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Welcome to the Official Website of S.T.E.P!

Please check us out by visiting the links below! You're here already, so what the hell?

What is S.T.E.P.?

General Information | Our Mission Statement
"How can I join S.T.E.P.?" | S.T.E.P. Officers & Contacts
What Members Have To Say

Hockey's Greatest Enemy: the PuckBunny

Introduction to PuckBunnies

Warning Signs: Are You A PuckBunny?
Common PuckBunny Profile | Methods Of Prevention And Reversal

More PuckBunny Information

Articles | Famous PuckBunnies
Real Stories Of The PuckBunny Patrol

On Terminating and Eliminating

"How can I help?"
T&E Techniques | PuckBunny No-No's

Member Links | Other Organizations

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people have found inner peace through PuckBunny Population Control :::bang!bang!:::
since this silly little counter was added on the 15th of December, 1999

That's all?!? That's pathetic! Tell your friends to visit us and JOIN THE CAUSE!

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