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COMPULSION'S   PROFILES:            Josh   Campbell

Josh Campbell, otherwise known as Sam, Chris, Peter, Michael and Ben, is understandably confused. He is also the only present member who can claim to be male. He is a first year English and Theatre Studies student at the University of Ulster at Coleraine (although that may change if he doesn't do a bit more work) Originally he planned to take a career walking around in a white coat and looking through microscopes at things that are really too small for anyone normal to care about. However, halfway through a science degree at Napier University he saw the light and decided to become an actor instead- He hasn't looked back since. Also a member of the Kick-Off and Rebirth Theatre Companies Josh is quickly making up for lost time in the scientific wilderness.

FROM: Born in Ballymena Josh moved, while still at the tender age of two weeks, to his present abode just outside Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.

DOB: 4th February, 1977

EXPERIENCE: Appeared in a small part in "A Christmas Carol" (he walked across the stage once)in a school production. Josh's drama career only really began at Napier University Drama Group where he performed in "The Crucible" and "The Hitchhikers". He soon discovered that he had an unfortunate characteristic that may affect his acting career (he can't learn lines to save his life.) More recently he has been in "The Winter's Tale", "Stags and Hens", "Waiting for Godot" and two films, "The Card Players" and "Sometimes Never". At present he has parts in "The hidden Temperament", "Losing Tomorrow", "Revelations" and "Beneath the Surface"

FUTURE: Who knows what the future holds for Josh (he certainly doesn't) At present his ambition is to build up a reputation as an actor before moving into directing and writing plays. He would also like to take over from Quentin Tarentino if he feels like giving up in the near future. Josh is hoping that the future is a little less busy and stressful than the past six months.

OTHER THAN THEATRE: It's difficult to find time for anything other than the theatre when you are in three separate theatre companies on top of University work but Josh tries to find time to go hiking and he loves going to the cinema. He likes listening to music (especially bands such as Blur, Ash, U2, and Last Regrets) He has a keen interest in Christian music and drama. Oh, and he's trying to learn to play the guitar (his guitar is the love of his life) He could be described as having a fascination with Winona Ryder (she's the good looking one below this text) and Jennifer Love Hewitt; and he's an avid Newcastle United fan.