None More Negative!

"So you sit home, drinking alone, empty bottle in your hand.
You don't even try, to sort out the lies, it's worse to try to understand..."

I love the band TYPE-O-NEGATIVE
They are one of the most dark and moody bands I know. Their music gets under my skin and speaks to me. You should check them out if you have never heard them. Below are some links to other peoples pages that are dedicated to the band. My insignificant page could never compare to theirs.
Tho I did write a very odd Peter poem that you may enjoy.
Couple of songs I wrote...

The coven---where I "borrowed" the above pic!!!
Judy's page--A friend from the Type-O email
Dave Burger's page--excelent Type-O page
Brave Dave--Another bud from Type-O email
Jason and Scott's TON page
The Casket Crew---None more negative!!
LeAnne Lassiter--This is a good page!!
Emma's Type-O page
My Type-O awards and web rings page!!

Oh yeah, and I better mention Carnivore
Cuz as any Type-O fan knows Carnivore was the origins of Type-O in a way.
Anyway, here is my tribute to Carnivore.

Woah Look! Its Peter Steele!!
What a nice looking guy, hehe!

And here's Kenny--yum!

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