / Deutschland (Home to Thousands of Genealogy Links!)
* Europe Resources (Check out this site for Europe Research)
* Fillmore County, MN Resources (Fillmore County (MN) Site Hosted by RootsWeb)
* German Town Locator (EXCELLENT RESOURCE!!)
* Germany City/State List (List of German Cities)
* Information List for Searching in Germany (Addresses for German Research)
* Martin County, MN Resources (Martin County (MN) Site Hosted by RootsWeb)
* Minnesota GenWeb Resources (Home for Minnesota Genealogists and Family Archivists - Site Hosted by RootsWeb)
* RootsWeb (Millions of pages) of FREE genealogy data.  Over 6 million individuals on file in RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project.
* Saxony Online (Saxony Information from a site in Australia)
* Genealogy (My bookmarks for Family History Research. Contains numerous sites related to THIEMANN, etc.)

Mayo Medical Center
Around the turn of the century, Dr. Charlie and Dr. Will Mayo organized medical professionals in a new way to better care for patients. They created a system that allowed doctors to take the time to thoroughly investigate patient problems and to quickly and easily get help from other specialists. The system was built on the idea that two heads are better than one and five are even better. It also encouraged a continual search for better ways of diagnosis and treatment. Patients flocked to the Mayos because of their ability to find answers to their problems. Doctors, too, came to observe and learn at "the Mayo's clinic". Through growth and change, Mayo remains committed to its heritage: thorough diagnosis, accurate answers and effective treatment through the application of collective wisdom to the problems of each patient.
* Mayo Clinic Main Web Page
* Mayo
* Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
* Mayo Clinic Arizona

Zumbro River - Rochester, MinnesotaClick for Rochester, Minnesota Forecast
Rochester, Minnesota is a medium sized city nestled among the hills and cornfields in the southeast part of Minnesota. Money Magazine has consistently rated it among the top three places to live for several years. Rochester is home to the Mayo Clinic, a manufacturing and development location for IBM, several high tech industries and several hotels and restaurants to host the thousands of visitors who come to Rochester every week.
* My Home (Located in Rural Olmsted County, MN)
* Rochester, Minnesota, USA
* What to do in Rochester
* Rochester Highway 52 Project: All about the BIG DIG
* Rochester Post-Bulletin
* Rochester Public Library
* Rochester Weather
* Minnesota Weather
* Minnesota Radar Loop
* Normal High Temps in *.xls format (Various Cities across the US)
* KTTC Television
* KTTC Skycam

Flying over Rochester, Minnesota. COPYWRITE 2005 - Roger Thiemann. Please contact Roger Thiemann if you want a HIGH-QUALITY copy of this image. Thanks!
There's no better sport than flying airplanes for a hobby. Visit these sites for up-to-date information regarding general aviation. 
* AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association)
* AVWEB (Home to Aviation News)
* (TAF) Terminal Aviation WX Forecast - Deciphered (Decoded TAFs)
* Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA located in Oshkosh, WI)
* Landings (Home to Aviation Databases and Auctions)
* Minnesota Soaring Club (Located in Stanton, MN)
* Rochester Aviation (Flight School and Aircraft Rentals)
* Soaring Society of America (Sailplane Enthusiast's Mecca)
* Wings And Wheels (Sailplane Sales - Gliders of all Types)
* Southern Minnesota Flying Club (Oldest Flying Club in the Minnesota)
* Aviation Software Links (Aviation Software)

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* Roger Thiemann Resume (*.pdf format)

* Fishing (Nothin' Better Than a Freshly Caught Walleye!)
* BWCA (Located in Remote Northern Minnesota)

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