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A guide to edits made by 4Kids to Winx Club
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(European title: "Friends In Need"... this was in fact the originally listed title for this eppy.)
Griselda forces the Winx to mop Alfea.
Rewrite: Everyone laughs at Tecna's comment about losing emotional control. In 4Kids' version, Tec comments on manual labor. There's also a no tecno-gadgets punishment in the original (which is why Griselda shuts off her computer).
Rearrangement: Originally: Griselda tells the "cleaning crew" they'll be missing a concert this evening --> After the rest of Alfea heads to the concert, the Winx decide to invite the boys over --> The whole bit at Cloud Tower. 4Kids: Griselda talks to the "cleaning crew" --> Cloud Tower --> Inviting the boys over.
Rewrite: Griffin tells the students of CT that there will be no entertainment period this evening (after the Trix's little spat with Mirta). In the 4Kids version, she informs everyone about Alfea's concert, which gives Icy the idea to head over to Alfea (she already knew about the concert originally).
Name change:: Originally, the Trix's crystals are referred to as their "vacuums". 4Kids calls them wisperium crystals.
Rewrite: Palladium didn't have any lines in the original. He just walks on to the bus. In 4Kids' version, he hopes not to miss the opening act of the concert.
Rewrite: The Trix only originally planned to trash Alfea to get back at the Winx for sneaking in, with Icy later having a feeling about the Dragon Flame and taking out the "vacuums" to look for it. In 4Kids' version, this was the whole plan, really.
Rewrite: In 4Kids' version, the witches have figured in this ep that Stella's ring doesn't have the Dragonfire (originally, they've already realised this one ep ago). Later, 4Kids (logically) has the "cleaning crew" assume that they're looking for the ring while they're at Alfea. There's nothing about looking for the ring in the original.
Rewrite: FG has a short monologue at the end. Originally, she is hopeful about the Winx girls, and refers to the next episode with a brief comment: "Tomorrow, the roses will bloom. Who knows? One day you might also blossom." In 4Kids version, she ponders long and hard about the Dragon Flame, which kinda makes no sense, since no one ever told Faragonda about it.
Not an edit: Personal wondering: The "vacuums" stopped in FG's room. Was this because Bloom was there, or did FG keep Bloom's revoked power somewhere in the room?
The Day of the Rose
(European title: "A Friendship Sundred"... y'know, I doubt even half of the show's intended audience would know that "sunder" means to break up, as in Riven leaving with Darcy and trying to get himself reassigned to another squad of specialists)
There's a festival in the main town.
Rewrite: The whole "Riven crashes and blames Bloom" bit was originally meant to soil the friendship (that's what Griffin said, more or less) between Red Fountain and Alfea, and Darcy rescuing Riven wasn't originally part of the plan. In fact, the original has the others outright disgusted at Darcy's interest in Riven. Video.
Rewrite: "Brandon" says the race is completely safe as... 4Kids: the racers wear state-of-the-art padding. Rainbow: there is a magical barrier around the racetrack (there is also a shot of a bike hitting said barrier).
Removal: The bit with Stella and Bloom running over a building corner is pared down. Also pared down (I think) is a wide shot of the main town from a distance, at the very end before the creds.
Not an edit: Okay, a list of ranting and reviewing, I guess.
(European title: "Betrayed!")
Musa heads downtown to find Riven.
Rewrite / Removal: According to 4Kids' version, Bloom transforming in her sleep is a sign that her powers are evolving. Not so, according to Rainbow, but Flora does note it as being weird. Also, half of the scene outside the dream is cut out. The original shows Flora coming into Stella's room to discuss Bloom, and later, Stella getting a bit loud with Flora and waking Bloom up.
Visual: 4Kids fixes an animation error: in the original, Bloom is under her covers while Stella and Flora are watching, yet in the next, it shows her whole body transforming into her fairy form. In the edited version, she is no longer under her covers in the wide shot. (Fixed)
Rewrite: Most rewrites are subtle, and a few are not. This one is not. The whole deal with Stella getting a mood swing spell set on her by seniors (which is why 4Kids refers to this ep as "Spelled")? Doesn't happen originally. Stella getting snippy over Bloom's claims about her dreams of Daphne (accusing her of blowing things too much out of proportion), and then over the other girls (except boy-less Flora) and their boys (Musa's especially offended over the whole Riven/Darcy deal of course) is all natural.
Removal: The flashback to the Day of the Rose when Bloom noticed Daphne on a building is cut to just the shot of Daphne on the building. Originally, it shows Bloom walking through a crowd of people first.
RemovalRewrite: In the original, during the library scene, Barbataya (the librarian) notices a gate with a lock on it swinging violently during Bloom's research. I do not notice this in the grabs of the 4Kids version, nor is it mentioned in a summary I've read. But absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, so confirm my hunch. Latest news: The gate does swing around in the 4K version, and where it originally marks the rare books section, it now belongs to the restricted vault.
Rewrite / Removal: Originally, FG picks up a book about Daphne from the mess Bloom just made. In 4Kids' version, she picks up a book on the witch coven. Also, the conversation between Barbatea and FG runs for two more shots.
Visual: Downtown at the (unnamed in the original) Hex Cafe, Musa is having a tiff with Icy and Stormy. Originally, we hear a slap noise as we see the other witches turning around to look, and we see that Musa's just slapped Icy. Over on 4Kids, this gets replaced with a wart spell. Originally, Icy's face is marked with three dark blemishes where she was slapped (Darcy points that she can even see Musa's fingerprints). Now, it has a wart instead. She also removes the wart, where there had been traces of the slap blemish originally. (Slap!)
Removal: Same scene, short cut. Musa tears up when she's told that Riven is not interested in her, and slaps Icy. (Slap!)
Rewrite: Originally, Musa is on edge when Icy tells her that Riven is not interested. In the dub, the Trix generally taunt Musa, without mentioning Riven at all.
Not an edit: There's one scene where Lucy refers to the "pumpkin" as Mista. We'll find out later that she is in fact Mirta. Yes, this is Rainbow's mistake.
Rewrite: Bloom powers up, and 4Kids cuts to Icy spraying ice while Stormy's yelling "Check your crystal!" at Icy. Rainbow: Bloom powers up, cut to Icy spraying Ice, then noticing Bloom, and then Icy takes out her crystal.
Rearrangement / Rewrite: This ep has two epilogues. In the Rainbow version, the ep shows the Trix walking at Cloud Tower talking about holding a meeting over Bloom (yes, they do retain Stormy's "breaking a nail" comment, more or less), and then FG telling Barbataya to deny Bloom's future requests for research on Daphne. These are switched around in 4Kids' version, and FG's scene is slightly rewritten (she now tells the librarian to move the witch coven books to the restricted section behind the gate).
Rewrite: From not at all subtle, to very subtle. Rainbow's dub refers to the fairies' school as al-FAY-uh (this is how it would be pronounced in Italian). There's a scene in the Specialists' ship in which Timmy calls it al-FEE-uh, and in fact, this is how it is referred to from this point onwards. (Yeah, I'm that nitpicky.)
Video highlights: Check them out.
Magical Reality Check
(European title: "Bloom Tested")
Bloom has a simulation chamber exam.
Removal: The bit at the well at the start is shortened down to just the part where Bloom throws a coin down the well. Originally, she had a vision of Daphne in the well reflection (this can be seen in the 4Kids music video "Searching").
Rewrite: Also, the girls spend the bit at the well talking about Bloom going on a date with "Brandon", instead of talking about the magical reality chamber as they originally do.
Rearrangement: Musa has just one long line in the original (paraphrase: "They're taking us to the Alfea simulation chamber, and I think it's the best place ever!"), and 4Kids splits that two shots for that line into two in the rewrite. ("I bet you're thinking about us", later, "Looks like our Bloom is going on a date").
Rewrite: Originally, the Trix are only merely trying to confirm their hunch that Bloom has the Dragon Fire (re: Icy looking at her crystal last ep). They're not trying to steal it. Keep this in mind later.
Rewrite: For some reason, 4Kids adds a mention of Knut getting ingredients for a potion to the first scene at Cloud Tower. Knut then drops in to complain that he couldn't find what they wanted ("I couldn't find any coriander lubosum, it's out of season"). The Trix yell at him for talking to the brooms :D. Originally, Knut only drops in to ask the Trix why they're trying to get the Dragon Fire (and asks "Is it on a candle, or maybe a fireplace, but then in whose house?"), and all Icy says in reply for now is that it will "restore the magnificence of a distant past" (and I'm like, "That's all you're gonna say?").
Visual edit: In the above scene, the images in the Trix's crystal triangle have been changed from Bloom to the Trix. Bloom in the original, Trix in the dub
Rearrangement: 4Kids: At the well -> Bloom's date -> Riven and Darcy -> Palladium shows the chamber and tests -> The Trix take out their crystals -> The Trix yell at Knut (followed by the first break) -> Darcy hacks the simulator. Rainbow: At the well -> The Trix take out their crystals -> The Trix yell at Knut (followed by the first break) -> Palladium shows the chamber and tests -> Bloom's date -> Riven and Darcy (followed by the second break) -> Darcy hacks the simulator. This also causes a little chronology screw-up, since both versions of the date mention that the exam is tomorrow, but in the 4K dub it's now 2 days after the date.
Rewrite: 4Kids: (Stella) "How about a virtual situation where there's no midterm?" (Palladium) "Yes, but it could create quite a different situation, one where the test lasts forever." Paraphrasing from the original: "Can it be used to simulate virtual dates with boys?" (random student says "You're sure to get one") "How about I use it to simulate your final exam?" (It's only midterms at this point, as in the 4Kids version.) Originally: Palladium shows off the controls in the control room, and then Stella asks Tec "This is toilet for you, right?" (Tec's like "It's so wonderful"). 4Kids: Palladium drags his explanation of the chamber into the control room, and after he's done, Stella asks Tec to help her study, which she obliges.
Removal / Rewrite: Palladium offers a choice of two tests originally: Reviving a dead planet, and countering witches' spells (replete with visual of witches zapping people into frogs). 4Kids reduces this to a survival test on a dead planet (which the realm will select randomly for each student).
Rewrite: "Brandon" talks about riding a dragon in the original, and he also even says that RF students sometimes have simulation exams. Replaced by something about eating glazed donuts in the 4Kids version. This borders on SDA, but somehow, Dan Green (the voice of this character in the US) makes it work.
Removal: Snip... Original: Wipe from Bloom's face to Bloom and "Brandon" walking along a path before panning up to the tree with Riven. 4Kids: Cut from Bloom's face to Riven sitting in a tree.
Rewrite: The scene with Bloom in her dorm before the exams is silent except for music. In the 4Kids version, she reads on a protection spell (which she later tries on Kiko as Icy zaps him into lava) in a textbook. As Palladium picks Bloom and Bloom puts her fingers together, this is when Bloom says she's picked the "dead planet" exam, while in 4Kids' version, she asks why they don't pick straws or something (she was picked alphabetically... yet Palladium's previous appearance had a student named "Amaryl", which obviously would come before Bloom).
Removal: Stella and Bloom's talk about going first is removed, and so is the transitional exterior shot of Alfea before showing everyone at the test in FG's mirror.
Rewrite: In the 4Kids version, the realm is picked completely randomly, but in the original version, Bloom asked for a few parameters, and the chamber picked Domino for her.
Name Change: The Domino realm is brought up for the first time in the series... only in 4Kids' version it's now Sparx. It's 4Kids' most significant name change (before Layla at least, and that's not even 4Kids' responsibility), but its significance won't be known until much later.
Removal: At the juncture between segments 2 and 3, there is a brief scene of FG thinking: "Palladium has picked a difficult test. If Bloom can complete it, she'll get high marks."
Removal: Palladium casts his SOS spell, and the display flickers off. Originally, there was an extra shot of Bloom hugging her bunny, panning right to the rest of the bunnies in the simulation, before the flickering off.
Rewrite: Bloom aced the test and got it postponed. Originally, Palladium only mentions the tests being postponed, but not how Bloom fared grade-wise. (Bloom spent the whole test zapping witches instead of growing plants. Think about it.) Stella also originally asks if Bloom can get the history exam postponed as well. Original episode ends after this scene.
Addition: Originally, the last we see of the Trix is them cackling upon their little hunch being confirmed. (Although the visual shown just before this point, with the fire glowing in their "vacuums", is the same as when they take it from Bloom many episodes later.) After the end of the original episode on everyone cheering for Bloom and the postponement of the exams (due to simulator failure), 4Kids has a scene where the Trix, trying out the Dragonfire, are surprised, and frustrated, that it is no longer in their crystals (remember, 4Kids has them trying to steal the flame, and they never explain why they fail here, even though the only reasonable explanation is Knut's potion). 4Kids has redubbed bits from two different eps for this scene. The first part with the crystals comes from "The Nightmare Monster", while the end comes from "Secret Guardian", where the original context was Stormy expressing her disbelief that Stella's ring is completely useless. A side effect of this is that the added scene begins with the Trix in their monogrammed outfits, but ends with them in their casuals.
Not an edit: Two side notes: Video highlights: For a video of some of the edits, follow this link.
Junior League
(European title: "The Monster and the Willow")
The Winx are back at the Black Mud Swamp.
Rewrite: While the whole deal with this episode involves Flora making a potion to fight the witches in both versions, in the original it's because Flora's preparing for her upcoming exams. There is no mention of the exams in 4Kids version.
Rewrite: In 4Kids' version, Flora already knows about the nymphs (undines) at the lake (the junior league the title refers to, which does work around the swamp), and she's getting a cheerful gladiolus from them (its essence reverses the effects of the witches' sadness spell, and originally, it is not mentioned as being a one-of-a-kind flower). Originally, she's surprised to see the nymphs (who just happen to live there), and she explains how hard it is to get that particular gladiolus she wants (it's extremely skittish and doesn't let itself get picked, and the plan is for Flora to ask it [politely!] to extend one of its petals so she can use her cloning liquid on it). The dialog about the flower's nature is replaced with dialog about the junior league.
Visual: In the original, Musa is reading a textbook (which goes along with not only the test preparations, but also the later "best grades" comment in "Pushing the Envelope"). 4Kids edits it to show Musa reading sheet music. (Musa reads textbook)
Addition: Stella wants to stay at Flora's camp. 4Kids jump cuts to show the tree before the first break (in the original, this shot is used when Bloom and Tecna notice the tree), while the original showed a wide shot of Flora's camp.
Name Change: Originally: Black Island. Renamed: Zilith Island (after they leaves the nymphs use, which were indeed referred to as Zilith leaves originally)
Rewrite: In the original, the Zilith leaves were used to create a material to build the bubbles the nymphs live in. In 4Kids' version, they're just the undines' food.
Rewrite: Part of the original dialog has Flora mentioning that no one's visited the nymphs before, and the nymph queen points out that they keep a low profile. In the 4Kids version, the undines talk about the stuff they do, like Literacy for Butterflies. (Also, the undine who went to Zilith Island is now unnamed... she was known as Lucius in the original.)
Removal: The Winx decide to transform. 4Kids removes a few seconds of the undines looking at the transformed Winx and cuts straight to their trip.
Removal: At the juncture between segments two and three (just after Musa gets eaten), Stella shoots a ray into the lake, and kills a fish.
Rewrite: According to 4Kids, the Winx learned a spell from Palladium to create bubbles around themselves. In Rainbow's version, the bubble spell was "inspired" (and I use the term loosely) from the nymphs' homes.
Visual: A different graph was used on Tecna's computer screen in the original. It had a few bars of increasing height and a single curve passing over the bars. Also, a different shot of the screen was recolored. (Tecna's computer)
Removal / Addition: After removing Lucius' name, 4Kids removes her telepathic contact with her surroundings, as well as the drawings of the turtle (which are accompanied with fantasy-looking script). On the other hand, it names the evil tree the Wendigo Willow.
Addition: The only spell Flora casts originally is one that blows up the tree. In 4Kids' version, Flora puts a spell on the tree to allow Bloom to burn it at its roots as well. Original: Bloom shoots at tree --> Shot of roots (Bloom sees roots) --> Bloom shoots at roots --> Roots burn --> Flora blows up tree. 4Kids: Bloom shoots at tree --> Shot of roots (Flora suggests spell to burn roots) --> Bloom shoots at roots --> Roots burn (after Flora casts her spell) --> Flora blows up tree.
Rewrite: In 4Kids' version, no mention is made of the nymphs' attempts to grow Zilith leaves.
Rewrite: In 4Kids' version, Flora has mentioned that the only cheerful gladiolus remaining belongs to the junior league, and they're giving it to her. Originally, the nymphs offer the gladiolus saying "It let itself be picked just for you. It knows you'll treat it well."
Rewrite / Addition: Rainbow ends this episode with Stella being annoyed that Flora has just pointed out that her exams are coming up tomorrow (note "Miss Magix"). 4Kids re-scripts it so that Stella is now annoyed at Flora's suggestion of putting her newly-obtained gladiolus in Stella's room, before inserting a shot of the undine queen and the sad undine (re-used shot: originally shown as Musa [?] says "I'm with Bloom") in between the final two shots. Original: Stella freaks (at the fact that her test is tomorrow) --> Wide shot of swamp with the fairies. 4Kids: Stella freaks (at Flo putting flower clones in her room) --> Undine queen --> Wide shot.
Video highlights: Click here.

Miss Magix
(European title: "Miss Magix"... the other episode that "matches up")
Stella enters a beauty pageant. Again, a few significant edits:
Removal: The first scene in the original version is "Brandon" and Bloom in the main town talking about Daphne (Bloom also notes that there are no books on Daphne in the library any more, re: FG's order from a few eps back). This is cut so that the first scene in 4Kids' version is now Palladium's class.
Rewrite: Although they still show the preparations for Flora's exam, Flora originally has chosen to the "counter witches' spells" test, re: getting the gladiolus last ep. 4Kids has Palladium preparing to give her a dead planet to survive on, and where Flora originally explains how she's tackling her test, she has an exchange with Palladium on dead planets. Video (including the 1x10 scene that explains the exams).
Rewrite: The scene from "Date With Disaster" (incidentally, the only OTHER ep this season where the titles are same both in the states and internationally) with the Trix discussing Stella being tricked actually takes place in the halls of where the pageant is taking place. This scene's original context was the Trix's plan to smash Lucy's dream into rubble (their words) by humiliating her at the pageant. 4Kids re-dubs it so that the Trix want Stella to lose, by having Lucy win.
Rewrite: While preparing for the contest, in 4Kids' version Musa pretends to be the host and asks Stella what she'd do if she won. Not in Rainbow's version. Likewise, the host asks the same question in 4Kids version, while in the original the host only asks how Stella feels.
Rewrite / Cut: The girl with the afro has a problem with her hair in the original (her hair used to be straight). 4Kids dubs it so she has a problem with her now-Chipette-like voice... and that it's because she screwed up a spell herself, rather than the Trix casting one on her as the original seems to imply. 4K also removes a brief shot of Bloom touching Chipette's hair.
Visual edit: In shots where a number tag does not have a number, 4Kids has added the appropriate number.
Rewrite: Lucy goes under the guise of Miss Popularus in 4Kids' version.
Removal: During the mayhem montage, 4Kids has shortened a juggler's performance by about half. The original also has a scene where a contestant trying to sing has a problem, before showing her being dragged off stage. 4Kids has removed her completely.
Visual edit: While Stella is surprised to hear Lucy has won, the outfit on the girl behind her has been changed from a bikini to something less revealing.
Rewrite: 4Kids has Bloom casting an undoing spell on Lucy and getting her DQ'd. As mentioned earlier, the Trix's original plan was to humiliate Lucy, and they do this by breaking the spell they'd put on her. And so, their general indifference to Lucy getting DQ'd.
Rewrite: Stella passes the midterm exam. This is despite being like, "Ah, screw it" and pouring grass seed and a whole bottle of growth formula, causing her to get caught in a ton of high grass. Rainbow has Stella being given an F (a much-deserved F, I might add) for her exam, however. (And the strangest thing is, this happens in inverse just two eps later.)
Video highlights: For a video of some of the edits, follow this link.
Meant to Be
(European title: "A Great Secret Revealed")
During Bloom's break, we find out she's adopted. This one's got quite a few edits:
Addition: 4Kids adds a brief scene with the girls asking about Bloom's vacation. (I believe this is redubbed from the scene in the bedroom in "The Army of Decay".) The original version starts with her already in Gardenia.
Name Changes: Like visual edits, name changes appear to be much more common on One Piece than here. Originally, mom Vanessa is being approached by businessmen named Mr. Bonner and Mr. Brown. 4Kids calls them both Mr. Bonner. I think it makes things a bit confusing, but your mileage varies.
Rewrite: 4Kids has Bloom being tired of being reminded that the day she was adopted was the most magical day of Vanessa's life, which also means that Bloom already knows that she was adopted. Originally, the reveal of both the fact she was adopted and the circumstances are after the flower shop fire, and Vanessa originally made a comment that Alfea doesn't have home ec classes. (YouTube vid of both versions of the first scene, and YouTube vid of both versions of the reveal)
Rewrite: And speaking of the flower shop fire, originally the driver guy set the shop on fire and got trapped in the debris, and he was sent by Bonner and Brown to do this. 4Kids has the Bonners doing the deed and knocking out the driver. The Bonners' subsequent trial will later be removed from "Gangs of Gardenia" in season 2.
Rewrite/Visual Edit: While Mike tells his story, he mentions that the fire went out as soon as he picked Bloom up. Which is not what actually happens in the flashback, which has now gained a white "flashback" outline.