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Ashley MacIsaac News...

Kitchen Devils and Ashley Together again!

After a season of
fiddling solo Cape
Breton fiddler,
Ashley MacIsaac has
reunited with his
band; Kitchen Devils.

The band parted dif-
ferent ways just after
the Celtic Colours int.
festival in Cape Breton
last fall.

Rejoining fiddle
superstar are guitarist
Stuart Cameron, piper
Scott Long, keyboardist
Andrew Craig, and new
members include; bassist
John Kanakis and singer
Heather Cadogan.

Jones and MacIsaac Finished.

Fiddle whiz Ashley MacIsaac played
at a concert in Port Hawkesbury N.S.
for free after MacIsaac and Manager
Sheri Jones have ended their contract
after 5 years. In a concert at Fort
Erie, Ont. concert attendants have
walked out after Ashley was said to
have used some obscene language
on-stage. It was said to be a family
concert, so hundreds were offended
and left. Ashley claims "It wasn't
meant to be a family show, it was an
Ashley MacIsaac show."

Ashley is now talking to Sam Feldman
a manager in Vancouver to take over
Sheri Jones job.

His New Style...

Ashley MacIsaac and his former
band; Kitchen Devils have taken
fiddle music to yet, another level.
Renaming them themselves "The
Nyanza Monster Bingo Players".
A hip-hop D.J. has joined the band,
taking things in the direction of
rap and funk. He has also done some
rappin' of his own Sunday night at
the Port Hakesbury show.

From his best-selling album;"Hi(tm)
How are you today?" to his new
"Hip-Hop" style, Ashley won't stop
anywhere in trying new stuff, which
will earn him a lot more money!

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