Winx Club: Cut It Out!
A guide to edits made by 4Kids to Winx Club
The Wrong Righters
Diaspro's involved in this one. 4Kids has made horrendous edits to this one, however:
Removal: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi. 4Kids entirely removed a subplot involving Musa and Stormy (and a small amount of Layla) from this episode, so all that remains is the main plot with Sky and his parents etc. But 4Kids partially redeems themselves the next ep...
Rewrite: Since 4Kids has already explained Sky's little "exchange" with Brandon, they have to cut out the mention of Yoshinoya trying to take over Eraklyon, since that explains the "exchange".
Removal: Zing (a pixie) gets to put on lots of costumes in this episode. However, possibly for copyright reasons, 4Kids removed scenes where she is dressed as Spiderman and Doc Ock. For all of Zing's looks, look here.
Rewrite: In the original, Diaspro is, not surprisingly, teed off at Bloom (and Sky for loving her). (Link to the original dialog) In the dub, Diaspro decides to change her "I punish people who dress below my standards" attitude, without once mentioning Bloom and Sky. In fact... there wasn't much involving Sky-Di's "history" at all in the ep, and no interaction between the two. (And in the US, this ep actually came with a 60 second recap featuring Di-related moments. Not that the original was any better, though.)
Various: 4Kids changed Diaspro's fear of dogs (she tried to back away from the dog that the patcha men own twice) into her just being a brat. They also removed the comments about justice (Which is a shame because Diaspro has a really funny line in there: I don't have to worry about your justice, I'm rich) And in the end 4Kids throws a Napoleon Dynamite reference in the episode (maybe to make up for cutting out the Harry Potter references in the previous ep) But the original has the Patchamen trying to figure out who's evil now then Bloom suggests that they go to earth- 4Kids did keep the part about Sky's dad saying he doesn't want those guys in Eraklyon incase they cause more trouble. (from Megan)

Music in My Heart
There's a concert at Red Fountain.
Addition / Rewrite: 4Kids inserted the Musa/Stormy tilt cut from the last ep into this ep (and it runs as one go, instead of several 30-60 second snatches). However, while Layla is first dancing for Musa, the original has her showing/teaching Musa a dance for the upcoming RF concert, which leads to it being used in the tilt (Chekhov's Gun, anyone?). The 4K version has her dancing AFTER the fight, and Layla is talking about how she enjoys dancing. Also, left on the cutting room floor was Musa asking Palladium about the spy spell she saw.
Rewrite: 4Kids was probably having a field day trying to cover up the "error" in this episode that results from Musa having been refered to as a royal, i.e., that the family was dirt poor because music? Is apparently not a well-paying profession where Musa comes from. So they explain that Musa’s father was a prince, but his family disowned him a la Jazz Singer after he chose the path of a musician.
Rearrangement / Removal: Originally the show heads straight into the flashback from the Musa/dad discussion. Later (after mom faints on stage) there's a brief shot of Musa and Layla discussing at RF with seagulls flying by. As edited, the seagull scene comes first, followed by a scene of mom's opera performance which had originally appeared early on in the ep. Also, the shot of dad counting his money is cut out, and that is important because it explains why mother died.
Not an edit: Side note time again! Considering her personality in the US version, and the outfit she came out with, it must have been a huge relief that Musa's song in the US version remained poignant (although 4Kids insists on replacing all the original music, and this song was no exception), instead of being turned into severely terrible hip-hop (exhibit A: her "Double Subwoofer Blast" rap attack in 1x21).
Addition / Removal: First, the first scene of the original episode (Musa comes out on stage to robots) is framed as a dream sequence (with some footage from "The Nightmare Monster"). Then, there's a scene at mom's tomb. In the dub, this is a mix of the first few scenes at mom's tomb in the original.
Removal: In order to make room for some of what was cut from last week, a bunch of numbers were cut from this episode... a whole Layla dance number (although 4Kids does retain the scene right before the number, where she dances to Francis, Musa and Glim), and a group number from the Winx girls (although that was actually the closing credits for that episode).
Removal: The Musa/Stella duet has a few scenes of Stella knocking over her mike cut out of it. Plus, instead of an original song as in the original, they simply use a previously used song "This is the Beat" instead.
Rearrangment: And as well as the removal, they rearrange the numbers themselves. 4Kids' runs it thusly: Musa's backstory --> Layla dancing in her room --> RF show --> Musa's solo and attack --> Musa/Stella duet. Rainbow's version goes thusly: Layla dancing in her room --> Layla's dance --> Musa's backstory --> Musa/Stella duet --> RF show --> Musa's solo and attack --> The finale.
The Fourth Witch
The Winx head to earth... again, for Halloween.
Rearrangement: Originally aired in Italy between Music in My Heart and Exchange Students, but 4Kids premiered this ep after Heart of Cloud Tower. (Probably not the best spot to put it, considering how the other ep shows the Trix totally defeating the Winx and stealing Cloud Tower's Codex. Reruns since then have left the episode in the proper place.)
Rewrite / Visual Edit/ Removal: Mitzi fires the DJ over a skipping CD in the original, and over the hiphop song being played in the 4K version. Also, a cigarette that one of the party-goers is smoking has been removed, and about half a second of Bloom looking teed has also been removed. Video.
Removal / Visual Edit: Due to copyright reasons, a scene where Musa takes a cake delivery from a kid dressed as Spiderman has been removed (coming after Mitzi looking suspicious of Musa talking by herself). In fact, many of the costumes in this ep have been modified for the same reason.
Rewrite: Stella originally catches Mitzi over her posture. In the 4K version, it's over her perfume.

Exchange Students
The Winx go to Cloud Tower as exchange students.
Visual edit: In the class, everyone learns about conjuring up dark energy. Grif is surprised that Bloom has summoned up negative feelings so easily. Also, originally, her energy ball is the same color as everyone else's (well, except Stella). In the dub, Bloom's energy ball has been altered to be different, and Grif says that her dark energy is stronger than that of even senior witches. In both cases, Bloom says, "I've had a bad week." (First pic, second pic)
Rewrite/Visual edit: In the dub, the Winx don't know that the Trix are trying to take CT's Codex (until they come across Lucy). In the original, they do know, since they're being told such (the dub has them merely needing to learn about dark arts, which is only an incidental part of the original). Later, during an argument with the witches on how to stop the Trix, Tecna originally puts up a picture of the Trix from her PDA. Since 4K has changed it so the Winx don't know the Trix are about to be trouble, the Trix pic is removed, and now they're arguing over a class project. (Blissfully unaware)
Rewrite: In the same argument, originally, Stella can't believe Lucy is accusing Bloom of giving the Trix "what they wanted", and gets ticked at Tecna when she says "Technically it's true." In the 4K version, Stella agrees with Lucy about Bloom giving up the Dragonfire, but then Tecna insists that it was taken.
Rewrite/Removal: During a class with Zarathustra, Mirta tells the Winx that this class is part of a dark magic class. This causes the Winx to protest to Zara, and Zara to say "Everyone gets an A except Mirta!" In the 4K version, Mirta calls out over a catfight spell she was teaching, and the last few seconds where the teacher's pointing at Mirta have been removed. The catfight spell is later referenced in the dub when Stella breaks off.
Video: Watch a compilation of edits from this episode.
Heart of Cloud Tower
The Trix look for Cloud Tower's codex.
Removal: A short shot of Tecna surprised that she was wrong about the Codex being at the Heart of Cloud Tower is removed from the first scene. See why this edit is a bit ironic in this video.
Rewrite: Among the complaints about this episode is that the fairies are split randomly, rather than with their well-established pair (e.g., Bloom with Tecna instead of Stella, Musa with Stella instead of Layla). The original has Grif explaning, "It will either strengthen their bond or destroy it. Either way, they'll learn something." The 4K version only has the whole "We'll use the fairies to buy us time" bit.
Rewrite/Removal: Stella is at the CT cafeteria and decides to just wait for the Trix to come, and sits on a nearby chair. Musa is mad that Stella's just going to sit here while everything's going on. In the 4K version, Stella gets in an argument with Musa over top-fives and refuses to leave her chair until Musa agrees with her. The last couple seconds of their argument (before cutting back to Bloom and Tecna) are also snipped.
Video: Watch a compilation of edits from this episode.
Shadows in Bloom
Bloom gets turned evil.
Rewrite: Originally, Tecna is mad at Timmy for not being more like a hero (she still begrudges Timmy for letting the Trix leave with the Codex at RF). In the 4K version, she rants about being treated like a computer (and that Timmy won't simply just fess up to liking her).
Removal: After Bloom gets un-possesed, a short scene of the fairies putting the library books back in their place (and Tecna wondering why Dark Bloom hung Timmy upside down) is completely removed, along with the last several seconds of the previous scene.