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Welcome to Scriptio Canada's Page on the Web! Scriptio Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of the Literary and Performing Arts throughtout all Canada. To this end we have met and consulted with various groups throughout Ontario and beyound to see what we collectively can do together to foster New Canadian Talent.

One of the ways Scriptio Canada has decided upon was to sponsor a competition with the help of individuals who work/with established organizations in Canada to help recognize budding Canadian talent.

For information concerning the Competition, please visit the individual divisions listed below.

While Scriptio Canada is holding the current competition, we are not limited to just holding competitions and have a much wider scope of involvement in the Literary and Performing Arts. For more information, please contact us via the form below.

Scriptio Canada,a non-profit organization also regrets that we are unable to accept ANY electronic submissions. Please do NOT submit diskettes, emailed poetry, attachment files of manuscripts or screenplays. They will not be considered nor will they be judged. Due to the infancy of the internet copyright laws we ask that all writers wishing to submit please follow this rule. We only accept physical submissions sent via Canadian or United States Post Office, or other international carriers.

If you are an individual in the Canadian Arts and Creative Community and would like to be a part of the Scriptio Canada effort, please feel free to write or email above!


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Scriptio Canada Official Guidelines and Application Form Now Online!

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"The only subjects for poetry are death and sex- some people call it love. Since we know nothing about death, I write about Sex."

George (Granville) Barker 1913-1991.

" - Ton coeur bat-il toujours a mon seul nom?
Toujours vois-tu mon ame en reve?- Non."

Paul Verlaine.. 1844-1896- author of: Romances sans Paroles, Amour, Bonheur, Poemes Saturniens, Hombres, Femmes, and more.

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