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Many of us remember the story of Pat Mullen, the supersized young Chicago mother who died suddenly on May 6th, 1996, and whose body was treated with such disrespect by the Chicago Police Department.

For complete story, see Suzanne Szames' fine editorial at: Patricia Mullen A Shattered Image

Dawn Meschick, Pat's cousin, was left in charge of Pat's affairs, and filed a complaint in 1996 against the CPD, with thoughts of instituting a mega $$$ lawsuit.
I have kept in touch, at least every four months, with the alderwoman in the area in which Pat lived. We've had a change of TWO police superintendents since the incident occurred, and the investigation has been a very slow process.
Although there were, as I recall, eight police officers involved, six of them pointed their fingers at the two who were the "ringleaders."

The letter sent by the Internal Affairs Division to Dawn Meschick on 12-8-98 reads in part:
"After careful consideration of all available evidence, we have concluded that misconduct did, in fact, occur. We have therefore classified this Complaint Register investigation as SUSTAINED. As a result, I have recommended to the Superintendent of Police that appropriate disciplinary action be taken."

That letter, however, was returned to the CPD as undeliverable; Dawn had moved and left no forwarding address. The CPD merely filed the returned mail in the case file.
It was only when my alderwoman made another inquiry this year that the disposition was made known. Unbelievable.
The alderman's office informed me that the "punishment" of the two officers as 30 days off without pay. Incredible.

In the meantime, Evelyn Makris, Pat Mullen's friend, is raising Pat's three daughters in Tennessee, on Social Security survivor's benefits alone. She has heard not one word from Dawn since June of 1996, nor has she received any financial support.
She tells me that the girls are doing well, that Clara at 16 is a Sophomore, Rebecca at 13 is in 8th grade, and little Iana is 11 and in 6th grade.

Evelyn does not plan to pursue further litigation; she feels that the statute of limitations has elapsed, and wouldn't know where to begin such a process. (A legal alliances that Evelyn pursued on her own for the girls in 1986 was promptly squashed by Dawn.)
A group of us sent money and gifts to the children for the first two Christmases after their mother died. If anyone feels inclined to offer financial support, clothing or toys please feel free to email Evelyn Makris at:

Let's not forget.

Thanks to all, Donna Marie Ryan

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