Stu Goes D'oh - Connections Between Rugrats and Simpsons
This page is dedicated to my observance of connections between the Simpsons and Rugrats (the latter of which I haven't seen since 1991). Most of this page's content is taken from the Unofficial Rugrats Online, but the connections are mine. Thanks goes to Steve Mindykowski (the Unoffical Rugrats Online's maintainer) and the Simpsons Archive for providing me with some of the episode names. Note: some of the links to the Simpsons Archive may not work, because there is no capsule for that particular episode yet.
Similar Episode Titles
Simpsons Episodes  Rugrats Episodes 
Marge Gets a Job (1992) Stu Gets A Job (1993) 
Bart's Haircut (Tracey Ullman Short) Chuckie's First Haircut (1993) 
Bart's Hiccups (Ullman) Hiccups (1998) 
Bart's Nightmare (Ullman) Angelica's Worst Nightmare (1993) 
Zoo Story (Ullman) Zoo Story (1999) 
The Alex Trebek Connection
Alex Trebek appeared on both series as a game show host. On both series, mommy goes on to the game show. The details, however, differ as follows:
Rugrats Simpsons
Episode Name Game Show Didi (1992) Miracle On Evergreen Terrace (1997)
Alex's Character "Super Stumpers" host Alan Quebec "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek
Result Didi beats her opponent, Edmund Haynes. As Homer would say, WOO-HOO! Marge ends in the red.
Prize Dalmation statuary None (actually loses money)

Solidifying the connection between Game Show Didi and Jeopardy is this quote (gleaned off the Unofficial Rugrats Online's episode guide):
Alan Quebec (Alex Trebek): This automotive tool is used to tighten bolts.
Didi (buzzes in after a brief pause): What is a torque wrench?
Alan: You're absolutely right, and Didi, you don't have to answer in a form of a question.
Didi: Okay.
On Jeopardy, you do have to answer in a form of a question.
Deja Vu - Over and Over Again
Topics covered by both shows:
Simpsons Rugrats
The Exodus Simpsons Bible Stories (1999); covered in the 2nd segment, the 1st featured Adam and Eve, the 3rd featured Solomon and in a separate story, David and Goliath. Passover (1993)
Bombed Money Making Scheme Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (1991)
Car of Homer's design (called the Persephone) bankrupts his brother's car company. It's too expensive. BTW, don't confuse the ep title with a certain Coen brothers comedy.
Chuckie is Rich (1993)
...because his father Chazz has just won some sweepstakes. However, Chazz's wealth goes down quickly after investing in Drew's ear wax removal device. It causes ear wax build up. Interesting fact: Drew and Chazz are both voiced by Michael Bell.
Earning Money from Fat Lard Of The Dance (1998) Stu Gets A Job (1993)
A Glimpse of Everyone Grown Up Lisa's Wedding (1995) In this ep, Maggie (in spite of being grown up) does not get a single line in the whole ep (she gets pre-interrupted 3 or so times). All Growed Up (2001) In contrast, grown up Dil has more lines in this ep than in his 2 years of Rugrats.
Let's Get Ready For Some Football!
There were two episodes in each series in which a professional football game (and a bowl game, to boot!) is involved:
Simpsons eps involving the Super Bowl: Lisa The Greek (1992) and Sunday, Cruddy Sunday (1999)
Rugrats eps involving the Ultra Bowl: Touchdown Tommy (1991) and The Stork (1993, though apparently just a brief mention)
And in another coincidence, Lisa the Greek and The Stork have one thing in common: the game that's mentioned featured Buffalo vs. Washington. (That is, if you watched the "original" 1992 airing of Lisa the Greek. The 1993 airing of the episode was redubbed to pick Dallas over Buffalo, which was right.)
You might be asking, how can the dreidel give a connection? Well, here it is:
In the Rugrats ep Chanukah (1997), Angelica broke some guy's "shin," or to be more precise, one of the four Hebrew letters on the dreidel. In Lisa the Greek, when it is announced that an Israel TV station is broadcasting the game, the station name is announced as: "W Gimel Aleph Nun in Tel Aviv". The other three letters on the dreidel are "gimel", "aleph", and "nun". Obviously, they were thinking about the dreidel when they thought up the TV station name.
Disco-Loving Stu's
On both series there is a character named Stu and he has some major connection with disco:
Rugrats: Their Stu is confident that disco will become popular again, and he also had a disco suit, which got sold at a garage sale. Plus, All Growed Up had him go to a disco contest.
Simpsons: Their Stu is a DJ at a disco. You can read about him here.
Viva Las Vegas... and Paris Too!
Both series have had an ep set in Las Vegas:
Rugrats: Vacation (1997) (everybody goes)
Simpsons: Viva Ned Flanders (1999) (just Homer and Ned) Also, whereas Bart's alone on his trip to Paris in Crepes of Wrath, everyone's going in the Rugrats' theatrical release "Rugrats In Paris".
Sheila Broslofski Won't Like This
The show also has characters whom viewers found out in one ep were Jewish. There was Didi on Rugrats (revealed to be Jew in Passover), and Krusty the Klown on the Simpsons (revealed to be a rabbi's son in Like Father, Like Clown). And ever noticed they sort of have the same hair style?
The Simpsons isn't the only TV series that has coincidences with Rugrats. Click here for some coincidences with As Told By Ginger.
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