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White Wolf

Wolves in Their Natural Enviroment

Wolves are a very mistifing.  To me they are the most beautiful animal, 
they are so carefree to come and go as they please. The Wolf is a very 
misunderstood animal.  Most people do not understand the wolf, the wolf
is not a man killer, Man is the wolf killer.  Wolves are afarid of man.
I have a wolfdog, he is mostly wolf, and we have never had any problems 
with him, except he is very busy, he is just a puppy, he is a first 
cousin to White Fang II, And YES he is house broken, some people say 
that you can not train a wolf, well sorry you are wrong, I have living
proof of that.  My uncle has raised 74% wolfdogs for many years and not 
once has he had a problem. No I am no expert on wolves but I do know 
a few things.  I would like to learn more about the wolf and I wish 
that every one eles would too. They sing to the heavens a beautiful song.  

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The Wolves say Thank You for being the Person to come and see them.

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