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ELM Tree Enterprises
Safety and Health Consultation

Looking for ZERO Accidents and Injuries in the workplace.

ZERO accidents and injuries in the work place is a viable Safety and Health goal and can be gained by Training, Education, and Enforcement of Safety and Health Rules.

ELM Tree Enterprises - Safety and Health Consultation will come to your facility and conduct Training at a reasonable price.
Contact Us by one of the following addresses to set up dates and times:

U.S. Mail: ELM Tree Enterprises, 1688 Aspen Ct., Orange Park, FL 32073

Phone: (904) 269-8369

FAX: (904) 269-3195

Now is the time for all good boss' to train their employees in Safety and Health. Are you a good BOSS? Contact us for training, in those Safety and Health Subjects that are required by a specific OSHA Standard.


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ELM Tree Enterprises offers Safety and Health Training Classes on those Subjects that are required by a specific OSHA standard. Also, a class on "Violence in the Workplace" and CPR/First Aid Instructions...All classes are tailored for your company.

ELM Tree Enterprises - Safety and Health Consultation has a strategic approach that takes its direction from the needs and concerns of the Employer and Employee. This direction emphasizes consultation, training and education, and promoting active participation in the company's safety and health programs and activities. Emphasis on customer service and building a cooperative working relationship with employers and employees.

Education and training are recognized as the most important proactive measures for preventing workplace accidents and injuries, due to the behavioral changes of the employees which lead to the reduction of accidents, incidents, near misses, and injuries in the workplace. Education and training classes can be on-site and tailored to your company's needs.

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ELM TREE ENTERPRISES - 1688 Aspen Ct., Orange Park, Florida 32073 CALL: (904) 269-8369 or FAX: (904) 269-3195






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